Thursday, 11 April 2019

Spirit Riding Free Collection Review

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You may be familiar with Netflix show Spirit, Riding Free which is now in its 8th season. If not it is a show that is definetly worth a watch with your children. 

Now Flair have brought out a new collection of Spirit Riding Free toys and we were lucky enough to get to review some of them. 

We were sent -

2 Spirit Blind Box Assortment - £4.99 

Spirit Riding Free Doll and Horse (Spirit character) - £15.99

Spirit Classic Horse and Stable Set - £24.99

Classic Sounds and Action horse (Spirit Character) - £19.99

Lily was delighted to be given these horses and was so excited to play with them. 

First we opened up the Blind Box. It was really exciting to not know what was inside. The box is a plastic stable with cardboard barn box which holds a mini horse which stands at 2 inches tall. Lily thought these 2 horses were so cute and she called them baby horses because they were smaller. I really like these for a blind box. It comes with a collectors sheet so then you can see who you can collect and it looks like it would make a lovely collection. Also perfect to trade with friends who also collect them. Some blind boxes I never think are worth the money but these I really do believe you are getting a decent toy for £4.99. 

We then opened the doll and horse set. We got the Spirit horse and lucky character which are the main characters of the show. Lucky is lovely, she looks just like she does in the show and has real hair that can be brushed. Her little legs and arms all move so then she can sit, stand and also get on her horse. She stands at 13 cm tall and is the perfect start to your character collection. 

She comes with her horse Spirit who is a beautiful looking horse with real hair also that can be brushed. The plastic is is made from though is very slippy and Lucky does struggle to stay on top of the horse unless you hold her on top. 

Lily thought this set was great and loved that she could move lucky into action poses. 

We then opened the Classic Sounds and Action horse which is available from Amazon

This was Lily's favourite because when you press the button on its back it makes realistic horse sounds and its front leg kicks up into the air. It also has moveable back legs which means that you can make spirit stand on its back legs like it is kicking up into the air. The tail also moves. Lily really loved how you could make spirit jump into action with her different poses. This horse has real hair at its head but the tail is made from plastic so then you can make it move.

This set also comes with a few accessories which also help extend the play. It comes with a trophy, brush, hair clips and prize box for around its neck. 

The last set to open was the classic horse and stable set. This set looked great inside the box and looked like it came with so much to play with.

It was a little tricky to get out of the box but when it was Lily was really happy to have a stable to put her horses into. This time we didn't have spirit as the horse but has a black and white one instead. This horse stands at 7 inch and also has a bridal on its back so it can be ridden. It also has real hair that can be brushed.

The set provides so many opportunities for use of the imagination as it also comes with hay, shovel, rake, brush and tack box. It also has a lovely set of stickers that you could stick on your stable.

The great thing about the stable is that it can be opened up so then your child can play with it and move the horse in and out, setting it up with the hay so then your child can act out feeding and caring for the horse. Then it can be closed up with the horse inside and comes with a handle so then you can carry about. It is perfect for if you wish to take your horse somewhere with you. 

Over all Lily was so pleased with all the toys and they made a perfect set to play with all together. Lily hadden't actually seen the show but after playing with the toys she straight away wanted to watch it. So don't be discouraged to buy these if you child hasn't yet seen the show.

These toys can be bought from Smyths Toy Store and are aimed at children 5-10 years old. (Although Lily is 4 and still loved them)

Does your child enjoy the show and would they like these toys? 


  1. These look like fantastic toys. I think even my 11 year old would love them. She does love horses x

  2. Not seen the show, as yet. But would love the toys. We as a family are fond of animals, horse being one of them.

    Rachel Craig

  3. What a great collection Lily has received. I would expect she will have lots of fun interacting with these toys.Wondering if she will ask to see / visit real horses.

    Rachel Craig

  4. i love these, so cute, my daughter loves horses so she would love this

  5. Beautiful toy horses.

    Rachel Craig

  6. These are fab - Lily is so lucky

  7. Great toys. Wondering how horses may become an interest for Lily. Prince Harry recently announced the news of the birth of his first child, a boy :- In front of a stable filled with horses. Horses are an important part of family life for the Royals. In the past horses were an important means of transport, and still used today, though more leisurely for most people. Hoping Lily does get the opportunity to interact with real horses at some time /s in her life. Animals and animal care can instil a sense of responsibility, as well as be a calming influence.

    Rachel Craig

  8. My daughter has a spirit set with a doll and a horse that comes with a carrot to feed it, she loves it and was reasonably priced too

  9. We have never seen the show, my daughter would definitely love a spirit set they are very cute.