Thursday 5 October 2017

Simple Makeup Techniques for Mums - With Urban Decay

Put your hand up if your a mum who doesn't have a clue when it comes to how best to apply make up? (Raises own hand) 

I am clueless and usually doing my makeup consists of a brush stoke here, and a brush stroke there. Not only do I not know a good way to apply my makeup, but I really don't find the time to do a really nice look. 

But I have always wanted to be better at doing my makeup and so I have asked makeup artist Stacy from to show me a few makeup tips that I can share with you all. 

I wanted to concentrate on the eyes mostly for this lesson and so Stacy had a great look in mind when it came to a beautiful day time look for the eyes that was simple to do. 

I have been lucky enough to have been sent some of the Naked Palettes from Urban Decay and so for the eye makeup for this look we are using the palette Naked 3. 

The first thing that is recommended to use is a decent primer. Now before this makeup lesson with Stacy, I didn't have a clue what a primer was and so for all the mums out there that also don't know, it is a base makeup product that you apply before your makeup. A primer makes your makeup last longer and also creates a good base to make sure the makeup goes on easily and also blends well. Urban Decay do a Eyeshadow Primer Potion and so this is what we have used first. 

After you have applied the primer, we are on to our first eye shadow step. 

The Base
For the base its good to use a very natural and not over powering shade so we used the shade 'Strange' on the Urban Decay Palette. The base goes on the eye lid all the way to the eye brow and gives a nice even coverage. Then on to step two.

Transition Shade
The second step is meant to give the eye more definition. It is applied just under the brow bone where the crease of the eye is. You are wanting to do a sweeping motion from left to right. For this we used the shade 'Limit" from the palette. This should be a darker shade than the base colour and you should now be able to notice a darker shadow where the crease is. 

Outer Shade 
Next we are looking to add the outer shade which should add even more definition to the eye. You simply add this to the outer corner of the eyes. You are wanting to use a darker shade than the last and so this time we used 'Nooner' from the palette. 

Inner Shimmer 
The next step is to open the eye more by adding a highlight. This is added to the inner corner of the eye. You are looking to add a more lighter shimmery shade for this part and so we have chosen to add 'Dust'. This look is so simple that there is only one more step to complete before the eye shadow part will be finished and that is by adding step 4. 

Top Liner 
This goes above the eyelashes in a sweeping line. It defines all of the eye area by creating a shadow. You are looking for a really dark shade for this step and so we used 'Dark Heart'. This is probably what I think is the most tricky part to the look but doable with practice. This is the last step for the eye shadow and your eyes should now have a really nice look to them. 

So after you have applied the eye shadow, add mascara for your finishing touch and your eyes should be ready for any daytime event. 

Here is what the finished results look like and although we have a young model for our example, this look can be perfect for any age. 

I have since tried the technique on myself and it is easy to do though I still need a little practice. 

Are you any good at doing your own makeup? 

Do you think you would try to do this makeup look? 

Thank you to - Studio with
Stacy Hartley - Makeup
Chelsey Hartley - Hair
And Model - Imogen Rose Edmondon


  1. Fantastic tips, I have no idea, I usually just apply eye liner, shadow and mascara with lip gloss, I hear contouring etc and don't have a clue xXx

  2. I hardly wear makeup anymore as I never go anywhere 🙄

  3. Think I need to practice
    I do use a primer and find if great
    It's the top liner I never get right
    Thanks for the tutorial

  4. I am not very good at makeup and they make it look so easy!

  5. Im not the best at wearing makeup and i would try this makeup as it looks very light and simple

  6. Not great. Like the look shown above. Would be nice for a special event etc.

    Rachel Craig

  7. Very good tips - I'm useless with makeup!

  8. I am useless when it comes to makeup

  9. I am 38 now and still haven't a clue how to apply foundation and concealer

  10. I don't even own much makeup I think it's just one of everything 😂

  11. Wish I had the time and inclination to make the effort with makeup. I doubt I would make a good job of it if I tried.

  12. This gets me thinking about Christmas it's the only time I wear makeup these days

  13. That looks lovely! Since having kids I stick with the same quick routine but I do enjoy spending more time/using different products to go out

  14. Gorgeous look! I love Urban Decay. I also struggle with makeup, but I find using a primer makes a huge difference.