Monday, 11 January 2021

Have a Pampered Pregnancy with Zita West

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Pregnancy can be tough. So anything that helps us through it is a real bonus. There are lots of lovely products on the market that could help us out but one company that is worth a real look at is Zita West. 

Zita West is a Midwife who focuses on Fertility and Pregnancy and has produced a range of products that nourish the body allowing it to work at its best. 

Being 32 weeks pregnant my body is definitely in need of some help and so Zita West sent me some lovely products to review. 

I was sent 3 Zita West Pregnancy Oils to try. 

I was sent a restore and relax bath oil, a back ease massage oil, and a Preconditioning down under oil. 

Firstly let me say that the bottles they come in are beautiful. You really feel like your instore for a treat when you hold them in your hand and know they they are luxury products. Pampering at any time I think its important to feel like the products your using are of high quality and so to still feel the desired pampered effect from pregnancy products is lovely. 

Each bottle has 100ml of oil in which after using the oils a few times, I can certainly say will last you a decent amount of time. 

First I tried the massage oil. I am pretty lucky that my partner loves to give me massages but since I have been pregnant he hasn't been able to do it as much. Firstly because of course its trickier to get into comfortable positions for a massage but also because we can't use the usual oils that we would normally do due to them perhaps not being safe for pregnancy. So the great thing about the Zita West oil is that its perfectly safe for pregnancy and there are no concerns about the oils being absorbed into your body. 

This oil is perfect to be used for the general aches and pains of pregnancy, for relaxation, and it also helps stimulate your circulation, which can be a problem for some during pregnancy. It is also safe to be used while in labour which may help ease some of the pains your body can go through. 

The oil was lovely to use and smelt amazing. It has a lovely scent of lemon and lime which my partner said he loved and later commented how I smelt like a sherbert lemon (one of his favourite sweets haha) 

The bath oil was next to try and at the moment I must admit I am really enjoying a lovely bath. This oil you add 3 cap fulls to running water to create a lovely relaxing bath. Straight away you can smell the lovely aroma of Lavender, which is great for relaxation. I was really impressed with how much the scent of the oil lasted and I could smell it for my entire bath. The oil also felt lovely against my skin, and after getting out the bath, it didn't leave me feeling oily which is great. 

Another great thing about the oil is again its safe for pregnancy. You may already know that women can be very sensitive to things such as Thrush during pregnancy meaning they have to be careful what they place in their bath. Even when not pregnant I am unfortunate to have to be careful to what I put in my bath but I am happy to report that the oil did not irritate me at all. Which is a HUGE bonus. 

Last but not least is the Preconditioning down under oil. This is to be used for Perineum massage which can help your down below parts prepare for birth. If you don't know already, your perineum is the area between your vagina and anus and this is a very common area to tear during childbirth. Unfortunately when I had Lily I ended up with a small tear down there and it wasn't the nicest to recover from. Tearing is something that most women really want to avoid and so this oil and massage could really help with that. 

The oil when used will help the area become more supple and elastic giving it more chance to stretch when needed, and the massage itself will also help aid this. It is advised to be done 6 weeks before birth recommending it gets used from 32 - 34 weeks. It can be done by yourself or if you find it easier then your partner could also try do it for you. The oil is also plant based making it safe for your body and suitable for pregnancy. 

I really wish I would of known about this oil before having Lily. I obviously can't comment on if it works or not, as I have not had the baby yet. But I am going to be trying this for sure from now to the end of my pregnancy to be given the best chance of not tearing and I would 100% recommend anyone else who is pregnant to try it. 

If you are interested in any of these products then they can be bought from the Zita West website at the following prices. 

Massage Oil - £12.76
Bath Oil - £12.76
Preconditioning Down Under Oil - £16.96

Which of these products would you like to use while pregnant? 

Saturday, 2 January 2021

Win a Squibbles Colouring Book

As its the start of a new year, I think its a great time to add some fun and positivity into our lives. So what better way than with a super fun colourful colouring book. This isn't just any colouring book though. Inside it also has space for your child to jot down positive words, phrases or even add creative writing or use the space as a thought journal entry. 

