Thursday 28 July 2022

Summer Holidays Activity Books

 (ad - gifted)

It's the summer holidays! The kids are excited about it, but some parents dread it! 
A whole 6 weeks of having to keep the kids entertained, however will you do it? 

Well for starters, you could head in the direction of Books 2 Door, a website dedicated to bringing you the best selection of books you could ask for, and all at a reasonable price. 

We were sent some books that are great ideas for keeping kids entertained during the summer holidays. And here they are...

Sticker Activity Book 100 Words

Kids love stickers and this collection of books is sure to keep your kids busy. Each book features 100 words, that your children will love learning, and each word is accompanied with a wonderful picture. But some of the pictures are missing and this is where the stickers come into play. The stickers are all nice and large, so great for little fingers to be able to hold and stick. There is also other things to do in the book such as colouring in, and also things to pop out of the books such as bookmarks and door signs. This collection comes with an amazing 10 books each with a different theme. Books 2 Door sell this amazing bundle of books for an amazing price of £12.98, which is a bargain and well worth buying to keep your kids busy. 

Lots to Spot Flashcards

These sets of flashcards are sure to be lots of fun for your little ones and also really great for learning numbers and words. Each pack contains fun pictures, and also games to play. The cards are a great size for younger ones and nice and thick and easy to hold. They will love the detailed pictures and will enjoy learning and talking about about what they can see. This collection from Books 2 Door has 4 different packs inside all with different themes. You have Bugs, Animals, Dinosaurs and Under the Sea. This amazing set is only £10.00 to buy and is aimed at children aged 3+. 

Jr Grab n Go Puzzles

Nothing keeps kids busier than puzzles and these grab and go puzzle books are filled with them. From word searches, mazes, dot to dots, number puzzles, and more, there is bound to be the type of puzzle in these books that your kids love. 
Each puzzle book is a different colour, which is great so you know which one you was using last. They all also come with a mini pencil which slots into the cover of the book. These books are small in size so they can easily be taken places with you, like in the car or inside your backpack. They also come in a handy little case so you can take the entire collection with you. 
The puzzles are recommended for children aged 6+ and are an amazing price of £10.48

The Books 2 Door website has so many books that are going to be perfect for these summer holidays, whether your child loves colouring, activities, games, or reading. Head to the website now to check out all they have to offer!

Which of these books would your child like to read?