Monday 6 December 2021

Kids Christmas Gift Guide

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The kids generally have an ever growing list of things they want for Christmas. But lets be honest, they don't always ending asking for the best of things, leaving us with having to think what they may like our self. That's where my gift guide may come in handy for you. 

Here is a list of brilliant toys and fantastic games that you may want to consider this year. 

1. Ryan's World Mystery Figure Pack - £5.00 *Buy Me Here*

There are some massive Ryan fans out their so this surprise Mystery Figure pack will be the perfect gift to find under the tree or in their stocking. Inside you could find 2 of 11 different Ryan's all dressed up. They are perfect to collect and also swap if you get doubles. Plus at only £5 each you could buy more than 1 pack making a whole set of characters. 

2. Learning Resources Sensory Fidget Set - £32.00 *Buy Me Here

Fidgets are the new craze and are a great way to dive into your senses when playing. This pack is all about using your eyes and touch which you fidget away with your hands. Inside you get Jumping Pods, Globe Stress Ball, Popcubes, Play Foam, Glow Sticks, Rainbow Coil Spring, Chain Link with 1000 pieces and 1 sensory tube. This gift is also educational as well as fun and things like the pop cubes can help with maths, the globe with geography, the coiled spring with science as well as helping your child's fine motor skills. Plus they are great for helping hand strength and the sensory tube is perfect for relaxing and creating calm for a child. This toy is aimed at ages 4 to 7 and is a great gift to give as one big gift or as lots of little gifts wrapped up to pop into a stocking.  

3. Pink Fong Sing and Snuggle Baby Shark £25.00 *Buy Me Here*

Who has a big baby shark fan in the house? We do! This Baby shark from Wow Wee is about to become your child's new best friend. This shark has daytime mode and night time mode for fun play and relaxed play. In daytime mode you can get baby shark to sing the song or play a fun game of peekaboo using the sleep mask. But in night mode you can get baby shark to sing a lullaby. Simply turn out the lights or place baby sharks sleep mask over his face. Plus at bedtime his fin glows a nice glowing light to make a cosy night time atmosphere. He is 7 inch in height and so the perfect size for your little one to snuggle. Recommended for ages 3+, this is sure to be a lovely gift for a Baby Shark fan this year.

4. Aqua Gelz Deluxe Play Set - £22.99  *Buy Me Here*

With Aqua Gelz you can make your own Colourful, Fun and Squishy creations within seconds. It comes with a reusable tank that you can then make new squishy creations over and over again in. This set alone helps you make over 40 creations. You could make A squishy butterfly or even a squishy shark. It includes 6 x 60ml Coloured Gelz, 2 x 15ml Glitter Gelz, and 1x15ml glow in the dark Gel. It also comes with 8x 5g Solution Mix. Then your 6 different moulds and a deluxe display tank. It is easy to do and so recommended for ages 5+. This gift really does bring some magic to Christmas. 

5. Aqua Dragons Underwater World -  £14.00 *Buy Me Here*

Are your little ones begging for a pet? But you don't have the room or the time for one? Well this is the perfect no effort pet to get. These Aqua Dragons are live aquatic creatures which your child can hatch and watch grow from home. Just add water to the tank that this set comes and pour in your eggs and watch them hatch with in 2 to 3 days. To care for them all you need to do is feed them every 2-3 days and then they will grow, play and even reproduce. This amazing set comes with everything you need to get going. A tank, pipette, eggs, food and feeding spoon. It also comes with a guide to learn all about your aqua dragons. The aquarium size is only 15cm by 14cm and so doesn't take up much room at all. It makes the perfect gift for any child who would love a pet. 

