Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Sequin Art Review and Giveaway

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Are you a creative person? Are your kids creative kids? Well here I have the perfect activity for you all to enjoy. 

It's called Sequin Art and it's something to get stuck into for hours of relaxing entertainment.

Sequin Art is a British brand. Everything they sell were designed and manufactured here in the UK and were made to be loved by both children and adults. 

Adults have said that Sequin Art craft projects have really helped with keeping their children entertained as well as helping themselves with boredom. But it is also said that it can really help out with depression, anxiety and stress by being a super therapeutic activity to do. 

We were sent 6 Sequin Art sets of all different ranges to try out and they were perfect for the entire family.

We were sent 2 Red sets, 2 Blue sets and 2 60 sets. All of these are at different levels of difficulty and perfect for different ages. The 60 sets are a much smaller starter set. These have easier patterns and are less intricate with where the sequins are placed. We were sent a kitten and bunny rabbit designs of these and are recommended for 5 plus. The Red sets are for 6+ and the pattern starts to be more intricate and we were sent a mermaid and a unicorn design. But the level of ease is still there with how each design is planned out. Then there is the Blue set range which is the hardest type and recommended for 8+. We were sent a fox and an ice cream design for these. I love the boxes they come in, you can clearly see the design on the front and they look so colourful and inviting to do.  

Both the 60 range and the Red range come with a pre-printed picture base to work from. This is laid out so you can see which colour of what sequin goes where. They both also come with a base, needles and sequins. All the sequins and pins come in an individual little packets and are separated by colour. The blue set is a little different and does not have a picture base to work from and instead has a separate colour guide to look at to see where each sequin goes. One thing I would recommend is getting something to pop your sequins in when the boxes are open as I do find they fall out of the packets easily, especially when you are needing to open a few packets at a time to use different colours. I ended up borrowing the kids play cups from their kitchen to put their sequins in. 

You first need to pin the picture or the black dotted sheet to the foam. This is what you will be stabbing the pins into. You then thread the pin through the sequin hole and place it into the correct spot onto the template making sure that it is cup side up which will give it an extra shine. It is as easy as that. 

I thought the kids may find it quite difficult threading the pin through the hole but they didn't struggle at all. They also found it quite easy to push the pin into the base. I was also worried them pricking their fingers may put them off but they barely pricked themselves and when they did they didn't seem to care. But if you are worried about pins, there is a Pin-free version that can be bought.

The activity kept them entertained and quiet, and it was something that we enjoyed doing together. Lily and I did the kitten, her sister Jessica decided to do the mermaid, and Emily and her daddy decided to do the fox together. 

These sets do take time to finish though and it did take the kids quite a while to get them done. Jessica is still in the means of completing her mermaid. But that just means they are perfect for rainy days, school holidays and weekend fun. 

The finished result looks lovely. They are super shiny and colourful and are going to look super pretty on display in their bedrooms. Lily was super impressed with the finished results of hers. She says she would love to do more of them which is a great thing to hear. 

Sequin Art has so many different designs on their website. I have been eyeing up an Egyptian Tutankhamun that they have. But there is sure to be a design you will love. 

To say that these provide so many hours of entertainment they are really reasonably priced. The 60 sets are only £7.50, the Red sets £12.99 and then Blue sets are £14.99. This makes it affordable to buy something for all the family. 

If you would like to buy one of these or check out the other brilliant designs then head to the Sequin Art website. If you enter Lily10 at the checkout then you will get 10% discount on your purchase. 

AND you can also enter a competition to win 3 Sequin Arts sets. 1 x 60 set, one Red set and one Blue set. 

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Wednesday, 9 June 2021

My Little Goody Box - Sensory Box Review

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I am so excited to tell you all about My Little Goody Box. I am a huge fan of Sensory Play when it comes to babies development and so when I was offered a box of sensory items from my little goody box, I was more than pleased to receive one.

My Little Goody Box supplies sensory boxes and toys that support play, learning and development.

