Saturday 15 February 2020

Essentials for a Mums Eye Lash Look

(AD- Gifted) 

Sometimes when you become a mum, its hard to keep on top of a beauty routine. Especially when a lot of pour days consist of looking after the kids and cooking and cleaning. But sometimes trying something new can make you feel 100 times better and sometimes we may get that odd occasion where we get to go out and get to make ourself look and feel nice. 

One way that you can differ your normal daytime mum look to a new fun you look could be by adding false eye lashes. 

If you have never transformed your eye lashes before then below are some things you may need. All made by Eyelure Lashes and all available from

False EyeLashes

First is the obvious and you will need to get some actual false lashes. There is so much choice to what you may want to buy, some more natural, some long, some thick. I love Eylure's enchanted range that they have and below you have 3 different packs.

First is a Multipack which comes with 3 different styles of lashes, this costs just £7.95 for the pack. It is a great choice if its your first time wearing lashes as you can get a better understanding of what type of lash you like.

Second is the After Dark set, which features fine but fluffy lashes that are perfect for a night out. Perfect buy for a night out at £4.95.

And thirdly is the Oops-a-daisy set which is described as cute, angled and defined with a velvety feel, which give your eyes a light but striking look. This pack is also £4.95. 

All packs come with Glue, are easy to apply and they are reusable which is great for if you fall in love with how a set looks. 


Of corse next you may need to think of other things you may need.

Like an eye Lash Curler. It is perfect for making your lovely false eyelashes have that extra wow factor with a nice curl. It will emphasise the look to them and make them stand out even more, making your eyes dazzle. This one is easy to use with a simply 'Press and Go'. It is £7.95 to buy and a must have to help you create a great Eye Lash look. 

You then may need to buy something to help remove your eye lashes. This little bottle is only £2.79 and will make removing your lashes so much easier. It is specially formulated to remove superfix glue and is totally pain free and super quick to use. Which is exactly what you want for taking off your lashes after a long day or night. 

Then of corse you may want to buy yourself some extra Eyelash Adhesive. This one is perfect for making those lashes stay on all day or all night and is super easy to apply. It dries clear and is made from a waterproof formulation making there no danger of being seen or coming off. Plus at £2.99 you can't go wrong with keeping yourself stocked up with this. 


As a little extra to your eye lash look, you may also want to do your brows. This will totally compliment your new lashes. Eylure also do an eyebrow pencil which comes in different shades to match your style. It is a duo pencil and brush and all you need in one to keep your eye brows looking nice. It is £5.99 and ideal for shading and shaping those brows.

Which of the above would you get to help your eye lash look? 


  1. At the moment, the eyebrow brush would be the most helpful to keep my brows tidy. However, I have previously enjoyed using Eyelure Lashes and found them easy to apply, fun and attractive.

  2. I would love to try fake eyelashes but never have!

  3. thank you for the tips, i usually only get time to put on a bit of foundation lol but do like to make an extra effortfor special occasions x

  4. Thanks for the blog post I have never tried false eyelashes I've been a bit nervous to try but I think I will give them a go

  5. I love wearing false eyelashes they really do glam up a look x

  6. Im hopeless with false eyelashes - my teenage neices are giving me lessons - great post thanks

  7. I have personally never been interested in false lashes as I am more than happy with my own. But I can understand why others like them (false eyelashes).

  8. I would love to be able to use false eyelashes properly, but I just cannot seem to get the hang of them xxx

  9. Never thought about false eyelashes, always been happy with what i have, but can see whay some people like them