Monday, 7 December 2020

Rochelle Humes Baby Wish List

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When it comes to having a baby there is a need list, but also a wish list. Sometimes the 2 end up combined. But it is always good to look for inspiration into what things you may need, or want, and which brands to go for.

Singer and TV presenter, Rochelle Humes, has teamed up with Amazon to create her Baby Wish List ahead of the birth of her baby boy in October, 2020. Check out her top picks – all available now at

From strollers and soothers to muslins and monitors - Rochelle has chosen all of her essentials using Amazon’s Baby Wish List.  Amazon’s Baby Wish Lists are perfect for baby showers and a great way to plan and organise all the things you need for your new arrival – you can add items to your list as you go as well as share your picks with friends and family. You’ll also receive a free welcome gift and can even save up to 20% on products in your wish list!

Rochelle says “Having a baby is such an exciting time but it can also be quite daunting, especially thinking about all of the things you need to keep your baby happy and safe.  This is my third baby and it’s more important than ever that I am organised as I already have my hands full looking after my two daughters!  Making an Amazon Baby Wish List is a great way to organise and plan your shopping and I love how easy it is to share with family and friends.  I had so much fun making this wish list and I hope it will be helpful to other expectant parents trying to navigate life with a newborn.”  Check out all Rochelle’s picks here, all available now at

One thing that has been on my wish list this year for my baby due in March, is a nappy disposable system. This one from Tommee Tippee makes life so much easier as when changing nappies in the middle of the night, who wants to be running out to the dustbin to get rid of that nappy. Not me. This was just one idea that is on Rochelle Humes list and there are plenty more that are great ideas! 

For example, check out Mumma Bear products, they have a lovely range of nappies and wipes which are not only essential but needed in plenty. Which is great that you can buy packs of 96 nappies for £10.19 and packs of 12 wetwipe packs all including 60 wetwipes for £15.49. The wipes are 100% biodegradable and the nappies have a cute Disney design to them making them the best to buy. Plus you can buy the nappies in size 1 all the way to size 6.  

What from the list are you wishing for? 


  1. I'm not pregnant but my friend is and I know the disposable nappy system would be on the top of her list

  2. The Walkers shortbread always makes a lovely Christmas gift and the tins are so useful after as well!

  3. Doona Car Seat and Pram, as true essentials.

    Rachel Craig

  4. A great idea to have a wish list in advance so friends and relatives can get the items you want!

  5. Exciting times - I'm not pregnant but remember it well!

  6. It's a good idea to have a wishlist that you can share with friends an family. Helps prevent them from giving you loads of baby clothes in small sizes that get outgrown before they have been worn more than a few times.

  7. Great, I really enjoyed reading your Blog. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

  8. Such a clever idea, when having a baby it seems like it's endless things to buy or prepare for. Sharing a wish list with friends and family definitely eases that financial strain and means you get exactly what you are wanting. For me my best buy off amazon when pregnant was a breast pump.

  9. Set mine up and got the tommee tippee bin as a free gift! Worth looking out for. Also trying the mamma bear wipes- great value.