Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Siblings - Baby Annabel and her Brother Review

One thing that I think is great about Zapf Creation is that they create baby boys as well as baby girls. Which means this is a great opportunity for your child to own baby brothers and sisters. 

So many kids out there have a baby brother or sister and some children may even have baby twins as siblings. So its so nice to be able to keep family in mind when your children are playing role play with their toys. 

So this post is all about Baby Annabell and her Brother Baby Alexander. You may have read my review I have already done on baby Alexander but if not then you can view it here. 

So here is the adorable Baby Annabell and Alexander. 

They both look so adorable together and you can totally see the enjoyment your child will get from playing "twin babies" with these. They look very alike, but they also have their differences. As well as the obvious outfit difference, they also have different coloured eyes, and Alexander has a different face shape to him slightly. 

Baby Annabel is so adorable, she comes with a pink outfit which is super soft and velvety and also her velvet soft baby hat. She also comes with a bib which features the baby Annabell lamb and necklace, bottle and dummy. 

Baby Annabel is soft bodied apart from her head, arms and legs. So she is delightful to pick up and cuddle. 

She also comes with some interactive features. You will need 3 AA batteries to make these work and you place them into her back. 

Firstly when you turn her on, she will coo like a baby and make all sorts of baby noises. Her sounds are so realistic and she really sounds like a baby. She also makes real life baby movements and will make a sucking movement and noise when you give her her dummy or bottle. This is such a cute feature and really helps a child's imagination grow and helps them feel like they are taking care of a real baby.  

She also burps like a baby and cries like one too. If you pop her dummy in her mouth she will stop crying. If you lay her on her back, she closes her eyes and makes sounds like she is going to sleep. She is so cute!

You can also make her cry real tears by feeding her water from her bottle. 

She is such a good choice of doll if you are looking to buy your child one. 

Lily loves her dolls and she was so pleased to be able to look after 2 babies at once. She also loved that when her friends came round to play, they both could play dollies together and look after a baby each. 

The features of both these babies really make the babies feel more real to a child and I would really recommend them as great dolls. 

Baby Annabell is £49 to buy and can be bought from Smyths Toy Store. Baby Alexander is also £49 and can be bought from Smyths toy store

Do you think your child would like to have Sibling Dolls? 


  1. I know my Granddaughter would love these dolls, with everything they do, she would love it interact with them and she would certainly mother them

  2. Absolutely adorable - sure we'll have these soon too

  3. My granddaughter has a baby doll that used to be my daughter's. It is a girl doll and for some reason most dolls are female, though I don't know why this should be the case. It's nice that some toy makers offer the choice of a boy doll as well.

  4. Dolls have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years and these two are really excellent examples. Great that boy dolls are now manufactured. The only improvement that Zapf could make is to stop using pink for their girl dolls.

  5. i love that you can get baby boy dolls in the baby annabelle collection

  6. I didn't even know that they had a boy version, I think this is a great idea! x

  7. In my opinion, baby Annabel is the best interactive doll as not only does she move her mouth to suck, but closes her eyes to sleep and will giggle if you tickle her cheeks. I read / watched video's about other interactive dolls too, but and settled on Baby Annabel in the end.

  8. I love the Zapf Creation dolls as they are so realistic!