Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Care Bears 40th Anniversary and NEW Bears

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Wow, Can you believe it, It's the Care Bears 40th Anniversary this year. I remember having one when I was little and so I'm so pleased that Lily is now loving collecting them. 

There are lots of Care Bears available now to buy and they have just brought out 3 NEW ones for your kids to collect. True Heart Bear, Daydream Bear, and Superstar Bear. 

If you don't know about Care Bears, they are a group of loveable, huggable, bear BFF's who live a sweet caring life. They come in the form of a super soft 14inch plush that can now become your new best friend. 

We were sent True Heart Bear to add to Lily's collection. 

True Heart Bear is a loveable, friendly wise bear who always tells the truth. True Heart Bear shows how the best, truest part of us radiates from what's in our hearts.

True Heart bear just like all of the care bears, is so adorable and so soft and cuddly. Her fur is super silky to stroke and all the carebears are always such quality bears. 

This bear is pink and has a belly badge of a multi-coloured star with a pink heart in the middle. A care bears tummy badge is what makes each care bear individual and shows its character. This is what Lily loves the most about them, that they all have different badges making them super collectible.

The bear also has the care bear pink heart on its bottom which shows it is a genuine care bear. These 14inch Care Bears also have a button nose in the shape of a heart which is a lovely edition. 

Lily is in love with her new care bear and can't wait to collect more.

Care bears can be bought from your local Clintons store. 

What does your child love about care bears?

Friday, 30 September 2022

Scoobtober and Warner October Highlights

October couldn't get more exciting! 

Firstly Scooby-Doo and the gang are taking over Boomerang for a spooktacular month of spooky episodes. There will be back to back scooby episodes, movies, and the all new episodes of Scooby Doo - Guess Who?

Monday 3rd of October you will be able to tune into the new Episodes at 7am and 5pm, with the first episode falling star man being all about crashing into an old ranch that belongs to a famous footballer. 

And at 9am and 2pm, from Saturday the 22nd to Sunday the 30th you will be able to watch all the Scooby Doo movies. Perfect for the lead-up to Halloween.

It really does sound spooktabulous. 

Boomerang is available to watch on Sky and Virgin Media. 

But that's not all that's coming to our screens during October. Cartoon Network and Cartoonito has a great selection of entertaining TV for your little ones.

From Monday the 3rd of October on Cartoon Network there will be new episodes of Jellystone! The Show that puts all of Hannah Barberas trademark characters into one exciting cartoon. Including favourites such as Yogi Bear and Top Cat. This comedy fun show will be available to watch every day at 6pm!

Then there are brand new episodes of Apple and Onion, where 2 best friends experience life in the big city, and your kids are invited to join them. Tune in daily from the 3rd of October at 4.30pm to see their new adventures. 

Plus from Monday the 24th, Teen Titans Go will be taking over Cartoon Network for a marathon of fun, which you are sure going to want to head over for.

And if your kids prefer Cartoonito then head there for a weekend of fireman sam. Starting on the 1st of October you can watch the first episode of what will be a fireman sam marathon. Then if your little ones are massive fans of fireman sam then they will for sure want to watch the brand new episodes airing at 4.30pm from the 3rd of October. 

Then time to get excited for new episodes of Lucas the Spider, which is only on Cartoonito, tune in from the 3rd of October at 5.30pm for the new adventures starting with the episode Boot Castle, where Lucas and Finley find a boot they use as their very own castle!

Well, I don't know about you but I'm super excited for October now!

Which of these shows will your little one be tuning in for?

Thursday, 29 September 2022

Sports Themed STEFFI LOVE Dolls Review

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Dolls have been a massive hit with girls for years now and now there is a wide range to choose from. One doll you may want to take a look at if you already haven't is Steffi Love. Lily has been a big fan of her for a while now and already has a brilliant collection of different themed sets. 

We were super pleased to hear that there are now new sets and themes and one of these themes is Sports. 

