Monday 18 January 2021

Celebrating my 5th Bloggiversary

Well, This year has certainly flown by. I celebrated my actual birthday 10 days ago and today I celebrate 5 years of having my blog. But yet it does not feel 2 moments ago since I was celebrating last year. 

5 Years is a huge milestone for me. Each year I always say that when I started my blog, I didn't think I would make it this far, But I love my blog, I love to write and I am not giving up yet!

This year on the blog has had a few changes. I haven't posted as much, but then the pandemic has definitely not helped with that. Life has most definitely got more busy for me, and as much as I would like to be constantly posting on the blog, finding the time is difficult. As a know a lot of you have been doing, home schooling was one thing that has been keeping me busy, but this did also give me the opportunity to let you know about some fun home schooling activities. 

I have managed to post most of my home schooling and life updates onto instagram, so if you have been following there then that is where you are able to keep up with the Life of Lily the best!

Also if you are a follower of my blog, you will know that I am expecting baby number 2. This is super exciting and will also see some changes to the blog as some of my focus goes towards the baby side of parenting. I do still plan to write about Lily, Education and still provide you with some great toy reviews though so please keep following for that. 

So each year I usually look back on things such as stats of the blog. But first is always a look at how Lily has changed in a year. She is the star of the blog after all. 

So here is a picture of Lily from last year, 

and here is a picture I took just the other day. 

One huge thing about Lily that has changed is that she has become so much more independent and fearless. It really feels like she has become a much more grown up girl. She is going to make such a good big sister when her little brother comes. But she really hasn't grown much in size, she still fits into that Christmas jumper bless her. 

Now for the blog growth.

My total number of posts now stands at - 916 posts. 

I have been really focusing on my Instagram, and so this has grown incredibly for me, and just as I turn 5 years old, I reach past 5000 followers. So thank you to everyone who follows me. 

So here is a stat over view - 

Instagram Last Year - 2990
Instagram This Year - 5027
Total Gained - 2037

Facebook Last Year - 3733
Facebook This Year - 3915
Total Gained - 182

Twitter Last Year - 8199
Twitter This Year - 8346
Total Gained - 147

As for my tot score. I am happy for the number to be staying above the 200 mark. It is currently at 154, but I have seen it go to 125 at some point this year which is great. 

I plan to pop back to this post and do a little competition for you all to celebrate my blog birthday. So keep your eyes peeled for that. 

Here is to another year of blogging. Hope you all enjoy my future content! 

What have you enjoyed from my blog this year? What would you like to see next? 


  1. Happy birthday to your blog and well done with how much it has grown. x

  2. Happy 5th Anniversary!!!!

  3. Congratulations on your 5th blogiversary! I've been following you from the beginning, as Lily is just a couple of months older than my granddaughter, and I wanted to keep up with new products, toys, etc. that were not around when my children were young. Your blog has been great to read as well as having very informative reviews, and I have also found lots of play activities that I've been able to use with my granddaughter.

  4. Happy 5th Bloggiversary!

    Great stats!

  5. Awww wow, 5 years! That's gone so fast. Congratulations to you. I've loved hearing about lily grow and those two photos alone she has grown loads!

  6. 5 years is a huge milestone..that's really awesome...keep going and never stop. Awesome blog you have here. I've been blogging for a long time myself btw

  7. Congratulations so.much has changed in all our lives ! Looking gorward to meeting your new addition and baby recommendations - 5 neices due too in 2021

  8. Well done for keeping blogging for such a long time. Keep it up and don't change anything!

  9. Happy 5 years blogging. I would like to see regular baby/parenting updates. It is always useful to read to gain ideas about how everyone else does parenting.

  10. Happy 5 years,I think your blog is great,always alot of information and some great competitions

  11. Congratulations on 5 years and happy belated birthday x

  12. Gosh you have done a lot in five years, life passes by so quick

  13. Congratulations, not just on your blogiversary but also your success!

  14. I particularly enjoy your toy reviews and also posts on days out in your beautiful local area.

  15. Congratulations on your 5 years and all your followers!

  16. Congratulataions on your milestone and for all your achievements. Blogging and being a mummy can't be easy but you are smashing it!

  17. Happy 5th blogging birthday. A lovely blog with fab content. I am loving the baby updates.

  18. Happy anniversary! Its been lovely watching Lily grown up!

  19. Congratulations! New to the blog and really enjoying it!

  20. Happy 5th Birthday:- blog / blogging

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