Saturday 1 February 2020

Swizzles Sweeties for Valentines! Hamper Review

(Ad Gifted) Happy 1st of February!

Has your mind already switched to the next big event?? Valentines!

It is only 2 weeks away and so its important to start that gift shopping for your loved ones. 

Chocolate always seems to be the go to present for people. Its 'romantic apparently' Well if you are anything like me, there is one thing to chocolate I prefer.... SWEETIES! 

So have you thought about saying I love you with sweeties this year?

Swizzles who have ben making their sweeties for the last 90+ years have and they have some exciting ideas for Valentines. They are not just perfect for your loved ones, but also perfect for showing some love to yourself. 

We was sent some of these ideas to try out and Lily and I are super excited about them. 

Firstly, what Swizzles product can you think of that could possible be valentines related?? 

Love Hearts! 

And if they arn't your favourite Swizzle sweets, then you could always go for a hamper of sweeties which is sure to please most Swizzles fans! 

So firstly Swizzles currently have some Limited Edition Pink Valentines love heart rolls. When bought from the shop they would come as 30 in a pack with a pretty pink ribbon tied on to make it look super gift worthy. These would be only £9.99 to buy. 

Or you may want to make it even more special and go for the Personalised Love Hearts Tube. It contains 25 mini roles of love hearts and you can put any name on the front of it. Perfect for any love heart lover! This is also £9.99 to buy. 

But love hearts arn't your thing and your thinking of other swizzles sweeties? Then what about the amazing Hampers that Swizzles do?

We was sent one and YUM it is packed full of our favourite sweeties. Lily is a huge fan of the lolly pops, especially the blackcurrent flavour. Myself I love Refreshers. So to see these and more in our hamper sure does make us smile!

The box itself looks lovely for gifts, it is red with the swizzles logo on it and it really does incise you to want to look inside. It is packed with 500g os sweeties and it really is packed to the brim with sweets. 

If you arn't 100% sure on what sweets may be included in a Swizzles Hamper then here are some you may have heard of - Double Dips, Parma Violets, Rainbow Drops, Drumsticks, Squashies and so many more. 

A 500g box would cost you £7.99 but they do have hampers that range from £2.99 to £21.99. I think £7.99 is brilliant for the amount you get in the hamper! 

You can find all the swizzles sweets, and hampers online at the Swizzles Sweets Shop. 

Plus if you buy between now and the 14th of February, then you can get 15% off with a special discount code. Enter code V15 to claim your discount. 

So Which is your favourite Swizzles Sweet and will you be treating yourself to one of these or someone you love? 


  1. It has to be drumsticks - my OH would love this for Valentine's Day!

  2. After a chocolate-laden Christmas, I love the thought of proper sweets like these for a nice change. I have always been very partial to Refreshers.