Monday 20 September 2021

The Essential One Baby Clothing Review

 (ad - Gifted)

If you are looking for adorable baby wear then The Essential One is where you should look. Their website has a huge collection of adorable baby clothing, including vests, baby grows, leggings and much more. Plus if your looking to do a shop for all the family then their website stocks clothing to up to age 13. 

We was lucky enough to be sent some lovely sleepsuits for Henry. Plus an adorable teddy bear from the Essential One toy store. 

The 3 sleepsuits that were sent were all lovely unisex colours of whites, creams and browns. The designs were simplistic and subtle but cute and so perfect for a baby boy or girl. 
We was sent sleepsuits in size 3-6 months but they can be bought from newborn to sizes 12 - 18 months. 

Henry is tiny for his age and so only just fitting into 3- 6 months although he is 6 months old. I would say the fit for these would be perfect for a average sized 3-6 months old. 

All the sleepsuits come with built in feet and also built in mittens for the hands. I'm really glad about the mitten part of the sleep suits as Henry always gets cold hands. The mittens can be so his hands are free or covering them. It is great to know that the bigger sizes also have the mittens in to as babies generally don't end up sleeping with their hands under the covers like us adults do. 

One of the nicest things about the sleep suits are how soft they are. Which is perfect for a baby to be cosy in when sleeping. They are all made from 100% cotton making them super natural. 

The baby grows all come in a cute cotton bag with a lovely logo on. These are great for storing baby items in and have been very useful. They also add a lovely touch if you was thinking of buying these as a baby gift. 

Henry looked adorable in all 3 suits. 2 were button up ones with poppers for easy fastening and unfastening. And one was a pull over one with poppers at the bum area for easy nappy changes. 

The designs were all so cute but our favourite had to be the one with brown stripes on. 

The other designs were also adorable and I thought the bunny picture on the front was super cute. They also had plenty of room for Henry to move around in comfortably and also room to grow. 

The baby grows also washed really nicely and were still super soft after washing which is always a good thing. 

The teddy that came with the outfits is adorable and I have never felt such a soft teddy bear. I love its simplistic design of a classic bear and its also a lovely size for a baby. The design has been made safe with sewn on eyes rather than beads making it not a choking hazard. It also come with an adorable little tag on that says The essential one. This would make such a lovely gift to someone for their baby or as a new baby gift. 

Henry loves the teddy and was interacting with it loads with giggles and coo's. 

The My Beary Best Friend teddy can be bought for £11.99 on the website which is a brilliant price for the quality of this bear. 

As for the baby sleep suits, on the website there are either sets of 3's or 2's that can be bought or they can be bought individually. Prices all range but for a pack of 3 you would be looking at a price of £29.99. 

If you love the look of these baby sleep suits and would love to buy some then head over to The Essential One website and have a browse of the many lovely designs. 

Which of these baby sleep suits is your favourite? 

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  1. I really like the plain white sleep suits with the bunny. Maybe that’s because I know how hard baby stains are to come off. They look great but £29.99 for 3 is still a bit pricey for me