Sensory play is so important when it comes to a babies development. The way a child learns is through discovery and they use their senses to make these discoveries. Plus the find using their new found senses amazing and it is something they just love to do. Have you noticed that a baby constantly puts things in their mouth? A lot of people think this is just teething when actually it is also a great way of discovering. 

We was sent their Deluxe Sensory Box which includes a huge range of items. 

We was super impressed with the amount packed into this box and it was so exciting looking through it to find out exactly what was inside for Henry to enjoy. My partner was also super impressed with all that he found inside. 

I think it is great that it all comes prepared for you in one box with lots that you will need. Before I was approached by My Little Goody Box, I was already in the process of making a sensory box but I actually found it really hard and time consuming trying to find everything I needed. For example, could I find a little wooden hoop and ribbon anywhere in my local shops? Nope! This box means that it just takes all that hassle of shopping around and provides all you need in one box. 

So whats inside the box? 

1. Fish Shaped Mirror - Babies love looking at their own reflection. 
2. Rainbow Ribbon Ring - The colours of this babies will love, Henry loved it being dangled in front of him. 
3. Foil Blanket - This is great for them to look at or lay on, they will love the shine and reflections, also the sound it makes when they roll around. 
4. Light up textured ball. - The flashing light captures babies attention plus they will love the bumpy texture to it. Henry was mesmerized by the light.
5. Feather - The feather is super colourful to look at plus is lovely to stroke against babies skin for them to feel.
6. Organza Scarf - Babies love these, they are bright and colourful, and easy to hold. They have a great different texture to them and they are also see through which is perfect for peek a boo and looking through. 
7. Punching Balloon - When blown up this is great to baby to be able to hit and kick. 
8. Tube of Bubbles - Babies love to watch the movement of the bubbles as they float around. 
9. 2 Egg shakers - These make a brilliant sound for baby to hear. Plus when they get a bit older they will love to be able to hold them and shake them. 
10. Duck or Dog puppet - Perfect for singing songs and interacting with your baby. Plus they will love the colourfulness of it and the cute face. 
11. Bath Book - Perfect for taking sensory play to the bath, plus its waterproof for baby to put into their mouth. 
12. Cube Rattle - Babies will love the sound this makes but also the shape of it and the bright colours. 
13. Rubber bath toys or Flashing Duck - Perfect for baby to start to hold and again they will love looking at the bright colours. 
14. Scent in a Organza Bag - Perfect for introducing scent to a baby. 

Henry loved all the items in the box but his favourite had to be the duck. It was because of this duck puppet that we got Henry's first real giggle. He also really loves looking at the flashing ball, and the rainbow ribbon ring. He finds all the colours so fascinating. He finds that the organza scarf is really easy to hold and so he loves to grab this. He is only just starting to learn to grab things so its great that he has something he finds so easy to be able to touch. He does enjoy putting this in his mouth though also which is fine for exploration as long as you are keeping a close eye on them ans making sure they don't put too much in or suffocate with it. 

Sensory items are great for babies but a lot of them do pose a hazard risk and so are for adults to use with their babies rather than the babies play with them alone. 

Over all we are super pleased with this box, its perfect for a starter sensory box and you could always join other boxes with it to make an even bigger and better sensory play. This deluxe box costs just £27.99 which I think is a brilliant price to say how many items comes inside. 

If your interested in getting a sensory box and would like to see what boxes they have on offer. Head to the My Little Goodie Box website to see more. 

What items of the sensory box do you like the look off? 

Sunday, 16 May 2021

Treats from Trendhim for Fathers Day

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Fathers Day is fast approaching and falls on the 20th of June this year. That means you need to get your gift thinking head on and start shopping for what to buy dad. 

I always find that dads can be really tricky to buy for and so that's why you may want to consider heading to Trendhim to find the perfect gift for him. 

Trendhim supply all the trends a man may need. They stock bags of many different kinds, smart watches, trendy accessories, and many ranges of different jewellery. The types of trends that this store has should have the type of items to suit any preference of man, from classic and smart, to alternative and out of the ordinary. 

I have shopped at Trendhim many times and always found that their items arrive super fast. Plus you can items gift wrapped which saves you a job plus means that you can send to your dad if they live away from you. 

