Monday, 21 October 2019

Luvabella Newborn Review

Did you think Luvabella was cute? Well wait until you see the new Luvabella newborn. 

We have been sent one to review and oh wow, she is adorable!

She comes in her box with a plastic see through front so you can see her in all her cuteness. This got Lily even more excited to be able to see her and she couldn't wait for me to get her out. 

Lily is a huge baby doll fan and she really loves her Luvabella that she has and so she was super impressed to be getting an even smaller version of Luvabella who she could also love and care for. 

Firstly, and something that is a very important factor of a toy, she is really easy to get out of the box. You just need scissors to cut the little plastic ties and she is out. Perfect for impatient children who just cant wait to get their hands on their new Luvabella Newborn.

Then its the all important stage of putting in the batteries. The battery compartment is located at the back and you need to open this with a screwdriver. Luvabella newborn needs 4 AA batteries to work. I found it pretty easy to get the batteries in.

As soon as the batteries are in, you switch her on with the switch on her back and she is ready to play with.

The first thing Lily did was carefully give her a cuddle. Lily knows to be gentle with babies and Luvabella seems so real with her weighty more lifelike body that Lily acts extra gentle. The Luvabella newborn has a soft body which makes her nicer to cuddle. 

Her arms and legs and head are made from plastic and have a rubber like texture to it. Her head is quite heavy but also feels soft to touch.

Luvabella Newborn is super interactive. She reacts in so many cute ways, you can tickle her so she will giggle, she will coo and make lots of baby noises and she sounds super happy. But while she does all these cute noises, her expressions on her face change and she moves in such life like ways.

She has super cute eyes with little eyeslashes, and comes in a cute pink outfit and a sweet little headband. Her eyes also open and close like she is blinking. All the details of how a baby's face moves has been brought into this doll. 

Luvabella comes with a dummy and a bottle. They are made from a very light plastic but still feel very durable. If you want to settle your baby you can put the dummy into her mouth and she will suckle on it. You can lay her back and rock her and she will close her eyes and go to sleep. The sweetest thing is listening to her breathing and seeing her tummy move up and down.

If you are wanting to give Luvabella her bottle, hold it close to her mouth and she will open it and say "Ahhhhhh" as she does. Lily did find that the bottle didn't fit too well into the mouth though and got frustrated at the fact she would not stop going ahhhhh. It did seem a little small for Luvabella to notice it. I had to show lily exactly how to place the bottle in the mouth for the baby to start to drink. But when she does drink, she suckles onto the bottle just like a real baby.

Overall she is a super cute doll and your child will really feel like they are taking care of a real baby. Lily has spent hours taking care of her baby, and loves the amount of role play she can get out of playing with her.

Luvabella Newborn is RRP £59.99 and recommended for children ages 4+.

You can buy Luvabella Newborn at most toy stores such as Smyths Toy Store

Do you think your child would love Luvabella Newborn?


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  2. Shes adorable - our ESMAY wants obe from santa