Lily loves both colouring and writing so this is the perfect book for her. She has already coloured in quite a few pages. I have left it completely up to her to what she wants to write and so far she has written "I like dancing", "I like to fly" and "I love Jelly Fish" 

The characters inside the book are all super creative and fun, full of expression and cuteness. Just perfect for colouring! 

You can see more about Squibbles over on the website

But nevermind a book for children, this would be amazing for grown ups too! I don't know about you but I love colouring and we all also need some positivity in our lives. 

So who wants one? 

 I have one of these books to give away, All you have to do is enter the few entry options on the Gleam app below. 

Good Luck!

Win a Squibbles Colouring Book

Thursday, 31 December 2020

A Crazy Year, Baby Update

This year has been like no other and I must admit, I'm exhausted. 

There have been some massive changes, some challenging and some also great. As its the last day of the year I thought I would try to keep my sleepy pregnant eyes open to write you a little update. 

So I am now 31 weeks pregnant, I must admit that I am more than ready to get this whole having a baby thing over and done with. Pregnancy has been trickier this time round. I had the worst morning sickness and then my bump got big quicker than my body could cope with. I think the hardest part though has been the fact I've been doing this entire pregnancy through covid. Its been mentally draining not knowing what will be happening next, having to wear masks when I feel like I need to breathe fresh air and worrying over what birth will be like in a lockdown. Been lucky that during the pregnancy I have not caught covid, but I am seeming to constantly be having some sort of cold and being energyless. 

Non the less there has been some lovely aspects to this pregnancy. Firstly, I didn't even report here on the blog that we are having a little boy!! We found out at our 20 week scan and we are super pleased. We have 3 girls between me and my partner so a little boy to add to the family is lovely. It has been really nice to be able to buy some blue and boy baby clothes and cute clothing with little monsters and dino's on. 

The girls are all really pleased to that they are having a baby brother and are getting more and more excited by the day. I am looking forward to having them as little helpers when he arrives. 

Another amazing moment of my pregnancy has been that we had a brilliant 4D scan. As my partner hasn't been able to come to any appointments, and missed out on the 12 week scan, and as we plan to have no more children, it was a must to go get one done. Plus we knew the kids would love to see their baby brother in video. We was very lucky that during December lock down eased for us meaning that non essential shops were open (a 4d scan is classed as non essential stupidly). We went to Lucy Janes Clinic in Colne and we was so impressed with what we got. 

We actually ended up with 2 scans from them. The first one little man decided that he did not want to be seen and he kept turning his head away from us. We had to go for a little walk, and I tried music to get him to move, but nothing worked and we only got about 5 min of seeing his face. But Lucy Janes was amazing and they said to us that they want us to come back again so then they can try and get a better video. 

Our second visit was much better though again little man wasn't playing game. This time he was super active and wouldn't keep still, he kept putting his hands in front of his face and then even a foot some how went up there (explains the crazy movements in my tummy) but we did get a lot more footage and we did get some amazing photographs. 

The package from Lucy Janes was brilliant, we got 4 prints, 4 keyrings and a DVD of 20 min footage from the scan. They were brilliant and I couldn't recommend them more if you live in the Lancashire area. 

So going forward, I have 9 more weeks to my due date. I am super hoping he comes on time. I am planning to have a home birth, I really don't fancy a hospital visit with this pandemic and so home just feels like the best place to be. 

So as the new year starts, you are going to be seeing a lot more baby content on the blog. I will be showing some wonderful brands and I will let you all know when little man makes his arrival. 

I don't really celebrate New Years, for me, I see it as just another day, another year. Especially this year with the Covid thing carrying on. So rather than wishing you a happy new year, I wish you all the best and encourage you to try and take each day as it comes, enjoying all the little things in life. Most importantly family.

Lots of love from Me, Lily and Family


Thursday, 17 December 2020

Helping your children practice Personal Hygiene with Baby Born

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One thing we do know is that children learn though play. Role play is one way that really encourages children to learn about every day life, such as cooking, cleaning, parenting and other things. So baby born has teamed up with children's education website ichild to encourage learning about the every day aspect of life, which is personal hygiene. 