Trendhim have some super affordable prices and weather you want to spend a little or a lot, you will be able to find something in the price range. 

In the past I have gifted my father a washbag from here and gifted my brother a bracelet. Both were super happy with their gifts and I too was happy with them. This time I shall be gifting a necklace from their huge range that Trendhim have. They have a super cool Thor Hammer Necklace range which I just love. 

So if your on the hunt for a Fathers Day Gift, I would recommend that you head to Trendhim and have a good look around their website. 

To celebrate Fathers Day, Trendhim have given me a £35 voucher to give away to one lucky winner. Enter on the gleam app below to win!

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Monday, 10 May 2021

Lily and Ribbon Breastfeeding Bra Starter Kit Review and Giveaway

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Breastfeeding at first can be many things, exciting, beautiful, lovely, but also daunting, tricky, and sometimes painful. I love breastfeeding, but this time round with Henry I have found it all a lot trickier. It has taken him way longer to latch and when he does he doesn't always do it correctly, which has meant to at times having a screaming baby and sore nipples. 

One thing that can make your breastfeeding journey a lot easier is by having the correct kind of bra which is good fitting and comfortable. That is why you should look into treating yourself to a Lily and Ribbon breastfeeding bra starter kit. I have been sent one to try out and so here are my views to why they would be good for you. 

Firstly, this kit comes with -

Curve Bra, 
Night time Breast Pad,
Day Time Breast Pad,
Breast Pad Storage Tub,
Breast Pad Washing Bag

It all comes together presented in one box. 

The first reason you may want to look into this bra is for the support. Breasts tend to be very heavy through breastfeeding and so a bra that provides good support is a good idea. The Lily and Ribbon Bra is fitted so nicely and so really does provide that support. The material is stretchy and ive found fits around your breast instead of sitting on it like ive found some bra's do. It also has adjustable straps so you can resize your bra to fit you better. This also makes the bra really comfortable to wear as it does not feel too loose or too tight. The bra comes with padding inside which adds to extra comfort. The only thing I have found with the padding is that when moving the bra to the side to breastfeed it can get folded over inside the bra and you have to re adjust it after feeding. The material is also super soft which feels nice against the skin. This is super important as breastfeeding nipples can often be hard and sore. 

Another thing that's needed when it comes to a breastfeeding bra is easy access. This bra provides exactly that with an easy clip at the top, you then simply fold the bra down to expose the breast ready to feed. Some bra's I have tried I have found ping back up while feeding which is not great. But I have not had a problem with this bra in that sense. 

The bra comes in sizes S to XL and you can buy it in black or nude. 

Now about the day and night breast pads. These are like no other breast pads that ive have seen before. Rather than being flat and round they are shaped to fit into your bra and around your breast with a curve. I love this because I do find that the flat pads often crease up inside your bra. This also means that with these pads they they are discreet and you can't tell that you are wearing a pad as usually when a pad creases up, this is noticeable.  

The material that these are made from also provide for extra comfort. They are a soft material and also have a little area where the nipple would sit against the pad. These pads are meant to be super absorbent for leaking milk. I have actually stopped leaking milk and so unfortunately haven't been able to test out the absorbency of these but I wore them to test the comfort and I find them very comfortable. These come in daytime and night time versions and so the night time version is made so then you can wear it all night long. 

They are simply to use, as you just slip them in and out of your bra. 

The pads come in a lovely storage box, which means that when you are not using them they can be kept clean, your also not loosing them easily in your drawer, and it means you can take them with you when you are visiting family or going on holiday. It also comes with a wash bag which means you can safely wash your pads ensuring they stay the same quality. 

This full set is £49.00 and you can see more about it on the Lily and Ribbon website

If you love the sound of this kit, then why not enter the competition below. 

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Win a Breastfeeding Starter Kit

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

New Geomag Supercolour Panel Set Review and Giveaway

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Who's child loves playing with magnets? Who's child also loves construction toys? 

Mine does! 