Lily was super excited to see that the sports dolls came with a sports activity. One doll came riding a bike and one came on a longboard. These are 2 things she doesn't have for her dolls so she was very happy.

Steffi dolls are lovely, their hair is super shiny and always comes nice and neat and she has a pretty face with a lovely natural look.  

We firstly had to get them out the box, this was pretty easy to do which keeps me happy. It is the worse when you have an inpatient child and a toy you just cannot get open. 

Lily was super pleased with them when they came out of the box. 

She first played with the doll with the longboard. The longboard itself has wheels that actually move, meaning you can push her along on it. They also have straps that you can fasten her feet to the board, unfortunately, they would only stay shut for a short amount of time and kept coming undone, but this didn't stop Lily from playing with the doll. 

Her outfit is a pink T-shirt and green shorts which match the colour of the board. She also has matching arm bands, knee bands, and a helmet. These can all be removed if needed. She also comes with a bag that hangs across her which is also removable. 

One of the brilliant features of this Steffi doll is that she has fully moveable limbs, meaning that she can be placed into different poses. Lily does Gymnastics so the fact she could replicate some of these poses with her doll really pleased her.

Next, we opened the doll with the bike. This set comes with the Steffi doll, a Baby, and a pet cat.

Again the wheels on the bike move around, meaning Lily can push the doll along like the doll is really riding the bike. This Steffi is also moveable, meaning she can sit down on the bike in the correct riding position. 

The baby is super cute, and comes sat in a baby carrier at the front. The baby can be removed in and out of the baby carrier. The pet puppy is sat in a basket in the back of the bike and again can come out. This Steffi wears a beautiful pink top and blue shorts. She also comes with a Helmet which straps on and stays on. 

Lily really enjoyed playing with both dolls, and played making them both act out like they were family playing sports together. They are brilliant for imaginary play. Steffi is all about Family, Friends, sports and animals, so it was great to see her acting out in this way. 

Both of the Steffi Love Dolls are OUT NOW and can be bought from retailers such as Very, Sainsburys, Amazon and Hamleys. 

Would your children love these dolls?

Monday, 29 August 2022

Books that are Great for Back to School

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As back to school or starting school approaches. Were all on the look for books that can help, encourage and spark an interest in learning. Books 2 Door have an amazing selection of books that are about a wide range of subjects that can do exactly this and we were sent a selection to review. 

Lift the Flap - First 100 words
These books are perfect for the first time heading to either nursery or school. Learning new words is a very big thing that will be done in school, so getting a head start on learning new words is a great idea. These First 100 word books are an exciting way for your child to want to learn about different words. Each book has a different theme, farm, numbers, first words, and animals and inside will be different ways to learn these. All the images used inside are real photographs rather than cartoon drawn and are all labelled with the word underneath. To make learning the words even more fun, these books are also filled with lift the flaps which your child will love to do. The sized of the books are nice and big so your child can really see the pictures and words. This amazing collection of 4 books is only £14.99 and they are well worth the money. 

Horrible Science 
Something for the older kids is this collection of Horrible Science books. Each book is filled with fun facts about science which are very much on the horrible side. But the fact they are horrible, is what makes these books super interesting. There are 20 books in this collection and they are all a range of different topics. Some examples of these topics are Shocking Electricity, Deadly Diseases, Ugly Bugs and Blood, Bones and Body bits. All the books are paperback books and each book is packed with facts, quizzes, cartoons and great experiements that can be done. This collection is amazing for any child who loves to read and they are recommended for children aged 7+ depending on the reading capibility. These books are great for encouring your child to love learning about science in school showing that science doesn't have to be boring. They will work alongside school with perfectly when your child comes home having learnt a particular topic and are wanting to learn more. This collection books is the amazing price of £18.95 which makes it just under £1 per book. Plus they all come in a great collection box so they can all be stored away neatly together. 

