Tuesday 29 November 2022

Christmas Gift Guide for Toddlers

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I love toys for toddlers, the range of toys out there is amazing. So much so that it really can be difficult to choose what to buy. So here I have a bunch of toys and products that would all be great ideas for Christmas gifts for those under 3 years old. 

1. Jaques of London Fire Engine *Buy Me Here*

Jaques of London make the most gorgeous wooden toys for little ones. Their website is full of wonderful choices. But this year you may want to consider this beautiful fire engine. It is fully made from high-quality wood and is painted beautifully and in great detail. The fire engine comes with a roof with a ladder on and the ladder also moves up and down, there is also a roof to the driver's area which comes off, meaning you can put the 2 people inside the engine. The set features 2 firefighters, a male, and a female. The lovely thing about Jacques of London is that their toys arrive beautifully presented in a lovely gift box with a ribbon wrapped around, which looks beautiful under the Christmas tree. This fire engine is £24.99 and well worth the price for a toy that will last many years to come.

2. Dantoy Car Garage - *Buy Me Here*

This is a toy for the little car fanatics. This is the cutest toy garage ever and the great thing about it is that it is made from BIOplastic making it completely natural and great for the environment. The garage has 2 levels to it, the roof and the inside. There is a ramp for the cars to drive up and down and a little leaver to make cars stop. It also has pretend petrol pumps on the side. The cars all have cute faces on which makes them friendly for children to play with. It is super easy to play with as the cars move easily and the doors open easily too. This toy is perfect for children aged 2 years plus and will make a lovely little gift for Christmas. You can buy it for £30. 

3. Dantoy Hotdog Stand - *Buy Me Here*

If your child is more of a role play fan then this is for them. Just like the Dantoy Garage, this toy is also made from BIOplastic making it completely natural and also great for the planet.  The set comes with 9 items which include 3 sausages, 3 sausage buns, a hot dog stand, ketchup, and some tongs. This is a great toy to encourage creativity and imagination in a child and would make a lovely Christmas gift. It is aimed at children aged 2+ and is £20 to buy. 

4. Nuby Plush Learning - *Buy Me Here* 

These are great gifts for hands-on learning. The Jungle flashcards are all about learning the alphabet. They feature lowercase and uppercase letters, pictures and words, all displayed in vivid colours and bold patterns. Plus they are made from a plush soft material so then your little one can grab them, bend them, and even chew on them and they won't damage. They all come in a handy little storage case that your little one will love carrying around. These cost £15.99 to buy. Or you may want something a little more hands on for your toddler and so this is where the busy book comes in handy. Aimed at an older toddler it contains lots of activities inside that encourage the use of fine motor skills. Activities such as zips, shoelaces, buttons, fastenings, and velcro numbers. It also contains a zipped envelope to keep all the numbers safe inside. This is a gift that is sure to keep your little one busy and you can buy it for £12.99.

5. Toddler Bunny Towel - *Buy Me Here*

This luxury toddler towel from Lime Tree London makes a truly lovely gift. It comes in a large size so it is plenty big enough to wrap your little one inside, and has a cute hood which is a rabbit design with bunny ears and face. This towel is made from super soft cotton meaning it's super snuggly and will be lovely to dive into after having a bath. It is also machine washable and also goes into the dryer too. This pink bunny towel is just one of the designs that Lime Tree London has and is £19.50 to buy. You can also get it personalised at no extra cost and have it come gift-wrapped for £2.81. 

6. Blade and Rose Socks *Buy Me Here*

These socks make the cutest Christmas gift or even stocking filler for a toddler. Blade and Rose have lots of really cute designs of Christmas socks and here are 3 examples. You have Elf socks, which feature a cute elf with a fluffy feel and a forest green background. You have Peter Rabbit socks, which feature peter himself holding a present, and you have Polar bear organic socks, which are made from organic cotton and also help raise money for WWF Uk. Each pair starts at size age 0 and the elf ones go all the way to age 14. Meaning these could be bought for siblings in the family to match. The Elf and Peter rabbit socks are only £3.50 and the Polar bear socks are £4.50 to buy. 

