Thursday 6 April 2017

Lily's Potty Training Success

A few weeks ago I posted about Lily starting to potty train. We were sent a special Potty from My Carry Potty and a Potty Training box from the Potty Training Academy. You can read my post of what we got here

We started by introducing her to the idea of the potty. The Potty Training Academy really helps this by having a really great story and cartoon to watch which shows 2 children get potty trained. 

I let Lily get used to having her potty and get used to sitting on it first. We used Huggies pull ups for a few weeks while we did this. 

Last Saturday we decided to do the ultimate and get rid of the pull ups. Wearing them, Lily wasn't going to get the idea that she was not meant to wee in them and instead wee in her potty. It was time for her to wear some big girl pants. 

So Saturday afternoon when we were free, we put her in some Peppa Pig Knickers and I told her that she can't wee in them and instead needs to use the potty. This didn't quite sink in because soon after she had her first accident. She was really shocked by the wee hitting the floor and going down her legs and really didn't seem to like it. 

We changed her and I again explained to her that she needed to do a wee on the potty now. At this point I showed her the chart and said she gets a sticker if she does a wee on the potty. 

Not long after, Lily did another wee in her knickers, then later another. At this point it felt like she wasn't going to get the hang of it. As wonderful as the sticker chart from The Potty Training Academy was, it wasn't enough incentive for Lily to wee on the potty and so I upped this by offering her a chocolate button if she did a wee on the potty. Soon after I noticed that Lily was squeezing her legs toggether and so I grabbed her and placed her on the Potty. Thats when she did her first wee. She was really impressed and giggled as she did it. 

I praised her, and we put a sticker on the chart and she got her chocolate button. 

The afternoon ended with 3 accidents and one wee on the potty and so I was just glad that she had done at least 1.

So Sunday we started the day by placing her in knickers and there was no going back to pull ups apart from bedtime. I was hopeful that we would get more wee's on the potty. It wasn't smooth sailing and we had a total of 6 accidents but 3 wee's on the potty which again was improvement to saturday. 

One great difference to Sunday was that I managed to get Lily to do a Poo on the potty. This meant she could have a sticker on her chart but also got to dig her hand into her special magic reward box and pull out a treat. I had opened a pack of Ben and Hollie toys for her and so she got her own Nanny Plum figure. She was super happy, as was mummy!

Each day Lily has gotten better with less accidents than the last and more times on the potty. 

Monday she spent the day at my mums and even went out for a walk. The Carry Potty was great for her to be able to take with her. She didn't wee the entire time she was out, but did a few a few accidents when eating. We think this was because she was concentrating on eating so much she forgot. But the day ended with 3 wee's on the potty. 

Tuesday was a great day with only one big accident and 2 smaller ones. The night before she also woke at 4am and asked to go for a wee and did one on the potty which was her first night time wee. She also did another Poo which she asked to do and then ran for the potty. We were definetly seeing improvement. 

Wednesday was the first big day of no accidents and a ton of stickers on the chart. So many in fact that we could hardly fit them on the chart. Lily ended up sticking them on at the bottom of the sheet instead. She did 6 Wee's on the Potty and also 2 more in the night time. She is also now telling us when she needs to go. Today was exactly the same and a great day with so far no accidents and 6 wee's on the potty and a poo. 

Im really feeling like we have cracked potty training with Lily, and so Im hoping to keep it up all week and by the end of the week she will have her special Im Potty Trained certificate thats provided in the Potty Training Academy box. 

I will be sure to share a picture of Lily with her certificate soon. 


  1. what a fab idea , just about to start training my granddaughter
    il look for these ,

  2. It sounds like she's doing great with it. My daughter really struggled, and the children I work with are at differing levels of training. It's wonderful when the nappies are fully done.

  3. The chart is something that we tried but it didn't work for us. If you end up needing more potty training stickers I've got some left over :)

  4. Ahhh well done Lily! xx

  5. Jodie Thompson7 April 2017 at 10:46

    Love this! Well done Lily!

  6. Well done to Lily AND YOU x

  7. Well Done! A good development stage to have attained, as it is a time when we accept the child has grown, developed, matured and become more independent. It can then lead to a time of getting outdoors and socialising with the child without too much equipment and / or inconvenience.

    Rachel Craig

  8. Love this Well Done Lily!!

  9. Well done lily! Also well done mummy! Potty training can be so stressful sometimes! I never used the sticker charts with my son as he was such a quick learner but I'll definitely try this technique :)

  10. A great idea! I always dread potty training, will definitely try the chart and the reward box!