Brain Games for Clever Kids
This is a collection of books that aims to get your childs brain in gear by giving them a range of brain games to do. After having weeks off school, its hard for your child to get back into the swing of concentrating and doing work, so these games may be a great start at helping that. The collection of books has 6 different topics. You have travel games, word searches, maths games, 10 minute brain games, logic games and brain games. These books are all paper based and can be written in by your child, but they are usual book sized books so they can easily be taken with you when you go places. These puzzles are recommended for ages 6 to 12 years old and are also great activities for down time after school. You can buy them for £13.99

Bear Grylls Survival Skills 
A lot of schools now are very up on learning all about the outdoors and it is a great topic to learn. You will now see that Forest School may be something that is on your childs scheduled lesson plan. If that is the case then these Survival books by Bear Grylls are brilliant books for your child to read. The collection has 10 books inside and they are all full of handy tips and tricks for survival in the outdoors. From campfires to plants to nasty bugs, each book will have some facts inside that may one day come in very handy. Not only that, these books are all tips from the outdoor adventurer Bear Grylls. The books are full of images, which may be diagrams or examples of what you are looking for. The books are set out so they are child friendly, making it easy for them to read and learn. It also has a first aid book in the set which is a really handy thing to learn. These books are an amazing price of £19.95 and buying them at this price from the books 2 door website will be saving you an amazing 71%. 

All these amazing books can be found on the Books 2 Door website. Plus you can check out their back to school section to see if there are books more suited to your child. 

Which of the above books do you think your child will enjoy? 

Thursday, 28 July 2022

Summer Holidays Activity Books

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It's the summer holidays! The kids are excited about it, but some parents dread it! 
A whole 6 weeks of having to keep the kids entertained, however will you do it? 

Well for starters, you could head in the direction of Books 2 Door, a website dedicated to bringing you the best selection of books you could ask for, and all at a reasonable price. 

We were sent some books that are great ideas for keeping kids entertained during the summer holidays. And here they are...

Sticker Activity Book 100 Words

Kids love stickers and this collection of books is sure to keep your kids busy. Each book features 100 words, that your children will love learning, and each word is accompanied with a wonderful picture. But some of the pictures are missing and this is where the stickers come into play. The stickers are all nice and large, so great for little fingers to be able to hold and stick. There is also other things to do in the book such as colouring in, and also things to pop out of the books such as bookmarks and door signs. This collection comes with an amazing 10 books each with a different theme. Books 2 Door sell this amazing bundle of books for an amazing price of £12.98, which is a bargain and well worth buying to keep your kids busy. 

Lots to Spot Flashcards

These sets of flashcards are sure to be lots of fun for your little ones and also really great for learning numbers and words. Each pack contains fun pictures, and also games to play. The cards are a great size for younger ones and nice and thick and easy to hold. They will love the detailed pictures and will enjoy learning and talking about about what they can see. This collection from Books 2 Door has 4 different packs inside all with different themes. You have Bugs, Animals, Dinosaurs and Under the Sea. This amazing set is only £10.00 to buy and is aimed at children aged 3+. 

Jr Grab n Go Puzzles

Nothing keeps kids busier than puzzles and these grab and go puzzle books are filled with them. From word searches, mazes, dot to dots, number puzzles, and more, there is bound to be the type of puzzle in these books that your kids love. 
Each puzzle book is a different colour, which is great so you know which one you was using last. They all also come with a mini pencil which slots into the cover of the book. These books are small in size so they can easily be taken places with you, like in the car or inside your backpack. They also come in a handy little case so you can take the entire collection with you. 
The puzzles are recommended for children aged 6+ and are an amazing price of £10.48

The Books 2 Door website has so many books that are going to be perfect for these summer holidays, whether your child loves colouring, activities, games, or reading. Head to the website now to check out all they have to offer!

Which of these books would your child like to read?

Monday, 4 July 2022

Summer Fun Guide for Kids

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With the sunshine finally out, and the summer holiday fast approaching, you may be looking for ways to entertain the kids outdoors. The stores are full of fun things and you may have thought about the obvious, swimming pool, slide, swing etc. But this guide is all about fun toys you may not have thought of. 

Check out the following 8 toys that will provide great fun for your kids this summer.

