Thursday 17 February 2022

Baba West and Zita West, Mum and Baby Review

 (ad - Gifted)

While I was pregnant I worked alongside Zita West who sent me some lovely products to review. You can read that review here. 

But now that my baby has arrived, I have been sent some products by both Baba West and Zita West who are joined brands supplying only the best for Mumma and Bubba. 

I was sent some Zinc and Calendula Cream and some Lovely Lavender Bath Oil. 

So the Lavender Oil I reviewed last time and I thought it was SO good that I was delighted to receive some more. The bath oil is perfect for mums or mums to be, to be able to restore and renew. It is to be used in all trimesters in pregnancy, so even perfect for after you have had a baby. We all know we need to restore and renew after having a baby for at least a year or two after. (or at least I feel I do) 
Every soak I had with this bath oil was amazing and really helped me to relax. I highly recommend it for any mum or mum-to-be. 

But while caring for yourself, you will also be wanting some lovely products to care for your baby, and that's where Baba West comes in. 
I was sent some lovely cream that is perfect for babies nappy rashes, or any skin that is in need of a little TLC. Baba West has teamed up with Lyonsleaf to produce this super natural cream made from Zinc and Calendula. 
When the product arrived I thought the packaging looked lovely, the box is so nicely designed and it looks appealing as a high-quality product. 

Inside the beautifully designed box, is a beautiful jar of cream. Again I love the look of the jar, it makes the product look really high quality which always makes me more encouraged to use it. The jar is 120ml of cream which is a really generous amount. I can see this cream lasting me a while. 
As for the cream itself, it's a nice smooth texture that isn't runny, or claggy. It applied to the skin so nicely and didn't feel too thick on the skin. It also doesn't have any fragrance to it so you can't smell that cream has been applied. 

The cream is fully made with natural ingredients, with pure plant oils, organic beeswax, mineral ingredients, home grown herbs, and nothing else. 
The cream also has some other brilliant qualities to it, such as hydrating skin, and creating a barrier to protect skin from moisture damage. It also will be kind to the hands of those who is changing the nappy with its moisturizing care. 

The cream to buy is £26.99 and can be bought from the Baba West website

As well as wonderful creams, Baba West also supply vitamins to help keep your baby healthy. They have Vitamin D Drops for ages 0-3 which are helpful in the winter months especially and also special drops that help with the Gut. These can also be bought from the Baba West website. 

I have found great results with using Zita West and Baba West and would 100% trust and recommend their products.

Would you consider using these products for yourself and baby?


  1. I would definitely consider purchasing these as a gift for my niece. I love the packaging too!

  2. i would, i love that too .

  3. I love how the ingredients of the baby cream are all natural. If it wasn't for the heavy price tag I think I would definitely consider this but sadly it is beyond my budget allowance.

  4. Make the perfect Christmas 🎄 gifts