Saturday 30 November 2019

Mens Christmas Gift Guide

I think the men in our life are always the trickiest to buy for, but actually there are lots of great gifts that you may want to concider to buy for them. 

This list consists of lots of ideas that may be great to treat the man in your life! Or you may be a man looking for inspiration of what to ask for this year and these may give you some great ideas. 

Of corse, all of these items below are not JUST for men, but you may find something that may make a great gift for who ever you choose. 

1. True Colours Game - RRP £14.99 *Buy Me Here* 

This is a fab game to play with your friends this Christmas. It is all about how well you think you know your friends. A question is read out loud and then everyone must vote for who they think it sounds the most like then gain points for being the correct vote! You need at least 3 players to play this game and up to 6 can play. This makes a great gift for someone who loves a good party game! 

2. Tru Bamboo Tumbler - RRP £19.95  *Buy Me Here* 

This gift is perfect for the lover of anything Eco Friendly. It is made from Bamboo and the inside is made from 100% fully recyclable stainless steel making it super Eco Friendly. It is perfect for either keeping your drinks warm, or super cold and is leak proof so perfect for taking on long walks. It also comes with a infuser on the inside so then you can add fruit or tea, keeping your drink full of flavour. No Bamboo grains are the same making each finish of the Tumbler compleatly different and unique to you. It truly makes a lovely gift. 

3. Tru Bamboo Cheese Board - RRP £22.45  *Buy Me Here* 

Got a cheese fan in the family? They will love this cheeseboard because of its amazing size. It is one of the biggest on the market and perfect for fitting as much cheese on as you desire. It comes with 3 lovely knifes for cutting your cheese and also a fork, all stored in a little drawer inside the cheeseboard. This is also the perfect board for the Eco Friendly lover as the board and knife handles are all 100% bamboo. Bamboo is one of the strongest materials so this cheeseboard is made to last!
It makes the perfect gift for the cheese lover, and also makes a wonderful addition to any sort of cheese and wine hamper. 

4. Tru Bamboo Food Markers - RRP £4.99 *Buy Me Here* 

If you love the cheeseboard you may want to concider also getting these food markers so you can mark which cheese is which. On the Tru Bamboo website you can buy then alongside the cheese board as a full 10 piece set. But these arn't only good for cheese. They are perfect for parties and marking which food is which, especially if you have any vegetarians or vegans attending. There are so many different ways they can be used, maybe for cakes? Or maybe you know someone is a keen gardener and may want to mark which plant is which. There is 4 in a pack and it also comes with a gold pen. They look incredibly pretty and just add a lovely extra touch to what ever your displaying. 

5. Gillette Skinguard Razor - RRP £8.99 *Buy Me Here* 

Every man needs a decent razor and grabbing them a new one for christmas is a great idea. This Gillette Skinguard Razor is the first razor that has been developed for sensitive skin. It is deigned so then it doesn't pull or tug which then reduces irritation afterwards.  The size of this makes a perfect gift to pop in a stocking or y
ou can also buy matching shaving cream and extra razor heads to make the gift a set. 

6. Ralph Lauren Socks - RRP £25.00 *Buy Me Here* 

Looking for some luxury quality socks to treat someone to this year? You may want to concider these Ralph Lauren Polo Socks. There is 3 in a pack and they are all different designs. One a with the Ralph Lauren teddy bear, one grey with the Ralph Lauren logo and one pair of navy with a white and red stripe at the top. These would be perfect for the man in your life that is a big Ralph Lauren fan or simple someone who loves snuggly warm feet. 

7. Bic Pens - RRP £24.99 *Buy Me Here* 

Know someone who loves writing, or maybe design? These colourful pens from Bic make the perfect gift. One pack has 13 different colours inside and one has 3 standard red, black and blue. The great thing about these pens are they are Ultra fast drying meaning less chance of smudging. The Ultra Fast drying is also perfect for any left hand writers who often find that they end up smudging their writing with their hand. They all have a special grip handle which is designed for ultimate comfort for when writing. Perfect to buy all together as one gift or perfect for popping into a stocking. 

8. The Lean Exec - RRP £8.99 *Buy Me Here* 

This book is all about fitting in exercise around a busy working lifestyle. Many of us want to get fit but really struggle to fit it into our daily lives. This book will help you get motivated and fit with only using 3 hours a week of your time. It is a no nonsense guide on tips and hacks to optimise your time and use it well to get in that all needed exercise. This paperback edition is perfect for taking on the go and perfect for reading on your way home from work. It makes a great gift if your wanting to give some fitness inspiration this year. The size of the book also fits nicely into a stocking. 

9. Sleepmaster Deluxe Sleep Mask - RRP £24.99 *Buy Me Here*

Know someone who is struggling to sleep? This Sleep master could be the answer. It is super thick, comfortable and blocks out all light with wonderful size of it. It is easily fastenable at the back with velcro making it one size fits all, so you don't have to worry about if it will fit who you buy it for. The thickness of the mask also makes it have sound muffling qualities which is great if your easily disturbed. But if that isn't enough it also comes with ear plugs. This deluxe version has a handy storage slot within the mask to store your earplugs and comes with a lovely drawstring bag to store your mask. Perfect for if your travelling soon and the perfect gift for the person who has to sleep in the day. 

10. Blockbuster Game - RRP £19.99 *Buy Me Here*  

Film mad? then this is the party game for you or someone you know. This blockbuster game is all about your knowledge of films, where players go head to head to battle it out to name the film. There is also a quote it round and a act it out round. The game includes cards, game board and buzzer and its cleverly packaged into a Video case which totally reminds me of renting movies as a child. This will make such a fun but also nostalgic gift for anyone who has ever seen a movie.  

11. Tardis Desk Tidy - RRP £24.99 *Buy Me Here* 

Here is one way to turn a messy desk into a tidy one while having a cool Doctor Who Theme about it. This is such a cute little Tardis which opens up and has storage for all the things you would keep on your desk. It is made from quality wood and is made with such lovely details. the doors open at the front and the lid lifts off so then you can pop all your pens and bits and bobs inside. It looks just like the real Tardis from Doctor Who so makes the perfect gift for any Doctor Who fan. 

12. SIGG Hot Cold Flask - RRP £22.99 *Buy Me Here*

This flask is exactly what is says in its title, its a flask made especially with keeping drinks hot or cold in mind. This is one of the larger flasks in the Sigg collection and so perfect for long walks or even long days at work. With it being larger it is always a worry to wether your drink will go cold when you want it hot, or warm when you want it cold. With this flask you are guaranteed for your drink to stay at the temperature you want it to. It is made from stainless steel and has a easy cap to quickly access your drink. thinking this may make a perfect gift but not sure about the colour? Don't worry, SIGG has a great selection of different colours to pick from.

Which of these gifts do you think you will be considering this year? 

*Disclaimer, All items were sent in return for feature*


  1. some amazing gifts here my fiance would love the tardis

  2. Cant go wrong with gillette - loving dr who too

  3. Oh wow, there is a few things i love the socks, Cheeseboard and flask, great ideas

  4. I love love love the socks - would buy them for myself!!