With the new Geomag Supercolour Panel set, your child gets to play with both a construction toy and it includes magnets. Best of both worlds! 

We was sent a set to test out which Lily and her half sisters was super pleased about. 

The set comes with 35 super colourful pieces which can all be connected together using the magnets to make all sorts of amazing 3D shapes! There are square pieces, triangular ones, pentagon shapes and straight ones which means the possibilities of what you can build is endless. The set also comes with magnetic balls which you can connect with the sticks, this means that you can then build in any direction.

The set also comes with a handy storage tubs which can hold your magnetic balls and rods, this is great so that they don't end up getting lost. There is also a guild to help with your constructions which gives some ideas of what you could make.

We love the fact that the set is so colourful, we can make shapes of just one colour or mix it up and make a multicoloured shape.  

One thing that I find really good about this toy, is its super easy for a child to sit by themselves and get engrossed in making things. It really does keep them quiet for a good amount of time. As soon as the kids got the hang of it they were making all sorts. Here is a cube shape that one of the girls made. It is super easy to snap the pieces together and the magnets are super powerful and so great at holding pieces together and so this cube was made in no time at all. 

The plastic pieces are really well made, super smooth to feel but also tough and so shouldn't break. Another great factor about the plastic is that it is made from 100% recycled plastic, its lovely to know that you are using products that are kinder to nature. 

These sets are great for creativity, and also thinking out of the box. You can also add this set to your other Geomag sets if you already own some, meaning you can make even bigger and better shapes. 

After you have made your shapes, they are again super easy to pull apart so you can start all over again. 

This set is recommended from ages 5 to 99 years old! Meaning your never too old to play with these. In fact, as soon as the kids end up getting them out, all the adults always end up joining in with making things. We just love them! 

But you can be too young to use these and so if you have little ones around, do make sure the small magnet balls are kept out of reach as these could be a swallow or choking hazard. 

Over all the kids love this set, and if you haven't bought a Geomag set yet then I would really recommend this one as one to start with. 

You can buy this set for £26 from coolshop.co.uk

What do you think to this set? 

How would you like to WIN one of these sets? Geomag has kindly let me give one set away to a lucky winner. Enter on the Gleam app below for your chance to win! 

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Friday, 16 April 2021

Yellodoor Baby Grooming and Care Kit Giveaway

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As you know, babies take a lot of care, and a cared for baby means a happy baby which then means one happy parent. The Yellodoor Grooming and Care Kit provides you with all you need to give your baby the best care.

We was sent a kit to use with Henry. 

The kit comes all together in a super cute bag, with the theme of Mother Goose. I love this bag as the design is so baby friendly and so colourful. It looks so lovely placed in a babies nursery and it perfect for on the go. It opens and closes with a zip and inside there are compartments for every grooming and care essential that you will need. This is great that everything had a place so then you can quickly get to the item that you need.

This kit includes - 

Nail Clippers
Nail Files
Soft Bristle Hairbrush
Finger Toothbrush
Infant Comb
Nail Scissors
Nasal Aspirator 
Finger Puppet

Which is everything you would need when it comes to baby grooming and baby care. Everything is super handy!! The things in the kit that get used quite often are the nail clippers, scissors and files, and also the nasal aspirator which is a life saver when it comes to your baby being all stuffy.
All the items come in white and baby blue which looks so sweet, and could work for a boy or a girl. 

I love the addition of the little duckie finger puppet, what a lovely idea to help make your baby distracted and entertained while you are getting on with the tasks of grooming, which i'm sure not all babies will enjoy. 

This cute kit can be bought from the Yellodoor website for £16.99 , its a perfect buy for if your needing these care essentials, your going travelling or on holiday, or you may buy it for a mum to be as the perfect gift. 

If you love the sound of this kit, you can enter to win one! Enter below on the Gleam app.

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Win a Yellowdoor Baby Grooming and Care Kit

Friday, 9 April 2021

Making Tricky Maths Subjects Fun with Learning Resources

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During Lockdown and home schooling I learnt a lot about what my kids find tricky when it comes to education. With school sending through the work that the children had to complete, I came to realise how tricky some of the work is and started to learn what areas they needed help in. 