Washing hands, having a bath, cleaning teeth can sometimes feel like a chore to a child. It is something that has to be done on a regular basis and so can feel like a task. That's why Baby Born have a new series of toys which are all about getting children to reconnect with the idea of having a bath, washing faces and brushing teeth. 

We was sent a Baby Born bathtub, Baby Born Toothcare Spa and snuggly bathrobe to tell you all about. 

Toys like these are great because while your child is playing with toys like these, they are learning about the importance of personal care by knowing the importance of giving that care to their baby. They can also be used in such a way that when you are wanting to give your little one a bath, or get them to brush their teeth, they can be doing it at the same time as their baby, using the toys. 

Let me tell you a little more about these toys. 

First of all the bath robe, an essential part of clothing for bath time. It is so cute and your children will love putting baby in it after a bath. It is made in a material that means that they can put the baby doll straight into it after they have got them out of the bath and it will help dry baby. It can be bought in blue or pink and is easy for your child to put on and off baby. It also comes with a cute hood and features a duck on the front. 

Next is the Baby Born bathtub. This cute bathtub has such a cute design to it, with its old school stand alone bath shape with feet. But just not any feet, feet in the shape of ducks! It can be used like a real bath and the shower also is fully working to and sprays water at baby by using the bath water that's filled into the tub. As it does, it makes quacking noises and the feet light up making it even more bath time fun. The water is easy to empty as you just tip it out when done. 

It also comes with a cute rubber duck that baby can use in the bath. Its perfect for baby born dolls or dolls to the size of 43cm. You will need 4 AA batteries to be able to make the shower work and the lights and sounds work.

It is recommended that your child plays with this in the bathroom or with towels around as Lily did manage to tip the water over a few times. 

Last and my absolute favourite is the Baby Toothcare Spa. This little unit is so cute and really does remind me of a sink and mirror unit you would use at home. It is something completely different as an accessory for a baby doll and It is great for the role play of general care like brushing teeth and washing hands and face. 

The unit is so cute with 3 little shelves, and 2 towel rails on the side. The mirror also lights up and it plays sounds and music when you press the button. The set comes with toothbrush which with the 2 batteries which are included, actually vibrates like a real toothbrush would. It also comes with a cup, rubber duckie which acts as the plug and facecloth. The sink can be filled with water so then then can have the real experience of using a sink, and when you press the tap it squirts water. It is such a cute set and Lily really loved the toothbrush aspect of it and getting to clean her babies teeth.

Over all, these toys all provide a great experience for a child to role play with and all encourage the practice of self care and hygiene. 

Baby Born has such a great selection of accessories and can buy all these items for the following prices on the Baby Born website

Bath Robe - £8.99

Bath Tub - £39.99

Bath and Toothcare Spa - £35.99

Which of these toys do you think your child would love? 

Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Nerf BUNKR Competition Set Review

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I think that Nerf has brought so much fun into the world of shooting games. It has given families a great way to bond, kids a great way to exercise and over all just brought so much fun into a household. 

The kids in the house LOVE Nerf and play fighting has been something we do pretty much on a weekly basis. We play lots of games that involve the Nerf Guns, our favourite being Capture the teddy where we team up to retrieve the teddy from a different room.

So when we was offered to review the Nerf BUNKR competition set and Nerf Ultra Two Blaster, we jumped at the opportunity. 

Both of these come separately. You have the Nerf BUNKR competition set which is a set designed for use with Nerf guns, and then you have a brand new gun. 

First let me tell you about the BUNKR set. 

For starters, let me make clear, this set does not come with a gun. So you would either use it to add to your Nerf collection or you would need to buy a gun. Secondly the BUNKRs all come flat packed and need to be inflated. You will need some type of pump to do this with. 

The set comes with 4 BUNKRs which are all pretty large. Larger than I thought they would be so perfect for hiding behind. You have 2 barrel shaped ones, a Crate and a Wall. They can be used indoors or out, but I have a pretty small house so they do get better use in a garden. Though we did play with them in both. The set also comes with 2 BUNKR game cards. 

When using these in the garden, its recommended to fill the bottom with water so then they don't blow over or away. But in the house they should be fine with out this. 

One little feature of the barrels is that they have a little dip in the top which you can store your bullets in for reloading. This is super handy as we usually use our pockets. 