1. Find it Activity Books

These activity books are great for keeping kids busy and are also a little different with their theme of finding things. My kids love a good hunt, so they found these super exciting to use. So far we have used Find it in the garden and we plan to use the car journey and at the beach when we go on holiday. Each of the books has 25 things to search for and find, and they are also packed full of facts to learn and puzzles to complete. Plus for every 3 books completed, a parent can send off for a Free Find it badge. Each book is £4.99 and are aimed at children aged 5 to 7 years old. 

2. Learning Resources Camp Out Set

Children of all ages love playing out, so this toy is for the younger children to enjoy. It's a super cute camping set that is specially designed for little hands. The set comes with 11 pieces. A campfire with removable fire and logs that come apart, a lantern, a fork, sausage, marshmallow, and smores, plus a camping bag to keep it all in. The toys are all very lightweight which means they are perfect for young children to carry about and the plastic is also super soft with no nasty sharp edges. Henry loves walking about carrying the little lantern and we are currently teaching him how to pretend to cook the marshmallow on the fire. This set is perfect for early role play and imagination development and will be wonderful to play out in the garden with. The set is £25 and can be bought from the Learning Resources website.

3. Brainstorm Mega Globe

We have had so much fun with this Mega Globe, and it has been perfect to play with in the garden. This globe is a blowup ball, which took all my effort to blow up because it's massive. But massive means more fun and the kids firstly took to play catch and piggy in the middle with it. Of course, this isn't just a beach ball, it's a globe, and so it has great learning advantages to it. To make learning fun, we played a game of Alphabet Globe. Each time you caught the ball, you had to shout out a country or place that you could see written on the globe, starting with the letters of the alphabet. We played all the way from A to Z and the kids didn't get bored for a second. This ball is also waterproof so perfect for paddling pool or swimming pool fun. Even Henry enjoyed pushing it around the floor. You can buy this fun summer toy online. 

4. Waboba Backnine Disc Golf Game

Sporty games are always a firm favorite to play with in the garden and this one is no exception. The game is played like golf, where you keep taking a turn until you get it in the hole. Apart from this game involves discs and throwing them into the centre of a hoop. You want to get the discs into the hoop in as little turns as possible, as the person with the lowest score wins. The way to score low points is to land directly into the centre, as if you land on the hoop, you gain more points as the hoop has landing zones that give you either 1, 2 or 3 points. The game contains the hoop and 4 silicone discs and also has a score pad and a bag to keep it all inside. We have played this game over and over and it is so much fun. To keep the game varied, you throw the hoop in a different place each time. You can even make it trickier by making it a crazy path to throw it down, a little like crazy golf. You can buy this for £14.99 on Amazon.

5. Hape Toys Periscope

Having fun in nature is always great. And so this Periscope can make exploring even more fun. It also helps a great game of hide and seek by letting you see without being seen. It is also great for peeking over walls or for looking for animals without disturbing them. This lovely periscope is great for nature as it's all made out of natural materials. The plastic is made from green PE which is a plastic derived from sugarcane, and the wooden part is made from bamboo. It comes with a handy strap that can be put around the wrist or attached to things like backpacks. The periscope is £9.99 and can be bought from the Hape Toys website.

6. Geosafari Bugnoculars

Bugs, you either like them or don't. But these bugnoculars mean that your child can get up and close with bugs, without having to touch them. (Well, as long as they get an adult to help get it into the tank.) Lily isn't a big fan of bugs but she loved using this to be able to have a good look at them. We found a ladybird, a baby snail, an earwig, an ant, and an interesting looking fly that I could not identify. The tank is made from a light weight plastic, so if it is dropped it does not break. You can either look down on the bug through the soft eye pieces at the top, or you can look through the magnified areas that are on the side of the tank. The lid is easy to open and shut and it also comes with a handle so it can be carried around. If your little one really doesn't like bugs, this is also great for looking at other aspects of nature like leaves and flowers. These can be bought from the Learning Resources website for £12.50.