2 subjects that stood out as a struggle was money calculations and fractions. 

Luckily Learning Resources was here to help and they sent me a fun money game and a fun aid to help with fractions. 

First up, the money game. 

This game is called Money Bags and it all amount making certain amounts of money using coins. 

The game comes with a game board, counters, coins of different amounts, dice and a spinner. 

The game is really easy to set up and play and really simple for the kids to understand how to play. This is a good thing because with the maths being the thing they find complicated, it is needed for the game instructions to be simple. 

To set up, get out the board, assemble the spinner and place the counters on the start position. Sort the coins into groups into the box compartment this will be the bank, and place 88p on the money bag symbol on the board, this will be the pot. 

The aim of the game is to be the player with the most money at the end of the game. 

The board is really colourful and so makes it fun and encourages kids to want to play. 

Each player must roll the dice to determine who goes first. The one with the highest roll will be the player that gets to go first. They must then roll the dice again and move that number of spaces. On the space they land, there is a amount of money. This is the amount that they will earn from landing on it. This is then when the spinner comes into play. The spinner has different amounts of money shown on the spaces with a cross through them. 10p, 5p, 20p and 1p. If one of these is landed on when the spinner is spun, they must make the amount shown on the space, but not use any of the coin that the spinner has landed on.

For example, player lands on 40p, but can't use 20p coins and so must only use the other coins to make this value. 

There are also 2 other symbols on the board, one says any coins, which means the player can use any coins in the bank to make their amount and the other shows the money bag symbol. If the money bag symbol on the spinner is landed on then the amount they need to make EG 40p, doesn't go to the player, it gets placed in the pot. 

As the players move around the board, they may also land on a £ symbol, this is a great space to land on as it means that the player wins the money from the pot. After this money is won, the 88p needs to be replenished back into the pot. The money for this can be taken from the bank. 

The game continues until a player gets to the finish line of the board. This is then game over. That player then gets to take what ever money is in the pot and add it to their money pile. This does not mean that they win the game but just that the game has ended. Each player then must count up their coins to see who has the most money and the one with the most is the winner. 

This game is really great to help children get used to using coins to make a value. This is something Lily really struggles with. The coins in the game are HM treasury approved meaning that they look like real coins which will help learn coin recognition. Coin recognition is something a child needs to learn before they can then make a value from coins. 

The kids all really enjoyed playing the game and the best bit was that they didn't realise they were actually doing a maths lesson at the same time. They have asked to play the game a few times now since we have had it which is also a good sign that they enjoyed it. 

The game is recommended for ages 5 plus and is £17.50 to buy. 

The other item we was sent was to help with Fractions. This was a Magnetic Pizza Fraction set. 

The kids are obsessed with Pizza and so I knew that these would be a great encouragement for them to want to learn about fractions more. 

The set comes with 6 magnetic pizzas that are all split to demonstrate different fractions. These fractions are One Whole, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6 and 1/8. 

Each pizza looks really well printed and has different designs of different flavoured pizzas. There are so many activities that can be done with these. 

Firstly they are great examples of simply teaching different fractions. You can do this by getting your child to make a whole pizza by using the different fractions. So for example, make one whole by using two halves. The child may easily know what half a pizza looks like, they then would also learn that 1/2 is the numbers for one half. 

You could also ask your child to give you 1/4 of a pizza. Your child can then start to learn the numbers for 1/4 and also what a quarter looks like. 

You could also make sums for your child to answer, like in the picture example below. 

As these are pizza's its a great way for a child to share a whole pizza out, or you could play restaurants and order a certain amount of pizza. This adds a play element to the learning making it much more fun. 

These are such good quality and you can tell that they will not get ruined and last a while. They are also magnetic so can be used on a fridge or magnetic white board. 

These are recommended for children aged 6-10 and can be bought for £17.50

You can head to the Learning Resource website to see these and many more amazing things to help learning become fun!

What subjects does your child struggle with? 

Would these help your kids learn?