7. Peg Stacker Dump Truck - *Buy Me Here*

This toy from Learning Resources is a brilliant toy that features all the things a child will love while helping them learn at the same time. Firstly they will love the design of it being a dump truck. The dump truck, named Tony, can be pushed along the floor, has bright colours, and a friendly face on the front. Children will love the aspect of getting to stack the barrels on top of Tony, sorting them into shapes, colours and numbers. The barrels fit into the back of tony via a slot they can be placed into, or the barrels can be stacked on top of each other. It is a great toy for developing fine motor skills or learning about shapes, colours and numbers. It is recommended for children aged 18 months + and is £17.00 to buy. 

8. Orchard Toys Dress Up Nelly *Buy Me Here*

Orchard Toys Games are great for introducing your toddler to playing games. This game Dress Up Nelly is all about matching colours by dressing up the elephants. Players take it in turns to collect a card and must try and match it up with other cards they have picked up, to make an elephant. It is a great way to encourage taking turns and getting children used to the idea of matching. It will also help with colour recognition. The game has 30 cards which are all chunky so perfect for little hands. The game is recommended for children aged 2 plus and the game can be played alone or with up to 4 players. It is £7.19 to buy and so a great price for gift. 

9. Happy Yak Books *Buy Me Here*

Happy Yak books are super playful books aimed with young kids in mind. Here are 4 titles from a massive collection of books from Happy Yak. Tales and Scales are both beautifully designed touch-and-feel books. These board books feature different areas of animals which you can feel different textures, such as soft or bumpy. They feature cute animals which are drawn with wonderful illustrations. If your child loves touch-and-feel books then they will love these. They can be bought at a price of £8.50 each. Or your child may prefer Feeding time, hungry farm, and hungry jungle where your little ones use a dangly food item that's attached to the book, to feed the animal along to the story. These colourful and fun board books encourage children to really get involved with the story. They can be bought at £7.59 each.

10. Kids Stuff Bath Foam and Bubble Bath *Buy Me Here*

These are perfect for stocking fillers or extra gifts for little ones. Kids love bathtime and so these products will make bathtime even more fun. The kids stuff range features lots of fun products. Such as Foaming Soap, which foams up to make a fab sensory experience in the bath. Kids love this stuff as it floats on the surface and can be picked up to be played with. Also fun bubble baths such as colour changing water and sparkle bubble bath which both add an extra something to the excitement of bath water. They also do frothy hair and body wash which is perfect to encourage the child who doesn't want to wash. It comes with a pump meaning it's easy to use and your little one may even be able to do it themself. These are all a brilliant price of from £2 each so are recommended as great gifts that won't break the bank. 

11. Stacking Stones *Buy Me Here*

I know lots of toddlers that love collecting, playing with, and building with stones. So these lightweight wooden stacking stones from Janod are the perfect gift for them. This set which can be bought from The Kids Collective store have 20 stones inside, all that come in different shapes and sizes meaning that they can be stacked in many different ways. They are also different colours which will make the built structure more interesting to look at. This toy really helps a child with their fine motor skills, balancing, cognitive thinking, and problem-solving. This toy is aimed at children aged 2+ and is £30 to buy. 

12. Melissa and Doug Cleaning up Set *Buy Me Here*

It is funny, but younger kids love cleaning up which is something not often carried on into older childhood. So this Dust, Sweep and Mop set from Melissa and Doug is a great gift for your little one to feel just like a grown-up to be getting to role-play cleaning up. This set comes with 6 pieces. A brush, mop, a smaller brush and shovel, a duster, and a stand for them all to sit on. The set is high quality with its lovely wooden handles and quality and colourful brush materials. It is the perfect set to help with imagination, creativity, and pretend play. Aimed at older toddlers and at £27.95 to buy, it's something that will definitely excite your little one on Christmas morning. 

