Thursday, 16 January 2020

Naturopathica, CBD for the Mind - Review

(ad - Gifted) One of the reasons I have wanted to start blogging about Mindfulness is that I can suffer from Stress and Anxiety. Lately more often than not I am finding myself in a panic, and usually over little things. I know plenty of reasons why this is, I have had a stressful year and I put way to much pressure on myself and really do over think. 

So when Naturopathica offered me some CDB tablets to try. I thought I would give them a go. 

Naturopathica are a brand with a background in pharmaceuticals and have made CBD capsules that are designed to target wellness areas. I was sent the Mind Capsules to try. 

So here is a little information about CBD, given to me from Naturophica - 

"CBD (cannabidiol) has seen a surge in popularity of late, but there is still much confusion surrounding its properties and benefits. The plant itself, Cannabis Sativa, has been used medically for thousands of years and can be highly beneficial to our bodies by helping to improve a variety of issues including anxiety and pain as well as helping with sleep and aiding the immune system. Combine the CBD with specially selected vitamins, minerals and herbs that are proven to have specific benefits and you have CBD Plus, a great way to get your daily CBD, plus a supplement, all in one."

So as it states above, these capsules from Naturophica are not just CBD alone and also contain other minerals and Vitamins. 

The Mind Capsules that I was sent to try also had Taurine, an amino acid, Vitamin B2, which contributes to normal psychological function; Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), which supports mental performance; and ginseng, which can help you withstand the pressures of a modern lifestyle.

I had already known some facts about CBD, that it is good for anxiety, good for healing and good for well being. I also knew that although CBD comes from the Cannabis plant, I would not feel any drug related effects like you would do from smoking the drug. CBD is completely different to the drug.

So after they arrived, I happily started taking them. You may have noticed them in my Good Morning Basket, which you can read about here.

You need to take one capsule a day, and there are 30 inside, so meaning they should last you a month. 

I have never been brilliant at taking capsules, but can just about manage to as long as I have a bottle of water to swig it down with. These capsules are quite large though and if you do struggle taking larger tablets, then these may be tricky for you. I have taken a picture of one next to a penny for you to be able to see the size.

Also you can expect a strange taste to come with the tablets, I didn't find it over offensive myself, but best way to describe the taste is herbal, leafy. The taste wears off pretty quickly after you have swallowed it though. 

So, after initially taking them, I didn't really feel much. But I kept on with them as I know that it can take a little while for things top get into your system and take effect. After a few days, I would say I felt that they were taking the edge away from my anxiety. I have in the past had days where I wake up all shaky and I feel that these were taking the edge off. 

I even had a few days off them to see the difference and there was definetly a noticeable improvement to my anxiety levels. 

After taking nearly a months corse of them, I wouldn't say my anxiety is cured, but there is a good chance they have contributed to less anxiety. For me I feel it takes a range of trying different things to help your body and mind out, but the CBD capsules are something that can be one of those things to add to a list of other things. Such as finding relaxing time for yourself. 

The only thing I did find, is that at times I felt headaches as a side effect from them. But I can't fully say that it was the capsules giving me the head ache, as I also spend a lot of time on the computer and don't drink enough water. Which are 2 big contributing factors to headaches. 

My biggest point from the whole review is that if you are suffering from Anxiety, then CBD capsules are 100% worth a try. I love that they are compleatly natural and so no trips to the doctors needed for pills filled with chemicals. 

You can buy these from stores such as Holland and Barret for £39.99 - See more information here on the website

Have you ever tried CBD? 


  1. Would love to give these a try, but abit pricey

  2. no i haven't tried them but they sound like they would be great for my 19 year old daughter to try for her anxiety

  3. CBD capsules review for Anxiety. Sometimes we are feel confusion to take a medicine specially a new one.