Friday 6 September 2019

KindiKids Doll and Playset Review

(Ad - Gifted)

Introducing your child's new bff! KindiKids from Moose Toys. 

As included in the name these dolls are all based on children who are in Kindergarden (which is our UK version of Infant School) and as its Back to school time for many of us, they are being used to help your child adjust to that move to school by becoming your child's new friend! 

Going to school, especially for the first time can be daunting for any child and there are lots of new things that will be happening, making friends, discovering and learning, going to new places. KindiKids are perfect to support your child and hold their hand during that first move to school and throughout. 

This doll also supports parents worries about their child going back to school, knowing their child can always have a friend to talk to, dolls for children are that one friend that is always their and can be of great importance to a child. 

Lily is about to start school so it was the perfect time to introduce her to KindiKids and so we offered to do a review for them. We was sent a doll and 2 playsets.

There are 4 dolls to collect and we was sent Jessicake who is a super cute blue haired doll that just loves cake!

The dolls are all relatable to children who are infant and have cute outfits, acsessories and facial expressions. Jessicake has sparkly blue eyes, a super happy smile, and wears a sprinkle style top and skirt. She has cute sandals that are made from plastic and very easy to get off and on. Plus wears a cute cake headband. Over all she is adorable!!! 

All KindiKids Dolls have a special bobbly head which makes them even more cute and adds a difference to other dolls. Her arms and legs also move meaning you can change her position and make her sit down.
She is made from a really decent plastic but it isn't to heavy for your children to carry around which is perfect. 

Each doll comes with a playtime snack, Jessicake comes with a cute little cupcake and sprinkles. You can pretend to shake sprinkles onto the cake and the cake is designed so then when you put it to her mouth, the cherry pops inside making it look like she has eaten it. This is a really cute little addition to the doll.

Lily is so pleased with her new doll, I have been talking to her about how she is going to be her little school friend and although she can't take her to school, she can say goodbye to her each morning and tell her all about her school day when she comes home. Lily is super excited to be starting school and says she can't wait to tell Jessicake all about it.

As well as being sent the lovely doll, we was also sent some playsets. 

We were sent a supermarket and shopping trolley, which Lily was super excited about when she saw. She loves playing shopping and so having her own little supermarket impressed her. She couldn't wait to get it out of the box to play with.

Luckily it is easily removed from the box though you will need some scissors to help you.

The supermarket has all sorts going on with it and is very interactive without even needing batteries. Mums will be happy to know its a quiet toy with no noises, which means your child has to develop their imagination by making the noises themselves. (Okay that can be just as noisy I know) 

The Supermarket comes with 2 exclusive shopkins to put in your supermarket plus 2 coins to use on the till, it also comes with a shopping basket.

Some of the wonderful features of the supermarket include a wobbly scales, which bobble when you put an item on it. It has 2 sliding drawers that Lily said was the Fridge section, it has shelves for your Shopkins to be placed on and also a till and conveyor belt.

The conveyor belt is very cool because you can put your basket underneath it and press a button and your item drops into your basket. You can also press the buttons on the till to make a receipt pop up and slide across the slider to open up the till. 

The set also comes with a play mat that you can place your supermarket on, making it even more fun!

Lily has had so much fun with this set and really enjoyed playing shopping and using the till. 

Last but not least is the wonderful shopping trolley we was also sent. The trolley is a really decent size and can fit lots of shopkins in. It has a special platform at the back that your doll can stand on and when you move it back and forward the bunny ears move. It also comes with 2 shopkins which are super adorable! Its a really cute toy that adds another element of play to the super market set and doll. 

If you love the sound of KindiKids then you can buy them at the following prices. 

KindiKids Doll - £24.99
Supermarket Set - £29.99
Trolley - £14.99

Plus if you like the sound of KindiKids to help your child progress to and throughout school then they have their very own episodes you can watch on Youtube! 

KindiKids are now available from your leading toy stores and supermarkets. 

Is your child starting school soon? What would they think to KindiKids? 


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  2. Thanks for the review. My granddaughter just started school. Luckily she was looking forward to it, and already knew several children who would be in her class, including her next door neighbour and some of her classmates from nursery.

  3. An excellent review of a really fabulous product range. Thank you. The detail on the doll is very good from her sweet little toes up to her generous head of hair. Great playsets, too, made even more attractive by not requiring batteries.

  4. ive never seen this before but it looks great might need to add it to the christmas list

  5. aw this is such a cute set ive not seen these before

  6. I love the colours of these toys and they look really cute!

  7. Hadn't come across this Brand. These would certainly appeal to the children, good selection of colourful toys.

    Rachel Craig

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  9. this looks like such a fun and imaginative and bright play set :)

  10. Doll seems to have a thick head of hair :- Great for grooming, styling which can be an interest for children and adults.

    Rachel Craig

  11. Love this doll, thick head of bright hair, big bright eyes any little girl would love it to be honest never heard of KindiKids before