Saturday 23 September 2017

Little Tikes - Sandy Lagoon Waterpark Review

Ever since attending sand parks and going to the beach on holiday, Lily has just been obsessed with playing with sand. Its now something she is asking to do at home and so we were lucky enough to get offered to review this Sandy Lagoon Waterpark toy from Little Tikes. 

I am about as excited as Lily about this toy. Just look at it. For a sand and water play toy it is just amazing. 

It is quite large at 82cm by 76cm but when put together it offers so much for play. 

It has 2 sides to it. One for water play and one for sand play. The sand play section comes with a lid. In the middle there is 2 water slides and at the water side there is a diving board and a dump bucket to pour and dump water into. Then at the sand side there is a sand spinner that you pour the sand onto. 
It also comes with a 2 in one rake and shovel and a little cup for pouring.

Another added bonus to this water park is that it comes with 2 characters for play. The characters also have a dingy to float around the water in and can slide down the slides by pressing a button at the back.

All the items are so colourful and so child friendly and made with a real sturdy plastic. The side with the water also has a plug so you can drain away the water when you have finished. 

We put this toy toggether for Lily the night before so then she would be able to play with it the next day. I got my partner to put it together and it did take some time, so I would recommend not doing it in front of your eager child. There were some parts that were easy to put together though. Like the legs that just slot in. 

When Lily got home from nursery I got it out for her to play with. She was so excited! We poured some sand into the sand area and some water into the water area. It holds quite a lot of water and sand and so at this point I didn't fill it fully with water and we need to go out and buy some more sand. I only bought a small bag. 

Lily got stuck in with playing with it straight away. She was using the scoop to scoop and pour the sand and would pour it into the spinner section. Unfortunately the spinner didn't seem loose enough and wouldn't spin around and we had to do this our selfs with our hands. Which was a shame as Lily said "its not working". It worked when we used wet sand though and so it does seem to need a lot of weight to spin. 

Lily really loved the water area which was quite a surprise to me. Usually she enjoys playing with the sand more but she was really enjoying scooping and pouring the water with the cup. She loved the dump bucket and filled it up and loved pouring it over the characters heads. But her favourite thing to do was make the characters slide down the slide. She got so much enjoyment out of seeing them go splash! 
I really love how much it does remind me of going to a water park. Its great for a sand and water toy to have a theme to it. 

I can really see Lily having hours of fun with this for years to come. Really hoping for a dry autumn so we can get our coats on and play out with it. 

You can buy the Sandy Lagoon Waterpark from the Little Tikes Website at a price of £69.99. 

Does your child love sand and water play? 
What would there favourite feature be of the Sandy Lagoon Waterpark? 


  1. Saw this on your instagram feed - it looks lovely, It might go on my christmas list :)

  2. My children love playing in the sand and water They would like the slide

  3. This looks like fun, love the diving board.

  4. My Megan loves water and sand play, they have a water wall in school and last year she came home everyday with her sleeves and Cardigan soaking half way up her chest and arms, she also has a sand and water table at home she loves plying with in the garden, its a nightmare to clean after winter though xXx

  5. This is really cute, a great toy for little ones! I love keeping the messy play outdoors!!