Friday, 18 September 2020

Mysteries in Time Subscription Box Review

Who loves a bit of history? I do!! and it's something I am very keen to get Lily interested in. 

Some people find history boring, but I think its a subject that for kids can be made very fun and interesting to learn. 

We have been sent a subscription box which is all about history and is called Mysteries in Time. Lily loved the box which looked like a time machine and was very excited and intrigued to get it opened to see what was inside. 

Inside was a very interesting selection of goodies and all about one of my favourite times in history. The Egyptian times! 

It had a book, a pen, a map, an activity booklet, a yellow bag with something inside, some stickers and a bookmark. There was also a sheet about Hieroglyphs and a little booklet which explains what you can do with each item in the box 

Lily loved pulling it all out and having a good look but she was mostly impressed with the beautiful pen that came inside it which had a Egyptian Pharaoh on the top. It was super fancy looking and caught Lily's eye straight away. 

The first thing we did was open up the map to see if we could find Egypt, and I got Lily to point it out for me when we had found it. The map is an amazing size and it comes in your first subscription box, meaning that you can mark off different places on the map when you look into different areas of history. For examples, roman times and ancient Greece. 

The rest of the box is made up with lots of fun things to do Egyptian wise. There are puzzles, colouring sheets, and lots of facts. I love the little hieroglyphs sheet, I have always loved learning about these myself so its great to be able to teach Lily them. This sheet also helps out with some of the puzzles in the activity book. 

We opened up the yellow bag, and inside was some kids clay, so then we could do a history inspired craft. We love crafts so this was a great thing to find in our box. 

The little booklet with how to use the box is also great, as without it I would not have been sure what to do with things like the clay. 

Last but not least there is a brilliant story book included in the pack. It is a thick book with lots of writing in and so more to be read by the parent or for a older child of about 10 years old. But Lily was very excited to have her own "grown ups" book to be read to her and loved that it came with a book mark she could use too. 

So, now you know all about what was in our box, let me tell you a little more about the subscriptions. 

Our box was a Bumper box which is priced at £13.95 with free shipping, but there is also a more basic box at the price of £6.95 a month. The basic box would come with all you see above apart from the clay and the pen, which is this months history inspired gift and is subject to change per box sent out. the price does change depending on which plan you decide to get, whether you get monthly, or sign up to a years worth of boxes. 

I think that the prices are great. Nowadays if you were to buy a magazine from a shop you would be looking at paying between the £4-£6 mark so to say you get all this in a box including a book for £6.95 - £13.95 is a great price. plus your child is learning at the same time. Box packs come with Free Shipping. 

After you have chosen your plan you can then also personalise your box so then it is special to just your child. 

The box is recommended for 7 to 11 year old's but I think that Lily aged 5 nearly 6 is also a great age for this box. 

If you are interested in starting getting these boxes for your kids then you can head to Mysteries in Time and register to subscribe. 

Would your child enjoy a subscription box like this? 


  1. It is so important to make learning fun! I had a boring history teacher so did not enjoy lessons at all, in fact I only scored 3% in my exam and he said that was because he enjoyed my totally fictitious stories - not containing any true historical facts at all!

  2. My 12 year old son loves history! I bet he'd love this!

  3. These are a fab idea - just know my nephews will love too

  4. can't wait to do this with my children

  5. My grandchidren would enjoy opening the box up to see what is inside and I love finding out abut history!

  6. this looks like great fun

  7. These look so much to learn about different periods of time for children

  8. Ive never heard of this but it sounds fantastic

  9. Introducing children to history, etc at a young age seems beneficial, this looks like a fun, entertaining way to learn.

    Rachel Craig

  10. These looks great and something that my grandson would enjoy.