Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Making Christmas Cards

I just love doing crafts at Christmas time. 

We have already sent out our real cards this year but I thought it would be nice to make a few extra Christmas cards with an extra personal touch to them. The personal touch would be that they would be made by Lily and given to people from Lily.

Lily loves to do sticking and so as soon as I told her we were getting out the glue sticks she got very excited and said "Yey lets make Christmas cards". 

So here is everything we used.

There is so much you can get to make your christmas cards, but I got some Christmas sheets of paper, some wrapping paper, some Christmas scene stickers, green tissue paper, seasons greetings and merry christmas stickers and some snow. We also needed glue, scissors and paper. 

I do all the cutting for Lily at the moment. She is learning how to use scissors in nursery but I don't have any special kids scissors for her yet and so its best I do the cutting.

I first folded the paper in half for Lily. Then I cut up the Christmas paper to stick in the middle of the card.

I gave Lily the choice of colours and designs and so she chose which ones went onto the card. She then chose some of the stickers and placed of the christmas message stickers. I cut out the christmas tree's from the wrapping paper and she also stuck those down.

An activity like this is great for lots of reasons, creativity, decision making, hand and eye co ordination and working on fine motor skills. Lily made 4 cards that were simular to this one and we wrote inside them to who they were too. We decided that we would give one to her nursery.

After making these cards we decided to do something a little different. I asked Lily what we could make out of green paper and she answered "Christmas Tree". So thats what we did. I cut out a christmas tree shape in the tissue paper and Lily put glue on paper so we could stick it down.

She then did lots of decorating and she decided where the baubles would go. She had our Christmas tree in the room with her for reference and it amazes me that she was clever enough to put them to the ends of the tree. I helped and got told off because I didn't put it to the end of the branch and had to pull it back off for her to stick back down. Thats me told! haha

Lily is so precise with where she likes to stick her stickers and everything has to be neat when she is doing her art. 

After this we sprinkled snow on the bottom of the card and added a present sticker.

Here are our finished results.

Do you make Christmas cards at Christmas time? 


  1. Aww lily looks like she's having fun! I love homemade cards, especially from children, it adds an extra bit of christmas Sparkle!

  2. I really need to sit down and make some caress with my kids, haven't made cards for years. We have been busy making wreaths and also little Christmas trees out of pine cones!

  3. My kids are to old to do this now, but I really miss it. Bring on the grandchildren!!

  4. Yes, arts and crafts can be fun.

    Rachel Craig

  5. Yes my kids do. Great job lily

  6. Making cards and decorations by hand is one of the nicest parts of christmas - everyone I know has a home made decoration somewhere on the tree - even if they are raggy, old and half-cocked (it seems to make them even better!)

  7. Memories with mine and now mine are adults they are doing it with there's

  8. Looks like you had lots of fun together.

  9. aw looks like she had fun, i love making homemade cards at christmas with my grandson

  10. this is what I am planning to do this weekend with my young grandson

  11. Great handmade cards - that are really special to give and recieve. christmas craft is my favourite x

  12. I am going to be making my Christmas Cards this year! I can't wait to get better at crafting!

  13. How lovely, i make cards with our little ones, they love it and make such a great effort when making them

  14. We made all our Christmas cards this year, including the children, they made them for all their friends, had a right mess, but was worth it