Tuesday 29 November 2022

Christmas Gift Guide for Toddlers

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I love toys for toddlers, the range of toys out there is amazing. So much so that it really can be difficult to choose what to buy. So here I have a bunch of toys and products that would all be great ideas for Christmas gifts for those under 3 years old. 

1. Jaques of London Fire Engine *Buy Me Here*

Jaques of London make the most gorgeous wooden toys for little ones. Their website is full of wonderful choices. But this year you may want to consider this beautiful fire engine. It is fully made from high-quality wood and is painted beautifully and in great detail. The fire engine comes with a roof with a ladder on and the ladder also moves up and down, there is also a roof to the driver's area which comes off, meaning you can put the 2 people inside the engine. The set features 2 firefighters, a male, and a female. The lovely thing about Jacques of London is that their toys arrive beautifully presented in a lovely gift box with a ribbon wrapped around, which looks beautiful under the Christmas tree. This fire engine is £24.99 and well worth the price for a toy that will last many years to come.

2. Dantoy Car Garage - *Buy Me Here*

This is a toy for the little car fanatics. This is the cutest toy garage ever and the great thing about it is that it is made from BIOplastic making it completely natural and great for the environment. The garage has 2 levels to it, the roof and the inside. There is a ramp for the cars to drive up and down and a little leaver to make cars stop. It also has pretend petrol pumps on the side. The cars all have cute faces on which makes them friendly for children to play with. It is super easy to play with as the cars move easily and the doors open easily too. This toy is perfect for children aged 2 years plus and will make a lovely little gift for Christmas. You can buy it for £30. 

3. Dantoy Hotdog Stand - *Buy Me Here*

If your child is more of a role play fan then this is for them. Just like the Dantoy Garage, this toy is also made from BIOplastic making it completely natural and also great for the planet.  The set comes with 9 items which include 3 sausages, 3 sausage buns, a hot dog stand, ketchup, and some tongs. This is a great toy to encourage creativity and imagination in a child and would make a lovely Christmas gift. It is aimed at children aged 2+ and is £20 to buy. 

4. Nuby Plush Learning - *Buy Me Here* 

These are great gifts for hands-on learning. The Jungle flashcards are all about learning the alphabet. They feature lowercase and uppercase letters, pictures and words, all displayed in vivid colours and bold patterns. Plus they are made from a plush soft material so then your little one can grab them, bend them, and even chew on them and they won't damage. They all come in a handy little storage case that your little one will love carrying around. These cost £15.99 to buy. Or you may want something a little more hands on for your toddler and so this is where the busy book comes in handy. Aimed at an older toddler it contains lots of activities inside that encourage the use of fine motor skills. Activities such as zips, shoelaces, buttons, fastenings, and velcro numbers. It also contains a zipped envelope to keep all the numbers safe inside. This is a gift that is sure to keep your little one busy and you can buy it for £12.99.

5. Toddler Bunny Towel - *Buy Me Here*

This luxury toddler towel from Lime Tree London makes a truly lovely gift. It comes in a large size so it is plenty big enough to wrap your little one inside, and has a cute hood which is a rabbit design with bunny ears and face. This towel is made from super soft cotton meaning it's super snuggly and will be lovely to dive into after having a bath. It is also machine washable and also goes into the dryer too. This pink bunny towel is just one of the designs that Lime Tree London has and is £19.50 to buy. You can also get it personalised at no extra cost and have it come gift-wrapped for £2.81. 

6. Blade and Rose Socks *Buy Me Here*

These socks make the cutest Christmas gift or even stocking filler for a toddler. Blade and Rose have lots of really cute designs of Christmas socks and here are 3 examples. You have Elf socks, which feature a cute elf with a fluffy feel and a forest green background. You have Peter Rabbit socks, which feature peter himself holding a present, and you have Polar bear organic socks, which are made from organic cotton and also help raise money for WWF Uk. Each pair starts at size age 0 and the elf ones go all the way to age 14. Meaning these could be bought for siblings in the family to match. The Elf and Peter rabbit socks are only £3.50 and the Polar bear socks are £4.50 to buy. 

7. Peg Stacker Dump Truck - *Buy Me Here*

This toy from Learning Resources is a brilliant toy that features all the things a child will love while helping them learn at the same time. Firstly they will love the design of it being a dump truck. The dump truck, named Tony, can be pushed along the floor, has bright colours, and a friendly face on the front. Children will love the aspect of getting to stack the barrels on top of Tony, sorting them into shapes, colours and numbers. The barrels fit into the back of tony via a slot they can be placed into, or the barrels can be stacked on top of each other. It is a great toy for developing fine motor skills or learning about shapes, colours and numbers. It is recommended for children aged 18 months + and is £17.00 to buy. 