The kids loved using these bunkers for hiding behind, and darting between. Lily was especially happy she had somewhere that reduced her chances of getting shot. 

The BUNKR competition set is £39.99 and can be bought from Amazon

Next up is the gun, which is a great new addition to our Nerf Gun collection. It is a really good size for a cool looking gun and it holds and shoots 6 bullets. The BUNKRs were a great defence against this gun! 

Are you a NERF fan and would your kids love these? 

Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Christmas Gift guide for Grown Ups.


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There are plenty of gifts for grown ups that need to be bought at Christmas time. For Mums, Dads, Sisters, brothers, cousins, mother in law, father in law, the list is endless. But sometimes its hard to think of that perfect gift for them. This is where a guide like this may come in handy! Check out these gifts below to get some inspiration this year. 

1. No Way Game 

This is a super fun game of bluff! How good are you at lying? The idea behind the game is making the other players believe in the bluff rather than the true fact. This fun game will get you struggling to keep a straight face as you lie your way to victory. Select facts and fiction from the cards provided and have a laugh at what is true and false. You will definitely learn some interesting facts during this game. Perfect for family fun at Christmas. You can buy this from Cheatwell games for £14.99.

2. Poo - Pourri Before you go toilet Spray 

What a fun stocking filler for friends and family to have a good giggle at. Or perfect for telling your partner that their poo smells! This little spray gets sprayed into the toilet before the toilet is used making the scents that follow, not so bad.  This spray comes in a cute little box which makes it giftable and perfect for a stocking or secret santa. Plus it can also be hung from the tree for extra amusement.  You can buy this from Holland and Barret for £6.99.

3. 60 ways to improve your family life in 60 secs

60 ways to improve have a series of books all about helping in areas of life. This one is about helping our family life which can get stressful at times. It is a brilliant self help book filled with useful tips, and strategies to read and engage in to help out family life. You can also buy books that are about general life, and about life at work. These handsized handy books are £8 and can be bought from the Meee Books Website. 

4. Bradfords Just Food Hamper 

We all love tasty food at Christmas, which is why you will probably want to head over to Bradfords website to see their amazing selection of hampers. You have Christmas themed ones, chocolate themed ones, tea themed ones and they all come presented nicely in either a box or little basket. They make such a lovely gift! There is a yummy selection of foods inside depending which you go for. Such as the one I was sent which includes lots of favourites such as tea, chocolate, cake and biscuits. The hampers cost a varied amount of prices and one such as this one pictured would cost around £23.00. 

5. Craft Beer House 

A personalised box of beer. What more could you ask for for the perfect gift. This pub themed box of beer is called the "staying in" which I think is pretty appropriate for the fact a lot of us will be drinking from home this Christmas. It can be personalised with a name at the top so it becomes EG - Dads, Dave's Staying in House. The box features 6 330ml bottles of craft beer that all can be enjoyed over Christmas. It also comes with beer mats and pub quiz to really get that pub feel from home. This can be bought from Best of British Beer website for £22.50. 

6. Nivea Men Complete Collection 

This is the perfect Gift for Him from Nivea this Christmas. A full Nivea gift set filled with the best Nivea products for a man to pamper himself with. This set includes sensitive shower gel, face wash, moisturiser, shave foam, and a roll on which is all a man needs to feel good. It comes in a lovely gift set box so is perfect to be wrapped up as a gift, and it can be bought on offer for £8 from Boots

7. Box of Favours 

This year has been a lot about spending time together and looking after each other and this is exactly what this gift is about. It is a beautifully presented box of favours that can be gifted to a partner, parent or best friend as a way of repaying the love back to them. It is filled with lovely ideas some as simple as making a cup of tea or coffee. It is a great way to keep a gift going for more than just Christmas day and could carry on all year round. You can buy a box of favours for £9.99 from the box of favours website

8. Carfume 

This is the perfect stocking filler or gift for the car lover. This beautifully designed car air freshener hands from the front of your car looking stylish but also smelling amazing. The scent lasts an amazing 4 weeks and you can also buy a refill to top up your air freshener meaning you won't have to replace the stylish looking ornament. There is a wide choice of colours and scents and it comes nicely presented in a little box. You can head to the Carfume website to see more scents and colours and buy one for £9.99.