6. Living Nature Pets -  £14.99 *Buy Me Here*

It isn't always manageable to let you child have a pet, they take up time, they make a mess. But it is often a child's request for Christmas. So why not consider a Living Nature Pet. There are so many choices of pets your child could have, a rabbit, guinea pig, dogs, farm animals and even dinosaurs. Each pet comes in a cardboard cage that looks like its made from wood. This is the perfect home for your child's pet. They also come with a handy guide that teaches you all about your pet. The best thing about these pets is that they look at close to real as they can without it actually being real. The fur on them is such lovely fur which means that they are lovely and cuddly. This really would put a smile on any child's face on Christmas. 

7. Zimpli Kids Baff Bombz - £6.00 *Buy Me Here*

Kids just love playing in the bath and these wonderfully colourful bath bombz are another way to make your child's bath even more fun. Bath bombs used to be an adult thing but lately it has become a kid craze and they love them. Zimpli Kids have made these bath bombz kid friendly, super colourful and in super fun shapes that kids whether boy or girl will love. You have a star, a cloud a rocket and a moon to choose from and when placed in the water they fizz and let out a mix of wonderful colours. Plus they smell great! Each pack contains 1 bath bomb and it would look wonderful wrapped up under the tree. 

8. Rainbow Brush Animal Set - £16.00 *Buy Me Here* 

Get creative and make beautiful pictures with this John Adams Rainbow Brush Animal Set. The 6 special brush pens all clip together to make a lovely rainbow pattern when used. This put together with one of the 15 provided drawing sheets then come together making a colourful and creative picture. The set also comes with some blank drawing sheets so then your child can make up their own creations. The set is all about animals and so the 15 provided sheets are all lovely animals such as birds, fish and horses. It also comes with a matt to help do your creations. This would make such a lovely gift for a child who loves all things creative. 

9. Unicorn Head Torch - £9.99 *
Buy Me Here*

Another great one for the explorers. This head torch by brainstorm toys is unicorn themed and so cute as well as useful. You press the button once for the torch to come on and then again and it will play a sparkly sound too. The head torch has 2 angles, one which is straight forward which is best for exploring and the second is tilted down which is great for bedtime reading. Having the torch on your child's head means they will no longer need to hold a torch while trying to read a book at bedtime. The strap is adjustable which means its great for lots of different ages of children. It is a lovely gift which any child would be happy to find under the tree.

10. Hettie the Talking Yeti -  £7.99 *Buy Me Here*

Here is a book to make the kids smile at Christmas. Hettie the talking Yeti is a an imaginative rhyming book that will have children amused and enchanted. It has bold and bright beautiful illustrations with fun characters. The book is all about a boy who finds a yeti, but the yeti talks way to much about his adventures he has had. This tires the boy out so he gives the yeti to his friend who then brings him round to play and the day starts all over again. Super funny book which your kids will want read over and over again. 

11. Buy a Gift Experience Voucher - £29.00  *Buy Me Here*

This is a great gift to gift a full family but is most definitely something the kids would enjoy. With the family days out voucher your not just gifting a gift of a day out but also gifting them special memories. Plus we all know a family that have way too many toys. The family days out voucher gives a choice of 205 locations they may want to visit and the great thing about this gift is that they can choose themselves where they want to go. Just some brilliant examples of fun days that are on offer, there bowling, crazy golf, escape room experiences, paintballing, animal experiences and more. The voucher comes in a nice looking envelope and so looks lovely when you hand it to them. 

12. Science Mad Metal Detector - £24.99 *
Buy Me Here*

If you have a little explorer in the family then this could be perfect for them. This Science Mad Metal Detector is a great way for them to explore and find common metal objects. Mud larking is a fun new hobby for many and so before digging in the mud on the beach, this detector could help you know where to dig. It has a sensitivity control and a volume control and the detector beeps when its close to metal. It also has a light which speeds up and changes colour when you are closer to the metal. This detector is the perfect height for your child and is also super light weight. I can see this being a toy that kids will get super excited to find under a Christmas tree. 

Which of these do you like the sound of the best?


  1. I really like the aqua dragons. I actually got it for my niece this year and I think it's the perfect first step before getting a real pet