13. Nuby Jungle Plush Cubes *Buy Me Here*

These clever cubes are aimed at younger toddlers and are all about getting them learning. This set has 4 plush cubes inside all with a theme of the jungle. Each side has something different on, from pictures of animals, mirrors, rattles, colours, and numbers and all feature different textures. Your toddler will love stacking these on top of each other and knocking them down and as they are soft, they are also great for throwing around. You can buy this set for £13.99. 

15. Magicube Blocks *Buy Me Here*

Magicubes by Geomag is a new and clever way to build. They are unlike any building bricks as they have magnetic power making them much easier to build with. The designs of construction are limitless as you can always stick them together to build in any direction you desire. This pack is the 16 pack which is a great amount to build with but you can also buy packs with fewer or more bricks inside. The colours of the bricks are your primary colours of red, blue, green and yellow, which is great for an introduction of colours. Plus they are made from recycled plastic which is great if you like supporting saving the planet. These sets are aimed for children aged 1 to 5 years old and so are the perfect starter brick for your little builder. A set of 16 is priced at £33. 

16. John Deere Hauling Farmer Set *Buy Me Here*

This John Deere hauling set from Tomy Toys is sure to make any little tractor fan happy. This set which includes a John Deere Style tractor will spark your little ones imagination as they become a farmer hauling their tractors to the farm. The hauler truck has a ramp that raises and lowers making it easy for the tractors to drive onto the truck. It also has sounds that make the truck even more realistic. Both the tractor and hauler have wheels and can be easily pushed along and the toys are nice and chunky but lightweight for smaller hands. As well as looking like a real tractor, these toys also feature faces on the front making them super child friendly. They are aimed at children aged 18 months + and can be bought at a price of £20.95

Which of these toys would you buy for your little one? 

Friday 25 November 2022

Win a Hape Toys Dr on Call Set

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My third Christmas competition is here and it's in connection with the lovely toy company Hape Toys.

Todays prize is a Hape Toys Dr on call set.

This set is all about sparking kids' imaginations when it comes to role play. One of kids favourite roles to play is Dr's and Nurses and I've often been a patient to one of my kids. So this set is perfect if this is an often game in your house. 

The set has everything your child will need to perform a full check up. It has a Heart rate monitor, checklist, thermometer, cream, injection, and stethoscope. It all comes together in a cute little medical bag that they can take along with them anywhere. 

The toy is recommended for children aged 3+ and is £18.99 to buy on the Hape Toys website. 

If you would like the chance to win this prize from Hape Toys, then enter on the Gleam app below. 

Uk only

Ends 18.12.22 

Win a Hape Dr on Call Set

Wednesday 23 November 2022

Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

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Christmas has come by so fast this year, but it's already time to start buying those Christmas presents. Most people have a child to buy for, whether it be for their own children, their grandchildren or someone elses children. Here is my Kids Christmas Gift Guide for children aged 3+, which may give you some ideas of what you could buy. 

1. Waboba Moonshine Ball *Buy Me Here*

Looking for a toy that bounces out of this world? The Waboba Moonshine ball does exactly this. The special shape of the ball means that when you bounce it, it goes super high and also makes a pop sound when it hits the floor. The special thing about the moonshine ball is that it can also be played in the dark, perfect for winter as the darker afternoons draw in. It lights up when it hits the ground and stays lit for 7 seconds, meaning if you keep bouncing, it will stay lit. This lightweight ball is the size of 60mm meaning that it's the perfect fit for a child's hand. And at £8.99 it makes the perfect extra gift or perfect stocking filler. 