7. Zimpli Kids Toys

Messy play is best done outdoors, so these Zimpli Kids activities are perfect for outdoor play. Zimpli kids has so many different fun messy play packs, but these are 3 really good ones for the outdoors. Firstly Snoball Play, this is pretend snow which is perfect for throwing around in summer pretending to have a snow ball fight. Each pack can make around 30 snowballs. It all washes away after too, meaning you don't have to worry about the mess staying. The colour-changing Gelli baff is great fun, perfect sensory fun in the garden, as it is perfect to feel and to watch the colours change. And best yet, the crackle baff, which is perfect to make your outdoor paddling pool more exciting. Its perfect to add to the water to splash in while it goes crackle and pop. You can buy these and more from the Zimpli Kids website. 

8. Early Years Resources Tuff Tray

This is something every garden needs if you have kids. A tuff tray. There are so many activities you can do, and the tray keeps the activity all in one place. I also found that Henry was more likely to play with things when put inside the tray. I think he found it more comfortable to sit down on than the floor. We have done drawing sat in the tray, played with mega blocks and we also investigated rocks, which was his favourite activity to do. These are also perfect for messy play activities, sand or water play. These tuff trays are heavy duty, but also super smooth, so they are perfect for babies and small children to not hurt them self on. They also clean super easy as you can just wipe them down. You can get them in 2 sizes, and there is also a choice of colour. To see more of the range, head to the Early Years Resources page

Which of these summer ideas do you think your child would love?

Friday, 24 June 2022

Frugi Clothing Summer Collection

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We finally have some sunshine, which means that we finally get to wear some summer clothes. But that also means if you have children, you may need to also buy new summer clothes. 

We were sent 2 outfits from Frugi from their new summer range which came just intime for the nice weather. 

I have always been a fan of Frugi clothing, I've always loved their bright colours and interesting patterns and prints. Plus Frugi is an organic brand, meaning that they are super kind to skin. 

We were sent an outfit for Lily and one outfit for Henry. 

Lily's outfit was a beautiful blue summer dress in a skater style, with a super summery print of sea shells. Lily loves the colour blue and so it's nice to find a dress in a colour other than pink for a girl. The print is repeated all over the dress and I think it looks great. Not too plain but also not too over the top. The dress is made from organic cotton, which means it is super soft and so comfortable to wear. It is also stretchy so easy for her to get on and off and doesn't feel tight to wear.
I got Lily a size 6-7 as she is always a size smaller than her age, and it fits perfectly for her. It was the perfect length for a dress for a little girl. The dress can be bought all the way from 0-3 to 7-8 years old. I also have washed the dress since, and I can happily say that washing it did not affect the size or quality of this dress.

I took Lily out for a walk in her dress and we got some lovely pictures of it that you can see below. 

Henry's outfit was some trousers and a t-shirt. In summer time it is great to still have some pairs of pants for babies as when playing out, it avoids many scuffed knees and also their legs not getting burnt on things on the park. Also perfect for little crawlers. 
His little outfit looks so cute on him. The pants are blue and filled with sharks and surf boards, making it a very summery pattern. The t-shirt is orange and works with the pants very well as the surf boards on the trousers are orange too. The T-shirt also has a shark and surf board design on it. 
Both are made with comfort in mind. The crawler pants have special patches on the knee's which give an extra layer of comfort for crawling and kneeling, they also have an elasticated waist, which I always find helps keep the pants up on babies. But failing that, the drawstring can be adjusted to make a tighter fit, which is what I had to do for Henry. Although Henry is now 16 months old, he is still tiny, so I got size 6 -12 months for him. But these can be bought from 0 months up to 4 years old. 
The t-shirt is also size 6-12 months and also fits really nicely. It also has buttons on the neck to make it so it's easier to pull over a baby's head. As it is also made from organic cotton it is super soft for henry to wear, and again, this washed really nicely. 

I took Henry to the park in his outfit and so here is some images we took that day. 

You can see these items and more on the Frugi website

Which of the outfits do you like?