Friday, 28 February 2020

Review - Eat, Sleep, Doodle

(ad - Gifted)

I have been following Eat Sleep Doodle Since Lily was 2 years old and I was gifted a doodle table cloth for her 2nd birthday party. (which also got used on her 4th birthday party too) 

I have always loved the fact they are so creative and encourage kids to be creative too. 

So I have teamed up with them again to tell you all about some of their new products. 

So, Eat Sleep Doodle is a brand that supplies a range of things for your child to colour. But they are not just your average colouring book, instead they sell a range of compleatly different items to colour. From Pillow Cases, Pencil Cases, bags, placemats and much much more. 

The idea behind them is that you can colour all these in, and then wash them to be able to colour them all over again. Meaning the fun never ends. The pens that are supplied by Eat Sleep doodle are all washable. Which is also great for the fact that kids ALWAYS end up covered in felt tip when colouring with them. 

We was sent some goodies that came wrapped up all nicely in patterned wrapping paper and a sticker with Eat Sleep Doodle on it. For lily this was like opening a present and she was very excited. 

Inside we had been sent a Map of America Doodle Pillow Case and a Pack of World Map Doodle Wrapping Paper. Also a lovely set of pastel coloured fabric pens. 

One of the great things about the Fabric pens is that it has a thick side and a thin side, which really helps for colouring the smaller patterns in. Lily found this most useful.

The colours are all really varied and have a nice selection of blues, pinks, yellows, reds and greens. 

A pack of Pastel coloured wash out fabric pens is £6.50 to buy which I think is an amazingly reasonable price to say you get 10 pens with 2 sides to them. 

So lets talk about the United States of America Pillow Case. Firstly this pack comes with the pillow case and a set of pens. Secondly it is your average sized pillow case which will go on most bed pillows. On one side it has all the states of america on it, and also the capital city of each state. It then has animals on each section too and so provides education as well as fun. Lily and her little friend love learning about counties and so was asking lots of questions about america while colouring it.
On the other side there is the american flag. This is great for colouring in, or you could use the lines to do some writing on. I think its a great idea to use this part to write some facts about america on!

Some of the images are quite small, so this is where the thin side of the pens came in handy. The pens colour so easily onto the fabric and show up nice and colourful. 

After they have finished colouring on it, they can then wash it and re do it again. Lily hasn't slept with her pillow yet, as she has not finished colouring it but she can't get to get it put onto her bed. 

A Pillow Case set is RRP £14.95 which is great to say it can be used over and over again.

Next we have the pack of Doodle Wrapping Paper which for us was World Map themed. 

Inside there is a pack of pens, and 3 sheets of wrapping paper all doodled ready to be coloured in. 

On this it has the whole world layed out on paper, ready for your child to learn. It shows you different places in the world and shows things such as the 7 wonders and animals that live on our planet. There is so much to see on this map and so much to learn and it will keep your little one busy for hours colouring it in. 

Of corse this one isn't for washing and re doing, but instead wrapping a present to someone in. This way your making your gift personalised with your wonderful art work on it.

The World Map set is £8.95 to buy and is such a great little activity pack for that price. 

Lily decided she wanted her friends to help her do her colour in and all 3 of them found it loads of fun to learn and colour. 

If your child isn't really into geography then take a look on the website because there are many different doodle choices to get. 

Eat Sleep Doodle really have found a great way to learn, be creative and have fun all at the same time! 

What do you think to the idea of Eat Sleep Doodle? 


  1. I really really like these products. Fun, creative, education and they support dexterity and concentration too.

  2. I love these products that children can work on over time and produce an item to to display proudly!

  3. It looks great, I love the map as it's educational too. They seem good value.

  4. These are brilliant, and educational as well, im sure any child would love to colour these in

  5. I'm sure my granddaughter would love these, and would learn some geography while having fun colouring in.

  6. Love the eat sleep doodle products can have hours of fun with these with my grandson