Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Photography Post - April

As well as working hard being a mummy to Lily, one of the other things I do is photography. I shoot lots of different things, fashion, weddings, photo journalism, though at the moment not getting much time to shoot. 

To keep my head in photography I have decided to do a blog post a month all about my photography, you can see March's post here

So here is my Photography post for April. I wish I had some lovely spring photographs for you but unfortunately I do not. I did really want this months post to be about something amazing I shot over the last month but again, the month escaped leaving me not having chance to do any photography. Im actually going to be looking at buying myself a smaller camera that takes amazing photographs that I can carry around a lot easier than my bulky DSLR I have.

But saying all that, this months post is actually going to be something I shot this month. Just I took the photographs with my phone. A few things that I really appreciate when i'm out and about is light and location. I was on a long day traveling when the train stations made for some nice photographs. The first I just loved the light coming in creating an abstract pattern onto the floor from the windows and shadows of people. I could not resist taking a photograph of it. Then I looked up to the ceiling and the large glass windows looked great with the cloudy sky in the background. I most definitely would have taken more photographs but my next train arrived and so I jumped on that. 

It was later at another train station that I just loved the location. The long hallway leading out from the platforms just had such character. I just had to take some photographs. 

To me photography isn't always what you take the photograph on, but how you make use of the camera you have, the light around you and how you capture the subject you are photographing. 

So here are my 4 photographs for this month. 

What do you enjoy taking Photographs of? 


  1. Youve made what could be dull boring pictures into ones that are so appealing
    True -its not what you take its how

  2. These are great photographs. I loved the ones I saw on Instagram.
    I like taking photographs of a variety of themes. Of course, I enjoy photographing my daughter. I prefer when I manage to take unposed pictures that show her personality. I also occasionally like taking pictures of flowers. And I really enjoy scenery when traveling. I find it challenging and fun to find different views of iconic locations.

  3. I recently bought a cheap set of clip on lenses for my phone (I do have a DSLR) as a little experiment :) I love using the macro lens to snap photos of the flowers in my garden, so much fun :)

  4. I used to enjoy taking photographs of the family, pets, holiday snaps etc. On hindsight it was the resulting memories, and sharing the snaps and memories with others. There can also be an enjoyment in particular aspects of photography as you mention. I found out some of those aspects when doing a digital photography course a few years ago.

    Personally I would highly recommend doing a photography course, as there is much to gain for individuals etc. I tend to agree with you that have camera, take shot. Or make the most of the moment, make use of the camera knowing it's limitations as well as it's benefits. Adjusting camera lens etc can take time, when the image in front is altering etc. Thanks for sharing your photographs and experiences of photography.

    Rachel Craig

  5. These photos are excellent. You should certainly take more. I enjoy taking pictures of day to day life, but always feel I could take more. Most of my pictures are taken on holidays when I have more time!

  6. When I went with my children to Blackpool last year they were standing in front of a peer so I decided to take a picture and I got the most amazing shot ever. I was so pleased with myself because I didn't intend on taking a good picture. I took this on my phone too :-) hope you like it .