Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Alternative Easter Gift Ideas

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When it comes to Easter, the first thing that pops into your head is probably Easter eggs. And if your child is anything like mine, she gets so many Easter eggs from family that the chocolate from them can last her ages!

So as a parent you may be wanting to think of a few toy ideas that you could get your child instead. 

We were sent 3 toys that all are wonderful ideas for gifts for your child this Easter.

We were sent a Cutetito, a Little Lucky Lunchbox and a My Little Pony Retro. 

Lily was super pleased with all these, and I know if I would of given them to her for Easter she would have been very happy with them. 


So the Cutetito is something compleatly different that I was actually really impressed with. Its a cute stuffed animal wrapped in a blanket. But whats special about that?? Well the blanket isn't just a blanket, its styled like a burrito and so your cute little new pet comes like a wrap. It even comes with a silver wrapper so it looks like a wrap. But don't eat it, unwrap it and reveal the cutest little animal. 

These are super soft and Lily really loved cuddling up to it. She thought it was hilarious that it looked origionally like food and pretended to take a big bite. She then spent the rest of the time snuggling it and taking care of it.

There are 12 of them to collect and each Cutetito has a personality hot spot on its bum which shows its rarity level. 

They are aimed at children 3+ and are only £9.99 which I think is well worth the money. Available from all good toy stores. 

Little Lucky Lunchbox 

If your child likes surprises and collectable then these little lunchboxes could be something they would really enjoy. Each lunchbox contains 2 foodie friends which both hold a little surprise inside. For example we got some sushi which also had a little shrimp inside it and a cup with some stickers inside. 

It really is a cute little treat and perfect for mix, matching and trading with friends. When you have started to get a nice collection you can create new little meals for each day!

Lily thought the little tin lunch box it came in was really fun to carry around and put her food into. 

For £6.99 each they are brilliant for a little treat. Available from all good toy stores. 

My Little Pony Retro 

I am so excited about this one. I used to have My Little Ponies as a child, and also used to collect them as a teenager. So to hold such a cute but classic style pony in my hand again was great. 

The My Little Pony Retro's are all based on the ponies which are first generation and from the 1980's, which I must say was the best generation. 

We got Flutterbye and she is from the rainbow collection. Lily and I just loved her. She is such a vibrant colour with vibrant rainbow hair, wings and she has stars on her bum. She also came with a brush. The box itself that it came in was also beautiful and it makes me want to collect my little pony all over again. Lily loved the fact she came with a brush so then her hair could be brushed. 

They are £12.99 and a must have if you are a My Little Pony fan. 

Available from all good toy stores. 

Would you consider any of the above for an Easter gift for your child? 


  1. My Little Pony Retro :- Cute! Often the children are gifted money / cash at Easter time. So would be able to choose a toy, arts and crafts, etc when shopping with family.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Lily seems to have grown up. She looks delighted with all her toys.

    Rachel Craig

  3. I have been thinking about maybe getting the kids something different for Easter as they get enough eggs off the family. My daughter has been wanting a cutetito so maybe that's an idea.

  4. first of all babby is very cute.she looks delighted her toys.it is very enjoyable moments,so would be able to chose a toys arts etc.when shoping with family.salim parvez

  5. awwww how cute are these alternatives for easter xx

  6. Easter is a time of Celebration. I like to remember / acknowledge Easter and it's meaning for us all. A Cebebration for all .

    Rachel Craig

  7. Wishing everyone a Happy Easter Time.

    Rachel Craig

  8. great easter alternatives i especially like the cutetitos

  9. I really want a cutetito for myself... I am 34 is that bad haha