2. The Sock Game *Buy Me Here*

This is a fun game all about using your senses. The sock game features a sock that is filled with unusual objects. The aim of the game is to feel what the objects are by putting your hand in the sock and feeling for them. It is a race game, as you need to grab the correct item shown on the board from the sock in time to move along in the game. This game comes with a game board with a spinner on it, Playing pieces, Socks, and Thirty unusual objects. You can also add your own items into the game as the spinner has blank spaces, especially for this. The game is recommended for ages 8 plus and is perfect for family fun or a Christmas party game. You can buy this from Argos for £15.99

3. Mouse in the House *Buy Me Here*

Mouse in the house is the new cute playset toy to hit the market. This adorable playset is perfect for imaginary small-world play and is designed to be played up against your skirting board. Millie the mouse and her friends have a few designs of little houses, including this cute school play set which features a fun slide, tables with computers on, blackboard, and bookshelf. It of course also has the cute tiny mice characters to play within the house. If you are wanting to buy extra characters for the set, you can with extra mini characters packs. This is a great set to start your child's Mouse in the House collection. This cute toy also doesn't break the bank being priced at £11.99 and makes the perfect gift that your child will be delighted to find under the tree. 

4. My Fairy Jar *Buy Me Here*

This toy by brainstorm toys has so much to offer and is going to be a magical experience for your child. Fairies are so popular now with many people creating a fairy garden for their children. Well, this is the next addition to your child's fairy obsession, their very own fairy jar. Firstly, you get to decorate your own jar. Add the background, coloured stones, and felt for the grass. Then add the flowers, toadstools, and the hanging acorn and then of course, your fairy. Add the finishing touches of fairy dust and your extra special fairy jar is ready. But after that lovely creative experience, there is more. The set comes with mini notes and envelopes to write notes to your fairy. It also lights up at bedtime or out in your garden at night, making it also a night lamp. Then, use the special key that activates sounds and a special secret code. The secret code then gives you access online to many fun fairy activities, like tips on how to make your very own fairy clothing. This set for £23.00 is well worth a buy for a child at Christmas who is fairy mad. 

5. Word Bingo *Buy Me Here*

Tactic games have just released this super fun word game, and it's a great game to buy as a gift for Christmas. In this game, the cards give you the topic and the board gives you the letters. The idea of the game is to think of words related to the topic, beginning with the letters on your board, all before the timer runs out. But it also has special cards that throw a curveball into the game to make it even more fun and exciting. This game is recommended for children aged 8+ and is designed for 2 to 6 players. If your family is a fan of word games then this is perfect for a family games day. Priced at £24.99 from the Range. 

6. Airfix Quick Build Car *Buy Me Here*

If you have a car fanatic or a child who loves to build, then this is the gift for them. Airfix now have sets that are no glue, no paint, just simply build. The set comes with all the pieces you need and instructions on how to put it together. You are then left with an extremely nice-looking car. This set pictured is the Ford Mustang GT, but Airfix has a large selection of other cars to choose from. This would be great for a child to start their own collection of self-built vehicles. Each set is £14.99 and so a great price for a gift. 

7. Playmobil Police Van *Buy Me Here*

Your big Playmobil fan is going to love this set. This City Action police van has everything you could want for playing cops and robbers. The set comes with van with flashing lights, 2 police officers with hats and jackets, and many more police accessories that you may need for a police operation. As well as flashing lights, it also makes noise to make your game even more real. You can switch between 2 siren sounds. The van has sliding doors, a roof that lifts off, and seats inside so then you can place your figures in and out easily. The van will seat up to 7 figures inside which means it's great for joining onto your other Playmobil sets. The boot also opens and there is storage for your police items under the seats. The toy is recommended for children 4+ due to small parts and it can be bought for £19.99. 

8. Trio Deco Pens *Buy Me Here*

This is the gift for the creative little artist in the family. This beautiful set from Stabilo features 8 Trio Deco Pens and they are all metallic. You have gold and silver, greens, blue, purple and red and also a black pen. They all have a fibre tip making drawing and colouring easy. They also feature a triangular grip, making it easier for smaller hands to hold and use. These felt-tip pens mark easily onto light or dark paper and also dry super quick to avoid smudges. Priced at £7.99 it makes a lovely gift for the little budding artist. 

