Saturday 9 November 2019

Schleich Horse Club - Rider Cafe and Mia Review

(ad - Gifted)

We are just loving how much Schleich has to offer now to go along side their animals. A while ago we reviewed a agility set from the Horse Club, and now we have a wonderful cafe to go alongside it. 

We was sent the Rider Cafe and Mia Set to review and here is what we thought. 

Firstly Lily was super pleased to see that it involved horses. Horses is something she has really started to enjoy playing with at the moment. These sets both looked great and we could wait to get them open. 

The toys are recommended for children aged 5-12 and so Lily is just about to turn 5 and is the perfect age for them. There are lots of small parts inside the set though and so a choking hazard for children under 3.

Firstly we opened the Mia Set. Inside there is a lovely horse and a person who can sit on top. The horse is more like a pony, I am not sure on breeds of horses but it is smaller than some of the horses we have had from Schleich in the past. But it is adorable and such a beautiful horse with its while body, brown spots and brown main and tail. The girl comes positioned so then she can sit on top of the horse. But not before placing on the saddle which is very each to do.

The set also comes with reins, a stool to mount the hose, some binoculars and a cute little mouse looking creature. Plus a loaf of bread.

If you was to buy this set alone, it is such a perfect set with wide scope for opportunity of the imagination. Your child could take them on adventures looking out of the binoculars or they could interact with the little mouse. There are lots of possibilities. 

We then opened up the Rider Cafe set. It all comes un assembled and in little bags, with instructions of how to build it. Lily loves opening these little bags and finding what is inside.

I found the instructions really easy to follow and it instructs you step by step. Most items all just slot together, some easily and some need a very hard push. I think it may have taken me about 30 min to build, but half the battle is locating which piece is which. 

The set also comes with stickers, these are quite easy to stick on and there isn't hundreds to do, which I like. They do add a nice touch to all the items in the cafe and they make the cafe it self look nice.

When it is all set up it looks great. The cafe itself is set up with lots of detail, it has menu's and a coffee machine and a till. I also has a oven which the door opens plus it has a door into the cafe that also opens. There is a man figure that comes with the set. He comes with an apron that you can put on and remove so we are guessing that he is the cafe waiter. The set also comes with food, and tables and chairs which can be placed out side the cafe. 

Attached to the cafe is a gate post, which is meant to be for horses to be tied up to. It comes with a little basket for horse food and a wooden box to store the food. 

The set also comes with horse and a girl to ride it. Again the way the legs are positioned on the girl is for straddling the horse. This also works perfect for them sitting on the chairs. It does make for funny walking though when Lily was making them walk.

The horse is a nice large size one, and is such good quality as usual for Schleich. It is a beautiful white and brown horse which also comes with reins and a saddle.

Lily loves playing with this set. Her favourite thing to do is act out the girl riding to the cafe, getting off her horse and tying it up. Then going and ordering a coffee from the man. She then makes the girl go and sit down and wait for the coffee. It is really cute to hear her playing as I can tell she pays attention to me ordering things in a cafe as she will say things like "with cream please".

I love how much this set helps develop the imagination and gives opportunity to play for hours with different scenarios.

As it is heading towards Christmas, this would make an amazing gift for a child who really loves horses! I know Lily would have loved to get this under the tree! 

The Mia set is £14.99 and can be bought here

The Rider Cafe is £39.99 and can be bought here

What do you think to the Horse Club Schleich toys? 


  1. This is adorable looks like so much fun! I think this would make a great gift!

  2. I am really impressed with the amount of designs I am seeing from the Schleich brand. I have bought my niece some farm animals & I am thinking my God-Daughter would love these or the unicorns they have.

  3. Lily looks chuffed by this and i know my daughter would love it

  4. These are beauties - maybe time for my great neice to start her own collection

  5. These sets both look lovely, and will provide hours of fun. I wonder what the small creature is. When I lived in London, I used to work as a volunteer in the stables at an inner city farm. We had a stable cat, who was quite unafraid of the horses and actually used to sleep with one of the horses (not in the same bed, but on top of a bale of straw so the cat would not get squished). We also had mice, which is inevitable in a stable due to the straw, hay and other food. The cat's job was to keep the mice population down to a reasonable size. Without a cat we would have been over-run with mice.