Monday 9 March 2020

Make your Feet Feel Like their Walking on Air

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This week marks #NationalFeetWeek and so theres no better way to celebrate it than to pamper your feet!

And I have been sent a Foot Pamper Bundle to do exactly that. 

Who here loves looking after their feet?

And who here just totally forgets to do it? Either way I am going to be telling you all about these products which will make your feet feel like their walking on air! 

First lets talk exfoliating. Exfoliating is getting all the dead skin from the bottom of your feet and so you could try Exfoliating socks, these take all the work out of exfoliating and make it so then all you have to do is pop them on, and sit back and relax and let them do all the work. These ones from footner are to be worn for a hour and after will have helped get rid of all that hard, dry, dead skin. 

Then we want to keep that dry skin away so you could use CCS Foot Care Cream which is made to do exactly that. It helps prevent the skin getting dry and rough again and improves foot smoothness. Plus its kept in a handy tube containing 175ml of cream making it easy to use on a regular basis. 

But if your a bigger fan of Oils then the Coconut Oil from Palmers may be the best thing to help keep your feet smooth. It comes in a easy spray bottle and smells amazing. It also hydrates feet and helps them if they get sore. Perfect for someone on their feet all day.

If you think your feet are really in need for some love, then you may want to concider Dr Anders Intensive Rescue Balm. This rubs into your feet absorbing quickly and leaves your feet feeling moisturised and smooth. It is perfect to help rough dry areas on your feet and is to be used on your feet twice a day.
This product is made from natural oils and the formula is especially made to nourish your feet.

Then we have some lovely products from Mavala. One is called Comfort and this cream is for use on very dry feet. The 50ml tube is especially made to help repair feet with dry skin and cracks leaving your feet silky soft and smooth. I must admit this was my favourite of the creams as I was very impressed on how smooth it made my feet after use.

The second tube is called Vitalite and is a refreshing foot gel. I have always enjoyed foot gels in summer time when it is really hot as they cool your feet down. But they are also perfect for after long walks, or days working on your feet and will sooth hot, swollen feet. 

Of corse when caring for you feet you must also look after your nails and so this Nailner brush helps keep your toe nails looking fresh and healthy and also brighter. It also helps treat nail fungus quickly which also helps your nails have a fresh look. 

Another thing to consider when it comes to treating your feet, is by also letting your feet treat your body. Did you know a lot of back ache comes from walking? You can buy special insoles that get placed into your shoes to help with this. Formthotics make ones that are made super comfortable to help with walking and help with comfort and to ease the aches that walking can cause.

I always find that walking around hard floors in places like shopping centre's create terrible back ache for me and so I will be definitely giving these a try next time I go to one. 

So, will you be treating your feet for #NationalFeetWeek? 


  1. National Feet Week? Well I never. Good idea, though, especially as Spring is almost upon us. Lovely products in the bundle.

  2. All winter your feet are covered up and come spring i start to think about my feet especially because i love to wear sandals and flip flops, some fab tips here, thank you for sharing

  3. Give feet tge recognition they deserve ! Time to get mine ready

  4. I've used the Footner exfoliating socks, and they are great. Perfect for when you want to get your feet ready for wearing sandals.

  5. My feet could deffo do with some pampering