Thursday 15 June 2017

5 Funny Little Things About Lily

Our children are always doing something funny. One minute they can be playing up and your cross at them and the next you can't help but smile or laugh at something funny they have said or done. I think its moments like these where you look at your child and just think "I Love You".

So here are 5 funny things that Lily does that make me chuckle.

1. Lily's Singing 

Lately Lily has started to sing. She has only just started to get better at talking so when she sings, you can generally make out the tune of the song and some of the words she is singing but its not always the correct words or in the correct order. Or she does tend to sing the same words over and over again. For example, she knows the first 2 lines of row row your boat which she just repeats. Then lately she has been singing just one line from a Doc Mcstuffin song. She also sings "heads shoulders knee's and toes, and Ears and Nose and Mouth and Nose". Haha. Im sure she will pick it up in no time but for the moment its so funny and cute hearing her sing this way. 

2. Wearing My Underwear
If I let Lily anywhere near my underwear, thats it. Its on. She generally ends up with bra's and knickers around her waist and on her head and then she starts dancing around in them. I swear I don't dance around in my underwear so Im not sure where she gets this from. But its a funny sight to see. 

3. "I like that" 
Lately Lily has taken to liking everything she finds. She points to things and says she likes them. Usually its toys in a toy shop or on a advert. Or places we go or food she eats. But the other day we were sorting through mine and my partners laundry. Putting them away into drawers. As we do this all of a sudden Lily picks up a pair of my partners boxer shorts and loudly says "OOOoooooo!!!!! I Like these". I laughed so much. They really wern't anything special for boxer shorts. 

4. Freddie Eats Bees 
Lately Lily has made friends with a spider that lives in our house. Its not the big black spiders that I can't stand but a thinner one and Lily seems to like it. Lily is terrified of flies (which she calls bee's). So her daddy told her that the spiders name is freddie and he eats bee's. So now freddie is her best friend. She talks about him all the time and then she will walk around the house shouting for him and telling me "Freddie Eats Bees". Also when she see's a smaller spider its now a baby Freddie. Im not sure where Freddie has gone lately. Not seen him for a while. He tends to go and then come back to visit. 

5. Lily's Answer to Everything 
Lily always has the answer to life's questions. Even the other day she replied to a question with her usual answer to everything. "Lily what did you do today at Nursery?" Lily answers "Ham". Ham seems to be her answer that she just says no matter what your asking her. I think its when she doesn't understand the question she says it. "Lily how old are you? Lily says "Ham". Sometimes if you ask her the same question again, she will then change her answer to "cheese". She cracks me up when she does this. 

There are probably so many funny little things that Lily does that I could write about but I would be here all day.

I want to hear all about what other children do and say that is funny. So Im tagging Jenna from Chic Geek Diary, Rebecca from
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What do your children say or do that is funny? 


  1. 😊 My daughter never wore my underwear. Love your post.

  2. That made me smile
    O have a massive you spider pinned to out outdoor fence and my nephew loves it as I tell him he tells good stories-og he sees one in the house he has a melt down 😁

  3. Great post. My son Is so cheeky and smiles all day makes my jaw ache as it's infectious. My eldest loves telling jokes I just wish he didn't tell the same one over and over again!

  4. Haha awww, isn't it lovely to watch them develop and start doing all these new things that you find amusing x

  5. Aww your daughter is adorable! Love Freddie Eats Bees as well what a great way to make her not be afraid of spiders as well.

  6. This is so cute! Loved learning about the little cute things she gets up to. I'm sure she'll look back on this post and have a giggle when she's older.

    Amanda |

  7. Oh this made me giggle - Pickle says the most hysterical things - you couldn't make it up could you? Kaz :)

  8. This post made me smile its lovely when kids do such funny things. My 2 year old likes to keep saying "I did an ooh ahh"

  9. Aww this is so sweet. Calling flies bees is so cute!

  10. Love what you wrote about Lily singing. My toddler is constantly singing, usually the Pawl Patrol theme song or Mother Goose nursery rhymes. They're so cute at this age, aren't they?

  11. Awww .. what a sweetie! When my kids were two, they were a hoot. I had to smile at her favorite word (Ham). My grandson does this too, but his word is "Hi" You'll have to make sure you video some of her happy ham moments .. she'll love to see them when she's a mom of her own. x

  12. Aww, she's so cute! I love the little things that they say and do at this age :)

    Louise x

  13. She's absolutely beautiful, Megan loves singing too, she also called flies bees, I think it's because of the buzzing annoying ones, I love the ham answer too, children are so funny, Megan has her 1st wobbly tooth today, her face was an absolute picture when I told her it was wobbly, she's wanted the tooth fairy to visit since she was 2, she said if I eat an apple it will come out, but it's only a little wobbly so may take a while, although I can see her now in school wiggling it all day xxx