Monday, 29 August 2022

Books that are Great for Back to School

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As back to school or starting school approaches. Were all on the look for books that can help, encourage and spark an interest in learning. Books 2 Door have an amazing selection of books that are about a wide range of subjects that can do exactly this and we were sent a selection to review. 

Lift the Flap - First 100 words
These books are perfect for the first time heading to either nursery or school. Learning new words is a very big thing that will be done in school, so getting a head start on learning new words is a great idea. These First 100 word books are an exciting way for your child to want to learn about different words. Each book has a different theme, farm, numbers, first words, and animals and inside will be different ways to learn these. All the images used inside are real photographs rather than cartoon drawn and are all labelled with the word underneath. To make learning the words even more fun, these books are also filled with lift the flaps which your child will love to do. The sized of the books are nice and big so your child can really see the pictures and words. This amazing collection of 4 books is only £14.99 and they are well worth the money. 

Horrible Science 
Something for the older kids is this collection of Horrible Science books. Each book is filled with fun facts about science which are very much on the horrible side. But the fact they are horrible, is what makes these books super interesting. There are 20 books in this collection and they are all a range of different topics. Some examples of these topics are Shocking Electricity, Deadly Diseases, Ugly Bugs and Blood, Bones and Body bits. All the books are paperback books and each book is packed with facts, quizzes, cartoons and great experiements that can be done. This collection is amazing for any child who loves to read and they are recommended for children aged 7+ depending on the reading capibility. These books are great for encouring your child to love learning about science in school showing that science doesn't have to be boring. They will work alongside school with perfectly when your child comes home having learnt a particular topic and are wanting to learn more. This collection books is the amazing price of £18.95 which makes it just under £1 per book. Plus they all come in a great collection box so they can all be stored away neatly together. 

Brain Games for Clever Kids
This is a collection of books that aims to get your childs brain in gear by giving them a range of brain games to do. After having weeks off school, its hard for your child to get back into the swing of concentrating and doing work, so these games may be a great start at helping that. The collection of books has 6 different topics. You have travel games, word searches, maths games, 10 minute brain games, logic games and brain games. These books are all paper based and can be written in by your child, but they are usual book sized books so they can easily be taken with you when you go places. These puzzles are recommended for ages 6 to 12 years old and are also great activities for down time after school. You can buy them for £13.99

Bear Grylls Survival Skills 
A lot of schools now are very up on learning all about the outdoors and it is a great topic to learn. You will now see that Forest School may be something that is on your childs scheduled lesson plan. If that is the case then these Survival books by Bear Grylls are brilliant books for your child to read. The collection has 10 books inside and they are all full of handy tips and tricks for survival in the outdoors. From campfires to plants to nasty bugs, each book will have some facts inside that may one day come in very handy. Not only that, these books are all tips from the outdoor adventurer Bear Grylls. The books are full of images, which may be diagrams or examples of what you are looking for. The books are set out so they are child friendly, making it easy for them to read and learn. It also has a first aid book in the set which is a really handy thing to learn. These books are an amazing price of £19.95 and buying them at this price from the books 2 door website will be saving you an amazing 71%. 

All these amazing books can be found on the Books 2 Door website. Plus you can check out their back to school section to see if there are books more suited to your child. 

Which of the above books do you think your child will enjoy? 


  1. Oh the Bear Grylls Survival Skills books look great, I would like to read these myself!

  2. We have the brain games book - they are fab

  3. Books are great anytime love the brain games ones

  4. What a great back to school collection :)

  5. Oh thank you for introducing me to these books. I know what to buy next time we're on an aeroplane to keep my son entertained. I'm sure he will love Brain games when he's older. He's already loving dot to dot books

  6. Oh thank you for introducing me to these books. Now I know what to bring next time when I'm on an aeroplane for my son. I'm sure he will love Brain games when he's older. He already loves his dot to dot books