9. Personalised Wine Glass

Who doesn't enjoy a glass of wine at Christmas, even better when it is personalised with a greeting on the front or a name. This beautiful crystal wine glass has a classic ornate design and is a delicate glass to look lovely in your hand when drinking a glass of wine. It makes such a lovely gift if you know someone who really enjoys a glass, plus the personalisation means that it is their own special glass. This glass holds 190ml of liquid meaning you can have a nice glass of wine or other favourite drink. It can be bought from the love gifts website for an amazing price of £10.99. 

10. Yankee Candle Gift Set 

A Yankee Christmas always makes a special Christmas, I love Yankee candle at Christmas and so this set makes such a lovely gift. This set includes one jar candle in the scent of Unwrap the Magic, and 3 small candles in the scents of Holiday Hearth, Singing Carols, and Surprise snowfall which are all delightful Christmas smells. It comes presented it a lovely Christmas themed box and so will be lovely to unwrap on Christmas day. It can be bought from The Yankee Candle store for £14.99. 

11. Nivea Gift Sets

These Nivea sets make such cute gifts and are the perfect size for stockings. The heart shaped tin contains 4 lip balms that are perfect for the cold weather and tackling dry lips. The star set comes with a face mask, lip balm and a Nivea soft moisturizer. It contains all you need to give your skin a beauty boost. Both sets come in an attractive gift set tin. You can buy the heart for and the star for £6.00 and the star set for £8 from Boots.  

12. Eono Makeup Brushes 

These makeup brushes by Eono are a stunning set of 17 different brushes to get the perfect makeup look. They are so beautifully coloured and come in a silver and black design and are presented in a silver gift box. The set contains all the brushes you need from Eyeshadow brushes to Blusher brushes and even mascara brushes. They are ideal for professional use or simply a makeup enthusiast. They would make a lovely gift to anyone you know who loves anything related to makeup. You can buy this set from amazon for £14.40. 

13. Herd Mentality 

Here is the perfect party game bound to get a few laughs at any family games night or party night. The idea behind the game is to be like the herd and write down the same answers as the other players. If your answer is the odd one out then you will be saddled with the pink cow, which you don't want! The game comes with pink squeezy cow, and cards, board and cow tokens. This game will have you literally Moo'ing and wanting to play for hours on end. It is for ages 10+ and for 4-10 players. You can buy this from the big potato games website for £20. 

14. Know Nine 

A quick thinking game that is sure to get you thinking hard and talking fast. Know nine is all about finding 9 answers that all link together but you only have 1 min to do so. Only unique answers count and you will need to think out of the box to win. Your competitors are the ones to decide if your answers are aloud so you will need to be convincing with them. It is for ages 12+ and can be played with 2 or more players. You can buy this game here for £12.49. 

15. Jana Reinhardt Jewellery 

Everyone loves a little bit of sparkle at Christmas and with Jane Reinhardt Jewellery you can gift exactly that. The website has a range of beautiful delicate jewellery that is perfect for young teen to adult. This delicate necklace is a beautiful hummingbird and is made from sterling silver. It has a flat back so it sits perfectly against the skin. It can also be bought in different golds, on different chain length's and with engraving. The tiny hummingbird is a delicate size of 10mm long and 9mm wide.  It makes a lovely gift for someone special who will always cherish this gift. You can buy this from the Jana Reinhardt Website for £89.00. 

16. Fenjal Gift Sets

Enriched with nourishing plant oils. Fenjal has a range of luxury products perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. Their bathing range makes a lovely gift containing all you will need to pamper the body. They have a crème bath oil for the bath, a shower mouse to lavish skin in the shower, a moisture shower oil, and a crème body oil wash. You can also buy lovely bubble bath and beautifully smelling body sprays. There is a huge range on the Fenjal website and so you are sure to be spoilt with choice for gifting! The great thing about them all, is that they are completely natural and so kind to your skin. Head to the website to see more. 