9. Dino Ranch Set *Buy Me Here*

Who's little one enjoys the thrill a minute tv show Dino ranch on Tiny Pop? If so they will love the new set of toys that have just been launched. They will especially like the new figurine and dinosaur sets which feature a dino and a character. There are 3 vehicle sets available. Miguel and Tango, Min and Clover, and Jon and Blitz and they all feature the dinosaur being turned into a vehicle that moves along the floor when pushed. In this set Miguel also comes with a removable hat. These sets are aimed at children 3+ and are RRP of £12.99. 

10. Zimpli Kids Bath Bombs and Baff Putty *Buy Me Here*

Bathtime is now a child's favourite activity, all because you can now buy super fun things to put in the bath. Zimpli Kids provide so much bathtime fun and here are 2 products that make great gifts for Christmas. Firstly floating Baff Putty. This set comes with 2 Tubbs of colour-changing bath putty and a mould tray which features 3 different sea creature shapes. Mould the putty into different shapes and then see them float in the bath. It then also magically changes colour as added to water. 
Or if your child is more a bath bomb type of child then you may want to think about Zimpli Kids Baff Bombz. This new Solar System set features all the planets turned into bath bombs ready to fizz and explode into colour when you put them in the bath. Not only that, but each planet comes with a fact card so you can learn all about the planet before you pop it into the bath. The solar system set is £9.99 and the baff putty set is £5.99, making them lovely little additional gifts or even stocking fillers. 

11. Rainbow High Series 4 *Buy Me Here*

Series 4 of rainbow high is here and there is no doubt it is one toy on your child's Christmas list. The sets all come with a beautiful doll with gorgeous long colourful hair, a super cool outfit, and beautiful makeup. Each doll also comes with an extra outfit with cool-looking shoes so then you can change and swap outfits around. Rainbow high dolls also have moveable body parts so then you can move your doll into different positions and also place them in a pose. The sets also come with a stand so you can nicely display your dolls until you are ready to play with them. Series 4 comes with a choice of 6 dolls which all have their own style and hair colour. Aimed at children aged 6+ and can be found for a price of £23.00.

12. Haribo Sharing Medley *Buy Me Here*

All kids love a sweet treat at Christmas, so this Haribo sharing medley is a great idea. Especially if you are looking for a sweet treat that isn't chocolate. This 480g sharing medley contains all your Haribo favourites, such as Cola Bottles, strawberries, rings, eggs, cherries and much more. It is perfect for one child to eat alone, or do exactly what it says on the box and share. This box includes a serving tray, so you can pour all the sweets out and dive in to find your favourite sweetie. This box also contains all sweets that are perfect for vegetarians to enjoy. At £4 a box, it's a great gift to pop under the tree this year.

13. Barbie Pets *Buy Me Here*

Barbie now has her very own pets. These adorable pets all come looking so cute and even have a furr-like feel to them to make them more realistic. They are all 1 inch tall so they make the perfect pocket-sized pet and also the perfect-sized pet for barbie. This set is a Spa Day set and it is an 8-piece set that contains 3 pups and a special spa for them to be treated. The set also comes with accessories that can be stored in a special grooming cart. This set is £16.99 and makes a lovely gift for a barbie fan. You can also buy barbie pet surprise packs which contain one pet inside. These are perfect for stocking fillers and for children who love to collect them all.

14. H&A Beauty Sets *Buy Me Here* 

Here are 2 beauty sets that are perfect for the little girl who loves to pamper themself. Rainbow high fans will love this make your own lipgloss set. The set comes with 2 lip glosses and some shimmer and an empty tub. Mix the gloss and the shimmer together to make your very own lipgloss. It also comes with a sticker sheet so you can decorate your tub. This set is £7.00. The other set is a beautiful Disney princess nail varnish set which contains 3 peelable nail varnish, nail stickers, a nail file and 3 rings. The box also opens up to make a Disney princess board game that you can make and play. This set is also £7.00 and can be bought from boots.

