Thursday 9 November 2017

My Logo Design by Logojoy - Review

I was approached by Logojoy which is a logo making company to see if I would like to trial their services and see what I thought to their logo making website. 

The website its self works as a logo making generator meaning that you get full control on how you want your logo to look. With a little help along the way. 

Your logo is made in just a few easy steps so if your not very tech savvy then using this website won't be a problem.

To make a logo you - 
  • Give the generator inspiration
  • Choose the colours you love 
  • Put in what wording you want
  • Add a symbol
  • Choose a template design from options
  • Edit it to how you like it
I am super fussy with how I like things like Logo's to look and usually I get an idea in my head and thats exactly how I want it. So for me I wanted to see if this generator would give me something that I would love. 

So this is what I thought of the Logo making experience with Logojoy. 

Firstly I loved how simple it was to use. I got to choose 5 or more options on logo's I liked the look of. Logojoy would use these as inspiration to make what I wanted. As I said I am quite fussy and I only found maybe 3 that I liked out of the selection. But managed to choose the 5 they needed. 

Next step was colours. I like pinks and purples as they are the theme of my blog. Though I am hoping to work some turquoise ones into there too. So these were my 3 colours of choice. 

Then you add your main writing, so for me it was Lily's Little Learners and then you can add a slogan which for me I wrote Family and Lifestyle and Children's Learning Blog. 

Then you get to choose and add a symbol. At first I typed handprint, but it didn't find anything so I wrote hand and chose something that looked like a handprint. You could choose up to 5 symbols so then I also chose some pencils, and art easels. 

After this it shows you lots of choices of logos and examples, which are meant to match your selections you just made. I was actually quite impressed with how nice they all looked and there was a lot of selection. But strangely none of the colours I had chose were there. Also for some reason the apostrophe that I had in Lily's had doubled to 2 of them. 

But I found a template I liked and clicked continue. If you change your mind, you can hit the back button and it has saved all your options that you put in so you can make another selection. 

Luckily next you go to the edit section you can change the writing, colours, fonts, spacing and if you want a container around it. I did mess about with it all quite a lot, and I did actually have a design before the one you see above, but somehow I ended up loosing it by clicking layout and then choosing a different layout and I couldn't get my last design back. This is when I made the second one you can see above. 

Then I changed the writing back to one apostrophe. I then changed my colours to pink. I did try to add some purple and blue into there but I felt it didn't look right and the simpler white looked better. I edited my sizing of the writing and spacing of it all. 

When you have got your design, it does have a handy little preview section where you can see what your logo would look like on cards, t-shirts and even billboards. I thought this was a pretty cool thing to be able to see. 

After you have paid for your logo, it you can hit download and download all the files to your computer. I had the premium option and that gives me all sorts of important things you would need with your logo. Like owning the copyright. Meaning that no body can make the same one as you. You also get emailed all the different types of files including a PNG which means that it can be placed into anything and it will blend in. 

For $65 it really is a bargain and if you are the sort of person that has no clue what they want for their logo then I really think that creating one at Logojoy is the way to go. 

Although I like my logo I have made, I think for me, and my fussy ways, the symbols are a little basic for my liking and there are limits to how far you can take your logo. It would be a perfect way of making if you didn't want to wait for one to be made and you could simply knock out out quickly. Maybe If I didn't already have ideas in my head, then creating one with Logojoy would have been great for me. 

Would you use a Logo Generator like Logojoy to create your Logo? 

*I was invited to review the package and compensated for my time but all views are my own*


  1. It's a really nice logo. They did a really good job x

  2. I would definitely use it. I'm happy enough to build images from scratch, but I find having a range of options helps give me more ideas.

  3. I would use it - it seems like a good idea and easy to use!

  4. It sounds simple enough but as you say it didn't choose the colours you selected, and added two apostrophes, I love the logo you designed xxx

  5. Nice colour.

    Rachel Craig

  6. This is handy to know about, will have to have a go

  7. I would do a logo for my children

  8. Had a quick look at at the website.

    Rachel Craig

  9. Will you perhaps consider making use of some other logo /s for e.g. your Photography, etc?

    Rachel Craig

  10. Good options on the website.

    Rachel Craig