Friday 24 January 2020

How we feel about Anxiety and Tips how to help it!

Anxiety seems to be something is either happening more, or is now more talked about. I myself can suffer from anxiety and so I wanted to put together a post that was all about it, with at the same time providing you with some tips to over come it. 

But, everyone experiences it in different ways, and so I thought I would get the help of finding out other experiences that bloggers have with Anxiety. 

I wanted to know about about what causes it, what feelings they got, and then how they helped them self. 

I hope that if you can relate to some of these then hopefully some of their tips can also help. 

Lianne from

FEELINGS - My anxiety flares up when my kids are ill , I feel totally out of control as I can't make it go away and then I have Panic Attacks. 
HOW I HELP MYSELF - I find breathing exercises help and writing down my intrusive thoughts.

Sarah from 

FEELINGS - Anxiety is the friend that you wish you'd never made, the one that will pop up out of the blue and consume all your time. Plaguing you with self-doubt and making you question every little thing you say or do.
HOW I HELP MYSELF - I find that concentrating on the decisions that need to be made such as 'what's for tea' etc. rather than everything that might be on my to-do list for that given day. Sleep is my anxiety reset, which I find that if I'm a position to sleep for an hour or so then I'm better to do so that battle my way through it.

Becca from

FEELINGS -  When anxiety hits, for me it's an overall panic about the amount of 'stuff' I have to do in the day, it's the panic about not being able to spend more time on my blog, and the panic that I'm just not good enough. 
HOW I HELP MYSELF - I find it helps to break down my day into chunks of 3 jobs/activities. If I can just get 3 small things done (1 chunk) then I'm able to go onto the next chunk and the next. 
At the end of each day, I look at my ticked-off list and it's really rewarding. Sometimes it's the only thing that gets me through!

Kate from

FEELINGS - Peri-menopause has brought new anxiety with Whirring and troublesome thoughts.
HOW I HELP MYSELF - I have worked out that telling myself "Stop thinking!" out loud has stopped this in the main - so simple but works for me.

Sarah from

FEELINGS -  Anxiety is raking through every possible negative outcome of every action before the moment comes, and usually doing anything you can to avoid being in that situation. It’s avoiding conversations, small talk or even meetings with people for fear of what they might think of you because you aren’t at your best, you don’t have anything fun to talk about and you really aren’t that interesting. It’s pulling apart every conversation, wishing you’d said something else, wishing it hadn’t happened and wondering how long it will be before the person you spoke to brushes you off. 
HOW I HELP MYSELF - I find that getting out in the fresh air and walking helps. Listening to upbeat music and dancing around the kitchen...and, ironically, actually getting out and meeting up with a friend for a coffee or a chat. It puts those thoughts back in the box and helps you to remember that you are worthy of someone else’s time.

FEELINGS - Anxiety is being with my best friends, and still feeling the doubt creep in that they are happy in my company. It's tripping over my words because I'm analysing and over thinking every tiny detail instead of relaxing and enjoying the moment. It's craving connection, and then sabotaging it. It's leaving friends, and letting out a sigh of relief that you can stop the pretence of being normal.
HOW I HELP MYSELF - Gratitude keeps my anxiety in check, and nature brings me relief when I get overwhelmed.

Christy from

FEELINGS - Anxiety for me something that stops me living in the moment, making me focus on worst case scenarios and become overwhelmed by worry and negative emotions. It stops me sleeping, which makes everything else harder, and at it's worst, it makes me sick and unable to function properly at all.
HOW I HELP MYSELF - Medication has helped me a lot, as has cognitive behaviour therapy and support groups online. Talking to other people with anxiety helps and makes me realise I'm not alone. Being open and honest with my husband, family and friends has made a difference. I no longer feel like I need to hide it or put on a mask - I can ask for help. When I feel overwhelmed it helps to break things down into tiny achievable steps. Writing todo lists and checking off what I've achieved is also helpful as is general self-care and trying to focus on myself and relax.


FEELINGS - My Anxiety I know is totally powered by my brain and its ability to over think. Im funny in the way that things that people would normally panic over, I don't, but then little things will set me off. I know putting a lot of pressure on myself has a lot to play with it and when I get overwhelmed and stress it can set if off. The worst part of my anxiety is the physical symptoms that comes with it. Sickness mostly and sometimes a horrid acidic feeling at the back of my throat. 
HOW I HELP MYSELF - Firstly, I ask for help, I have a great support from my partner. I also work on my mindfulness, trying to think positive about my future and focus more on being in the now than worrying. Distracting my mind works really well, things like colouring relaxes me and stops my mind from over thinking at night. But the main one is being in control, telling myself that I am in control and also noticing when things and people around me are being helpful, or just dragging me down and then choosing wether to take that on or not. 

Do you suffer from Anxiety? How do you help yourself? 


  1. So many great tips that will help so many of your readers. Thanks for sharing my tip too.

  2. It's wonderful to read about the different ways in which anxiety affects others and their tips for working through it

  3. A fantastic mix of views on a tricky subject that affects us all. Learning to both accept it and how how to handle is so important.

  4. Wow -that's a real eye-opener to what people go through that suffer from anxiety attacks :( - we never knew it could be like that. Great tips to get through it though x

  5. I really struggle with anxiety and these tips are so helpful. I find that reading Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig had provided some great insight for me into my anxiety and it had been so helpful

  6. What a great post anxiety is something so many people go through but rarely talk about this is great for showing how others feel and cope with it

  7. I do think women particularly young mothers are under a lot more pressure nowadays and have less support. I am not surprised anxiety is on the rise.

  8. Anxiety is something that is so hard to deal with and can sometimes overtake our lives. We should try and talk to family and friends to overcome this.

  9. Anxiety is a subject which is so relevant and one which needs to be address more and more. These tips are going to be so helpful for others who are struggling to cope and understand how to make things easier.

  10. I have terrible anxiety and it really stops me from doing things I want to.

  11. Anxiety is something that affects everything single aspect of my life. I think the tips within your post and the ones in the comments here are amazing!

  12. The only time I have really struggled with anxiety was when my babies were tiny, I just worked through it at the time

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  15. By sumply addressing the issue you are half way there
    Excellent review

  16. I enjoyed reading the post. Thank you all. I suffer from anxiety that manifests itself in a knot in my stomach and digestive and hormonal disturbances. It is quite a challenge to understand what in particular has triggered it and how to stop it. Sometimes I wake in this state after having a bad dream. Repeating simple calming mantras such as 'All is well in my world' sometimes helps.

  17. I suffer from anxiety, and i have found your write up very interesting and helpful and with definitely be trying some of your tips