15. Micky Mouse Fire Engine *Buy Me Here*

This is the gift for the Micky Mouse fan this year. It is a super fun fire engine with real fire engine sounds, that also features Micky mouse. Hear fun phrases from Micky as he sits aboard the fire engine. Press the button for the siren to go off or to hear water sounds. Micky can sit on the moveable ladder or inside the fire engine itself. The set also comes with a cute pluto figure who has a bucket ready to assist Micky at a fire. The figures are also moveable so you can make Micky stand or sit. It is the perfect toy to spark imaginary play for little ones. Aimed at ages 3+ and priced at £30.00. 

16. Science Mad Crystal Growing Set *Buy Me Here*

Do you know a budding scientist or maybe a child that loves rocks and crystals? This is the set for them. This STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) product is all about being hands-on and growing your very own Crystals. You can grow ones of different sizes, shapes and even grow a crystal tree. The set comes with its own chemistry set, meaning you will have to mix lots of chemicals together to form your crystals. It also comes with a guide and a pad to record down your finds. With this set, you will also need a few household objects, so it's wise to check what you need before trying to begin an experiment. This set is aimed at children aged 10+ and is RRP of £19.99. 

17. Twighlight Day Care Dolls *Buy Me Here*

Introducing Twilight Daycare collectable babies. These babies are in connection to the Twilight daycare game that you can buy and play online. Inside you will get one adorable baby that comes with an accessory and collectable trading card. Each baby is full articulated meaning you can make your baby sit, or stand and move its arms. Collect all 7 dolls by buying these mystery packs, giving you the chance of also finding a rare baby Golden Little Richard. Plus each doll also comes with a code that you can redeem your baby to play in the game. These are aimed at Children 5+ and can be bought for £12.99. It is a great Christmas gift to buy as it offers so much fun in one box. 

18. Cheatwell Games *Buy Me Here*

Games are such a big thing at Christmas, so check out Cheatwell games for some new gaming fun. 
Hand Jive is the hands-only charades game. This pack of cards features lots of words that you have to act out using only your hands and your team members have to guess what it is. It is £5 to buy and makes a perfect stocking filler. 
Slam words is the shake n play word search game. Push down the popper to get 3 letters. The first player to shout the word they can make with the letters wins a point, it then passes to the next player to see if they can also make a word. If they can't they lose a life. It is a great word game for lots of laughs. Aimed at ages 8+ and priced at £10.00.
Junior Tension is the Top Ten naming game. It is the perfect team game for getting together and playing at Christmas. This board game is a race against the clock to find solutions to given topics. For example, you may have to find 10 spotty animals, 10 Peppa pig characters or 10 burger toppings. The first to make it to the finish line wins. This game is also for ages 8+ and is £20 to buy. 

I hope my Christmas Gift Guide has given you some inspiration this year. 

Which of the toys above would you buy? 

Friday 18 November 2022

WIN Lego Minecraft - The Pig House

We have teamed up with entertainment and pop culture specialists, Zavvi on this LEGO Minecraft: The Pig House Toy & Animal Figures Set worth £44.99 (rrp). 

Bring Minecraft to life and create your very own Minecraft house in the shape of a pig. This playset comes with the gaming character Alex, an iconic Creeper and 2 pigs and a carrot for the pigs. Packed with cool features you can open the side and remove the roof to explore hidden rooms. You can hide from the Creeper, care for the pigs and detonate a house-collapsing explosion.


So if you want to demolish the pig house you can use the explosion feature and rebuild again – how cool is that!


For ages 8+ this LEGO set would make the perfect Christmas gift for Minecraft fans.


Check out Zavvi’s range of LEGO Minecraft here.


For a chance to win, enter on the gleam app below.


Ends - 15.12.22

Win a Lego Minecraft The Pig House

Tuesday 15 November 2022

WIN a Stars Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron Assault Class Millenium Falcon

 It wouldn't be Christmas without some Competitions, and so here is my First Christmas Competition, and its to win an amazing prize of Stars Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron Assault Class Millenium Flacon RRP £39.99. 

Make the jump to lightspeed with the Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron Millennium Falcon. Featuring incredible details and authentic scaling, this legendary CORELLIAN freighter is the absolute centerpiece of any Rebel fleet. This iconic vehicle is loaded with features including: opening cockpit, rotating cannons, retractable landing gear, light-up thrusters, motion activated sounds (batteries not included), and much more.

