Wednesday, 23 March 2022

Unique Eyes Dolls Review

 (Ad - Gifted)

Lily is such a lover of dolls, and so to find out there is a brand new beautiful doll on the market, Lily was eager to have one. 

We was sent one of the amazingly beautiful Unique Eyes Dolls which are brand new out now. 

Unique Eyes Dolls are one of a kind. Spreading the story of friendship and becoming your child's new best friend. 

Lily was sent Rebecca and her first impression was that she LOVED her hair. Lily could not wait to get it out of the box to get a closer look. 

Rebecca has blonde, pink and blue hair with a Platt at one side of her head. She wears a lovely pink and purple outfit and pink boots. She is such a beautiful doll and made at such high quality. 

One of the things I love about her is that she can stand up without having to have a stand. Meaning Lily can play with her doll easily and also display her when she is not playing with her. 

So the one thing I haven't yet mentioned is why she is called a Unique Eyes doll. Well not only are her eyes beautiful and brown, but they follow your gaze. Meaning she is always looking at you. Lily loved this feature as it meant her doll was interacting with her. It really created a magical experience for her. 

Rebecca is one of a series of 3 dolls, there is also Amy and Sophia to collect. They are all best of friends who love fashion, play sports and have many interests and passions. Their outfits are inspired by fashion trends and their bodies are also realistic body shapes which makes them more relatable to a child. I think this aspect is super important. 

You can also buy these dolls as a set with an additional outfit. Which kids will love as they always seem to love dressing up their dolls. 

Lily was so pleased with her dolls hair. She actually owned clips of pink and blue hair and one in a Platt and so decided to put them in her hair so she could match her new best friend. 

I can see Lily wanting the rest of these dolls and they are something I would 100% buy for her. 

These dolls are £24.99 to buy and can be bought from retailers such as Amazon, B&M, and The Entertainer. Or you can take a look at them at this Link

Do you think your child would love a doll like this? 


  1. They are so cute ! I want one myself

  2. So so cute - I'd love one too - look at the eyes

  3. I love how the proportions are more similar to a child and not overly skinny. I think my daughter would definitely like this. She's only 2 but she already loves dressing up dolls