17. Luxury Dressing Robe 

Give the gift of luxury with this 100% cotton bath robe in pure white. This gown is so comfortable and soft and will be so lovely to get out of the bath or shower and into this warm robe. It features a shawl collar, belt and twin patch pockets. The super absorbent material will have you dry in no time without any scrubbing needed, meaning your skin dries naturally helping your skin to stay soft and meaning you can carry on relaxing after you bath. It comes in a size L, so it fully covers your body and gives you that Spa like experience when it comes to wearing it. You can buy it for £30 from the Mediterranean Linens website

18. Mermaid Salt Vodka 

Mermaid Salt Vodka is from the Isle of Wight Distillery. It is infused with island sea salt for a uniquely smooth finish and flavour which is meant to be like a subtle kiss of a mermaid. It is perfect for Christmas to be able to make cocktails and enjoyable drinks to share. Or it makes a lovely gift as it comes presented in a beautiful shaped bottle. It is 70cl and 40% and costs £35.84 to buy. You can buy this and other splendidly made drinks from the Isle of Wight Distillery website

19. Top of the Pops Game 

Are you a music buff? Big fan of the classic Tv show Top of the Pops? Then this is the game for you. If you have ever heard a hit song then you will enjoy this game as you split into teams to have a music battle. Round one sing and guess songs against the clock and round two guess the artist by saying one word, quoting lyrics or murdering the song playing the Kazoo that is provided. It is sure to be full of laughs and get you feeling cheery and tuneful while you play this game. You can buy it for £20 from the Big Potato website

20. Cat Bum Magnets 

Do you have a cat mad friend or family member? Do they like quirky gifts? Then they will love these Cat Bum magnets for their fridge! It comes with 6 different cat bums in a pack which will amuse anyone who see's them. Perfect for a stocking filler or a secret santa gift! you can buy them for £9.41 from Amazon

21. Ink and Drop Prints

Ink and Drop has a huge range of prints where you are bound to find the perfect print for your friend or family member. A print is a great gift to give someone so it can be featured in their home for all to see. The range on this website has prints that are simplistic to crazy, from bold to colourful and are perfect for all rooms of the house. There are also some designs with your favourite animal one which is great for the animal lover. You can also buy different sizes from the website making this perfect as a small gift or a large gift. Prints start at a price of £13 and can be bought from the Ink and Drop website

Which of the gifts do you like the look of??

Monday, 7 December 2020

Rochelle Humes Baby Wish List

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When it comes to having a baby there is a need list, but also a wish list. Sometimes the 2 end up combined. But it is always good to look for inspiration into what things you may need, or want, and which brands to go for.

Singer and TV presenter, Rochelle Humes, has teamed up with Amazon to create her Baby Wish List ahead of the birth of her baby boy in October, 2020. Check out her top picks – all available now at

From strollers and soothers to muslins and monitors - Rochelle has chosen all of her essentials using Amazon’s Baby Wish List.  Amazon’s Baby Wish Lists are perfect for baby showers and a great way to plan and organise all the things you need for your new arrival – you can add items to your list as you go as well as share your picks with friends and family. You’ll also receive a free welcome gift and can even save up to 20% on products in your wish list!

Rochelle says “Having a baby is such an exciting time but it can also be quite daunting, especially thinking about all of the things you need to keep your baby happy and safe.  This is my third baby and it’s more important than ever that I am organised as I already have my hands full looking after my two daughters!  Making an Amazon Baby Wish List is a great way to organise and plan your shopping and I love how easy it is to share with family and friends.  I had so much fun making this wish list and I hope it will be helpful to other expectant parents trying to navigate life with a newborn.”  Check out all Rochelle’s picks here, all available now at

One thing that has been on my wish list this year for my baby due in March, is a nappy disposable system. This one from Tommee Tippee makes life so much easier as when changing nappies in the middle of the night, who wants to be running out to the dustbin to get rid of that nappy. Not me. This was just one idea that is on Rochelle Humes list and there are plenty more that are great ideas! 

For example, check out Mumma Bear products, they have a lovely range of nappies and wipes which are not only essential but needed in plenty. Which is great that you can buy packs of 96 nappies for £10.19 and packs of 12 wetwipe packs all including 60 wetwipes for £15.49. The wipes are 100% biodegradable and the nappies have a cute Disney design to them making them the best to buy. Plus you can buy the nappies in size 1 all the way to size 6.  

What from the list are you wishing for?