Vehicle also includes articulated 1" HAN SOLO, CHEWBACCA, PRINCESS LEIA, and OBI-WAN KENOBI micro figures, compatible with any Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron craft. Collect the entire Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron vehicles, and fortify your fleet. (Each sold separately and subject to availability.)

Key Retailers: Smyths, The Entertainer, Amazon, ASDA, Hamleys, Selfridges, Hamleys. 

Ages: 8+

Check it out at Smyths Toy Stores

For your chance to WIN this amazing prize, enter on the Gleam app Below

*Uk Only*

*Ends 10.12.2022*

Win a Star Wars Squadron Falcon

Monday 14 November 2022

Christmas Gift Guide for Teens

 (ad - Gifted)

Teenagers old or young can be super difficult to buy for, especially when trying to think of that one thing they don't already have. So I have put together a list of ideas that may help you buy your teen some gifts this year. Read below about some brilliant brands bringing you great teen gifts!

1. Gifts from Brainbox Candy - *Buy Me Here*

Looking for something a little different and something that may amuse your teen this year? Head over to Brainbox Candy, their gifts are all about funny slogans, and you can find ones that are quite innocent, like on these colourful socks, or you can find some that are a little naughtier containing swear words for the older teen. They also sell mugs, chocolate, rude cards, stationery, and much more. You may also be interested in the Name the Emoticon games that they have. It's all about trying to guess what word the emojis may be trying to say. They have different editions of this fun flash card game and Movie Edition is just one of them. You can buy gifts for as little as £2.50 to the price of £32, which means you are bound to find something at an affordable price. The socks are £10.99 a pair and the games are priced at £11.99.

2. Skull Money Box  - *Buy Me Here*

Got a teen in the family obsessed with anything cool and creepy? This Black Skull money box will be perfect for them. Made by Kikkerland and made out of ceramic, it's the perfect place for your teen to store their money while keeping their room looking awesome. This money box is 11cm by 16cm and is a great size to store plenty of money. The money is kept inside using a rubber stopped at the bottom, meaning it doesn't have to be smashed open to get to the money. This dark but cool gift is a great affordable buy at £12.50.  

3. Tommy & Lottie Backpack - *Buy Me Here*

Looking for a backpack design that is more grown-up for your teen, but still has pretty features to it? Then look no further than Tommy & Lottie. They create beautiful gifts that are perfect for teens, such as backpacks, accessory bags, and clothing. But the best thing about them is that they are sustainable and totally Eco Friendly. This beautiful backpack is actually made from recycled plastic bottles meaning it's great for the environment and perfect for the planet-saving conscious teen. Their website has a choice of backpacks in many different colours and all feature a different animal on the front. This robin which has been embroidered on is perfect for the winter season. The bag holds a decent amount in it, with a capacity of 18 litres. It comes with a zipped pocket on the front and has comfy padded straps which are also adjustable. You can twin this gift with Tommy and Lottie's beautiful cards which are 100% biodegradable and come with wildflower seeds embedded into the card, which means the card itself can be planted. So many cards are wasted and thrown away each year, so this card having an extra use is a lovely idea. This backpack is also a great price of £30, which I think is a great price for a backpack that helps the planet. 

4. Air Fix Starter Set - *Buy Me Here*

If you have a crafty teen then this is the gift for them. Airfix have amazing sets that have everything in there for you to build and paint your own model. Just like this Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vc model. The set includes the model pieces, water-based acrylic paint, adhesive, brushes and a painting guide. It also comes with a shadow effect stand so when you have finished building you can display it. The range of starter kits that Airfix have is brilliant and if the Supermarine doesn't suit then you are sure to find something that will on the website. The sets are only £11.99 each so make a great gift to wrap under the tree. 

