Thursday 25 May 2017

Celebrating STEM - Maths, Learning Resource Number Turtles Review

As you may know from reading my other posts. This month along side Learning Resources, I am celebrating all things STEM. If you are unsure what S.T.E.M stands for it's Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. This week is Maths week and as well as carrying out our own activities for maths, I have a really great maths toy from Learning Resources to review for you. 

Learning Resources sent me their tub of Number Turtles to try out with Lily. Lily is getting really good with her numbers now and can count to 10. What i'm next wanting to focus on with her is counting how many there are of things, and recognising the numbers themselves. 

These Snap n Learn Number Turtles are perfect for just that. 

They come in a really handy tub, which means that they can be stored toggether. When I received them I loved the look of them and how cute and colourful they were. I knew Lily was going to really enjoy them. 

Inside the tub are 5 big turtles and 5 small turtles. They are all different colours and the colours of the big turtles match the little ones. They are incredibly cute. Lily has a hole thing of loving anything that is small and babylike at the moment and was loving how cute and small they were. They are also made from a really good quality plastic and are definetly a toy that is going to last and not break.

On each of the small turtles is a number from 1 to 5, and on the larger turtles there are shapes in different amounts. The colours match up to, So the red number 1 baby turtle matches the large number 1 turtle.

The numbers are shown really clearly on the little turtles and are easily readable. 

The next thing I learnt about these turtles is that the shells of the big ones comes off. The idea behind them is that you match the little turtles with the big one and put the little one inside its shell. Its such a cute idea. I love it. 

The shells are easy to pull off the turtles and easy to clip back on, they also stay on really well too. Lily found no difficulty with playing with them and could do it all by herself. 

I think the amount of maths learning that you can get with these turtles is brilliant. The obvious one you first think of is the counting, and matching the numbers to the correct marks on the large turtles and also recognising numbers. But they are also leaning shapes, and about big and small. Also volume because they are learning they can only fit 1 baby turtle in each shell.

Of corse your child can also learn colours and matching the colours toggether but this is something that I wish wasn't a big feature of the turtles. I do find that because the turtles are so colourful and Lily is so good with her colours that she may be focusing on that a little to much. I think I would of preferred them to be white and maybe only the markings and numbers in colour. So at times I wasn't sure she was matching them because of the numbers or because of the colours. I do believe thought that the more Lily matches the colours, the more she will recognise that the number on the baby turtle, is the same amount of markings. 

This is a great toy that your child can play with alone or you can support their learning by playing with them. For example I sat with Lily and got a baby turtle, I asked her what number was on the turtle. She got them all right apart from number 5 which she called 3. We then counted the markings on the turtles. Lily can count them really well and so when she had counted EG 3 marks on the green turtle, I would then get her to point out which baby turtle was number 3. She did really well with this and we placed all the baby turtles in the shells.

Lily so far only knows what a square and a circle is. So learning the rest of the shapes will be great with these toys. I only wish that maybe the baby turtles had small shapes on too so then we could match them up by shape.

Lily has been playing with these all week and I know she loves them. I think they are a really great toy for a fun introduction to maths.

You can buy Number Turtles from the Learning Resource website and they retail at £16.50. They are recommended for ages 2-6 years old.

What do you think about these Number Turtles? Is this something you would consider buying to help teach your child Maths?


  1. These look so cute! Such a good idea for helping kids learn maths. My niece and nephew would love these.

  2. My 2 and a half year old would love these. What a pity they only go up to five though, is there a bigger set available?

  3. Oh how creative, fun way for little ones to be introduced to numbers, your suggestion of the shapes is a good one. X

  4. Those turtles certainly look like a good way to learn counting, enjoy them together :)

  5. What a cute little learning toy - so sweet for little hands.

  6. Oh these are just so cute! I would definitely have bought them for Pickle. Kaz

  7. I think the number turtles is such a good way of aiding stem learning. Not to mention how cute they are x

  8. They look really nice! One of my nanny charges struggles with learning his colours and I think he would enjoy playing with these in the bath!

  9. Ashleigh Allan22 July 2017 at 07:49

    This is brilliant. Love learning toys

  10. I think they are fantastic, I would definitely buy them to help my children xxx

  11. Love these turtles, great way to learn colours and numbers.