Tuesday 10 March 2020

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2020

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Mothers Day is on the 22nd Of March and so thats means only 12 days until the occasion.

Have you bought your gifts yet? Or if you are a mum that generally has to hint for gifts, have you dropped your hints yet?

Well if not, here is a guide of lovely gifts that you might just want to concider. 

1. Guylian Belgian Chocolates 

So the pack of these I got sent are nearly all gone because these chocolates are to die for! They are a total classic and a total favourite to many and so make the perfect gift for mothers day. This box is the origional box containing 22 delicious belgian chocolates. All filled with a yummy hazelnut filling and shaped like cute little sea creatures and shells. This pack retails at £5 and can be bought at most supermarkets, or you can head to the Guylian website

2. Personalised Mum Cushion 

Every mum loves comfort, so there couldn't be a better present than a brand new comfortable cushion for them to lay their head on. This one is from the online gift store GiftPup and the great thing about it is that it is personalised. You can add your own Love From Message to the bottom just like I have in the photograph. Priced at £24.99 this cushion really is super squishy and comfortable and also really great in size at 24x24 inch. But it is also available in other sizes if you are looking for a smaller sized cushion. It is the best way to let your mum know that she really is the BEST MUM! 

3. Sleep Master Sleep Mask 

What do mums need more than anything? I think if you was to ask them, a lot of them would say sleep. But if they are anything like me then the sun shinning in the window in the morning generally means i'm awake and even if i'm not having to get up for the little one, then the light is telling me its time to get up. No lay in for me! So why not think about gifting the gift of a good lay in to your mum this mothers day by getting her this lovely sleep mask? Its super soft and silky, blocks out all light with its brilliant size and also helps muffle any noises. It is £19.95 for the sleepmask or you could treat them to the deluxe version at £22.95 which also comes with earplugs and a little carry bag case bag.You can buy these from the sleepmaster website

4. Sage and Bloom Candle 

Who's obsessed with candles or has a mum obsessed with candles? Both me and my mum love them and it is something we both always appreciate as a gift. But which candle to get them this year?? Why not concider this beautiful Lavender candle which you can get from Sage and Bloom. It is simply beautiful and comes nicely presented in a shinny gold tin. I love the use of flowers that are scattered on the top of the candle, it gives such a beautiful natural look to the candle and I love anything natural. Plus this would be the perfect candle for anyone who is Vegan or loves products that are cruelty free as this is something they stand by. They are a brand new business but already have an amazing range of scents and so if Lavender isn't for you then go check out what else they have on offer. 

5. Mason Cash Mixing Bowl 

I know so many mums who are big baking fans and so a brand new mixing bowl could be the perfect gift for a mum who loves to bake. This one from Mason Cash you can buy from the Silver Mushroom homeware store which also includes lots more of wonderful gift ideas for mum. I love this bowl, you can tell that is a good strong bowl that will get a lot of use out of for many years and the range of sizes means that its perfect for baking anything from little biscuits to massive cakes. You can also get this bowl in a few different colours but this signature colour is stunning and will look lovely in any kitchen. It also has a few other really good features such as being chip proof, and microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. They are also a really affordable gift with the price ranging from £11.95 to £20.95. After buying your mum this, you won't be able to keep her out of the kitchen. 

6. Love you to the Stars and Back Keyring 

Nan is now becoming a popular term for a grandma, but is it just me or do you think that gifts with the word Nan on it are hard to come by? Well this right here is one perfect for all the Nans out there. You can buy it from Gift Pup and is a personalised Nan keyring. It is made from wood and cut into it is the message Nan I love you to the Stars and Back, which is a classic saying from the very popular kids storybook. You can personalise it with their grand child's name and so every time they look at it they can be reminded of them. I know that every time my mum thinks about Lily she gets a smile on her face so its going to be the perfect gift for her. But if your also looking for something like this that says "grandma, mummy, nana or any other names then you don't just have to have nan, this keyring can have any title placed to the top. It also comes with a cute drawstring bag to make it an even cuter gift. 

7. Cricketers Gin 

Gin fan? I know many mums who love a good drink of Gin. But they have probably not tried the new on the market Cricketers Gin! This gin is naturally distilled and produced on a farm in the countryside by using copper pots stills, making it a gin that is distilled just as it would have been hundreds of years ago. Cricketers Gin is a small batch, artisan crafted, London Dry Gin. Cricketers features the local Berkshire botanicals - wild marjoram, milk thistle and blackberries, these unique flavours harmonise with zesty orange, spicy coriander, and subtle tones of liquorice to deliver an exquisitely smooth juniper-forward gin. I am a huge Gin fan and I must say that this gin has gone down very nicely and I would have been very pleased to receive this as a gift! A bottle of Cricketers Gin is £37.00 and can be bought from their website

Which of the above gifts would you love to be gifted?

Do you think you will be gifting any of these to your mum? 


  1. All of these gifts look lovely. I especially like the posh sleep mask. I always sleep with one as I hate getting woken up too early in the summer.

  2. Great tips here, i would love the Gin, and i believe my mum would as well, she enjoys a glass now and again

  3. Guylian for me - love praline chocolate yummy!

  4. these gifts are lovely, i love guylian chocolate! x

  5. Lots of beauties : gin and chocolate are my favourite

  6. great gift guide, i especially like the gin