5. G2ii Gaming Headset - *Buy Me Here*

This is a gift that many teens will probably be wanting and asking for this year. Especially if they are into the ever so popular gaming. This Edifier G2ii Gaming headset is stylish as well as having lots of different features that you would want in a gaming headset. Firstly, they come in either black or pink, so suited for either boys or girls depending on their preference. They are USB powered and perfect for PC or Playstation gaming and are also compatible with apple mac. Of course in a gaming headset, the most important feature is how good the sound is. Well, these have 7.1 surround sound making you feel like you are really there in the game. The microphone that it comes with also has noise cancelling aspects so then people listening to you can hear you clearly. It also has adjustable settings making it customisable to your preference. The headphones are also lightweight, which is a plus as a teen would generally be wearing these for a while when playing games. So as well as being comfortable they look great with the coloured light on the side on them. Any teen would feel cool wearing them. These are priced at £58 and would make the perfect main Christmas present. 

6. Ace Cards Necklace - *Buy Me Here*

Even if the teen isn't old enough for the Casino yet, I know that films have influenced many teens to take a liking to it. Plus you are never too young to enjoy a good game of cards. So if you have someone in the family who enjoys cards then they may love this gorgeous Ace Cards Necklace from Trend Him. This necklace is made from stainless steel and is coloured a gold tone. The necklace length is adjustable and the pendant is of 2 Ace playing cards with red card designs on them. The necklace comes in a black velvet pouch and a little box, making it a lovely item to gift. You can buy this for £45.00. If necklaces aren't your teen's thing, then check out the rest of the Casino collection for watches, rings, and bracelets too. 

7. Bunch of Butts Game - *Buy Me Here*

This game is sure to entertain your teen while they play this butt-themed game with their friends. Bunch of Butts by Camden Games is a funny game all about matching butts. Collect matching cards by shouting out and the first player to collect cards that read out Bunch of Butts on the back is the winner. But there is also an extra bit of fun to this game, and that's if you find the spank card, it's then a race against all the other players to spank the bum. The game comes with a squishy butt, 71 cards and a leaflet telling you how to play. For the price of £14.99 it's a great gift to bulk out your teen's gift this year. 

8. Stabilo Creative Art Set - *Buy Me Here*

This one is perfect for the arty teen, the creative writing teen or the teen that loves to get themself stuck into creative colouring. Stabilo creates high-quality pens and pencil sets and this one has everything you could need in it. It has 36 colourful stationery items all inside one large sized metal tin. You have inside a range of 16 aquacolour pencil crayons, 12 point 88 pens which is smudge proof and perfect for doddles or sketching and you have 8 fibre tip brush pens which are perfect for both beginners and advanced artists. They are all neatly arranged in a storage tin which you can keep them in for safe storage. The pens are also made with waterbased ink, meaning that they have a long cap-off life. This Arty creative set is £35 and makes a lovely gift to unwrap for Christmas. 

9. Zensu Game - *Buy Me Here*

Zensu is a game that's easy to learn but hard to master, making it a thinkers game and for one who likes a challenge. It's a game of stealth and strategy and the aim is to outwit your opponent and steal their pieces in this 2 player game. 
The game comes with a playing board and 24 wooden tiles. The aim of the game is to get across to your opponent's side before they get to yours, But with pieces that move in 4 directions, it makes it a very tricky task. The game is perfect for teens that are big fans of skill games and head to head games. Plus it comes in a beautiful box which will be lovely to unwrap and fine at Christmas. This game is priced at £21.99.

10. Stupid Deaths Game *Buy Me Here*

This game Stupid Deaths is a frightfully funny game by University Games. It's a game of true or false about funny as people may have met their end. It is a great game for teens as they will find it funny reading all about their stupid deaths that have occurred while being chased around the game board by a grim reaper. It is a race to beat the grim reaper to the end by answering the true or false questions, but if you land in the same space as the grim reaper, you meet your end and are out of the game. The game comes with a board, playing cards, tokens, playing pieces and a grim reaper. This game is £19.00 and is sure to give some good laughs at Christmas. 

I hope my guide helps you find gifts for your teens this year!

Which of these gifts do you like the look of ?