8. Orchard Toys Dress Up Nelly *Buy Me Here*

Orchard Toys Games are great for introducing your toddler to playing games. This game Dress Up Nelly is all about matching colours by dressing up the elephants. Players take it in turns to collect a card and must try and match it up with other cards they have picked up, to make an elephant. It is a great way to encourage taking turns and getting children used to the idea of matching. It will also help with colour recognition. The game has 30 cards which are all chunky so perfect for little hands. The game is recommended for children aged 2 plus and the game can be played alone or with up to 4 players. It is £7.19 to buy and so a great price for gift. 

9. Happy Yak Books *Buy Me Here*

Happy Yak books are super playful books aimed with young kids in mind. Here are 4 titles from a massive collection of books from Happy Yak. Tales and Scales are both beautifully designed touch-and-feel books. These board books feature different areas of animals which you can feel different textures, such as soft or bumpy. They feature cute animals which are drawn with wonderful illustrations. If your child loves touch-and-feel books then they will love these. They can be bought at a price of £8.50 each. Or your child may prefer Feeding time, hungry farm, and hungry jungle where your little ones use a dangly food item that's attached to the book, to feed the animal along to the story. These colourful and fun board books encourage children to really get involved with the story. They can be bought at £7.59 each.

10. Kids Stuff Bath Foam and Bubble Bath *Buy Me Here*

These are perfect for stocking fillers or extra gifts for little ones. Kids love bathtime and so these products will make bathtime even more fun. The kids stuff range features lots of fun products. Such as Foaming Soap, which foams up to make a fab sensory experience in the bath. Kids love this stuff as it floats on the surface and can be picked up to be played with. Also fun bubble baths such as colour changing water and sparkle bubble bath which both add an extra something to the excitement of bath water. They also do frothy hair and body wash which is perfect to encourage the child who doesn't want to wash. It comes with a pump meaning it's easy to use and your little one may even be able to do it themself. These are all a brilliant price of from £2 each so are recommended as great gifts that won't break the bank. 

11. Stacking Stones *Buy Me Here*

I know lots of toddlers that love collecting, playing with, and building with stones. So these lightweight wooden stacking stones from Janod are the perfect gift for them. This set which can be bought from The Kids Collective store have 20 stones inside, all that come in different shapes and sizes meaning that they can be stacked in many different ways. They are also different colours which will make the built structure more interesting to look at. This toy really helps a child with their fine motor skills, balancing, cognitive thinking, and problem-solving. This toy is aimed at children aged 2+ and is £30 to buy. 

12. Melissa and Doug Cleaning up Set *Buy Me Here*

It is funny, but younger kids love cleaning up which is something not often carried on into older childhood. So this Dust, Sweep and Mop set from Melissa and Doug is a great gift for your little one to feel just like a grown-up to be getting to role-play cleaning up. This set comes with 6 pieces. A brush, mop, a smaller brush and shovel, a duster, and a stand for them all to sit on. The set is high quality with its lovely wooden handles and quality and colourful brush materials. It is the perfect set to help with imagination, creativity, and pretend play. Aimed at older toddlers and at £27.95 to buy, it's something that will definitely excite your little one on Christmas morning. 

13. Nuby Jungle Plush Cubes *Buy Me Here*

These clever cubes are aimed at younger toddlers and are all about getting them learning. This set has 4 plush cubes inside all with a theme of the jungle. Each side has something different on, from pictures of animals, mirrors, rattles, colours, and numbers and all feature different textures. Your toddler will love stacking these on top of each other and knocking them down and as they are soft, they are also great for throwing around. You can buy this set for £13.99. 

15. Magicube Blocks *Buy Me Here*

Magicubes by Geomag is a new and clever way to build. They are unlike any building bricks as they have magnetic power making them much easier to build with. The designs of construction are limitless as you can always stick them together to build in any direction you desire. This pack is the 16 pack which is a great amount to build with but you can also buy packs with fewer or more bricks inside. The colours of the bricks are your primary colours of red, blue, green and yellow, which is great for an introduction of colours. Plus they are made from recycled plastic which is great if you like supporting saving the planet. These sets are aimed for children aged 1 to 5 years old and so are the perfect starter brick for your little builder. A set of 16 is priced at £33. 

16. John Deere Hauling Farmer Set *Buy Me Here*

This John Deere hauling set from Tomy Toys is sure to make any little tractor fan happy. This set which includes a John Deere Style tractor will spark your little ones imagination as they become a farmer hauling their tractors to the farm. The hauler truck has a ramp that raises and lowers making it easy for the tractors to drive onto the truck. It also has sounds that make the truck even more realistic. Both the tractor and hauler have wheels and can be easily pushed along and the toys are nice and chunky but lightweight for smaller hands. As well as looking like a real tractor, these toys also feature faces on the front making them super child friendly. They are aimed at children aged 18 months + and can be bought at a price of £20.95

Which of these toys would you buy for your little one? 


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