Monday 25 November 2019

Emotion Pets - Toffee The Pony Review

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Is your child asking for a pony, but it is just not feasible. Maybe they will settle for the next best thing.

Toffee The Pony! 

It is the newest companion for kids and will be just like having a real pet (just without the mess)

Lily was sent one to review and here is what we thought about it.

Firstly as it sits in its box, straight away it looks impressive. Lily couldn't wait to get it out of the box and play with her new pet.

It was super easy to get out, simply chop the straps holding it into the box and toffee is free.

Toffee also comes with a brush and a carrot which are held in place with plastic. So also easy to remove.

Toffee doesn't come with batteries so you will need 4 AA batteries and a screwdriver to access the battery area.

As soon as the batteries are in, it is ready to play.

Lily loved how cute and loveable it was and straight away give it a big cuddle. Toffee's legs are soft and plush, and so can be made to lay down and sit down, but Toffee can not stand up.

The body is quite soft but you can feel a harder centre where the battery pack is, plus you can also feel the mechanism inside the head. But this does not take away from how soft the toy is at all.


Toffee's fur is really lovely and soft to stroke. It is a beautiful colour of brown and has white tuffs around its hooves. It also has a lovely soft mane. 

The mane is the perfect opportunity to use the brush and brush its lovely hair.

Toffee is super interactive and loves the attention. It blinks and moves its ears as it waits to be cuddled and reacts if you give it a tickle or a stroke. He makes wonderful horse noises that sound like a real horse. The noises are quite loud though and Lily was quite surprised at how loud to begin with.

Toffee also gets scared from time to time and if it hears a loud noise then it will close its eyes and its ears will go back. But if you then stroke Toffee then it will soon be happy again. 

As well as being brushed, Toffee loves its food and so you can feed it a carrot. Lily was so impressed with what Toffee does when you offer it a carrot. Its mouth makes eating movements and it sounds like it is actually munching on the carrot. Such a cute Feature!

Over all Lily loves her new pet and is super happy to have a new pet to take care of. 

The pony is recommended for children aged 2+ and retails at £44 and be bought from toy stores such as Argos

Would your little one love to have their very own Interactive Pony?


  1. These are fab - lily obviously loves hers - sure my GREAT neice would too

  2. lily looks in her element, ive never seen this toy before looks great

  3. What a super gift this would make for our little one, she would absolutely love to look after it