Wednesday, 21 April 2021

New Geomag Supercolour Panel Set Review and Giveaway

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Who's child loves playing with magnets? Who's child also loves construction toys? 

Mine does! 

With the new Geomag Supercolour Panel set, your child gets to play with both a construction toy and it includes magnets. Best of both worlds! 

We was sent a set to test out which Lily and her half sisters was super pleased about. 

The set comes with 35 super colourful pieces which can all be connected together using the magnets to make all sorts of amazing 3D shapes! There are square pieces, triangular ones, pentagon shapes and straight ones which means the possibilities of what you can build is endless. The set also comes with magnetic balls which you can connect with the sticks, this means that you can then build in any direction.

The set also comes with a handy storage tubs which can hold your magnetic balls and rods, this is great so that they don't end up getting lost. There is also a guild to help with your constructions which gives some ideas of what you could make.

We love the fact that the set is so colourful, we can make shapes of just one colour or mix it up and make a multicoloured shape.  

One thing that I find really good about this toy, is its super easy for a child to sit by themselves and get engrossed in making things. It really does keep them quiet for a good amount of time. As soon as the kids got the hang of it they were making all sorts. Here is a cube shape that one of the girls made. It is super easy to snap the pieces together and the magnets are super powerful and so great at holding pieces together and so this cube was made in no time at all. 

The plastic pieces are really well made, super smooth to feel but also tough and so shouldn't break. Another great factor about the plastic is that it is made from 100% recycled plastic, its lovely to know that you are using products that are kinder to nature. 

These sets are great for creativity, and also thinking out of the box. You can also add this set to your other Geomag sets if you already own some, meaning you can make even bigger and better shapes. 

After you have made your shapes, they are again super easy to pull apart so you can start all over again. 

This set is recommended from ages 5 to 99 years old! Meaning your never too old to play with these. In fact, as soon as the kids end up getting them out, all the adults always end up joining in with making things. We just love them! 

But you can be too young to use these and so if you have little ones around, do make sure the small magnet balls are kept out of reach as these could be a swallow or choking hazard. 

Over all the kids love this set, and if you haven't bought a Geomag set yet then I would really recommend this one as one to start with. 

You can buy this set for £26 from

What do you think to this set? 

How would you like to WIN one of these sets? Geomag has kindly let me give one set away to a lucky winner. Enter on the Gleam app below for your chance to win! 

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  1. what a wonderful way to learn about science while having fun and bring out all the budding engineers

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  4. I know my daughter would try to make a house for a small toy

  5. An excellent prize, ably demonstrated by lovely Lily.