Monday 13 February 2017

Mid Month More About Me - February - My Doll Collection

Each month i'm going to write a short post which is a little bit more about me. I might write about hobbies, favourite things, things I hate, places I love. But each month it will be a post where my readers can find out a little more about the person behind the blog.

I thought a nice place to start my mid month more about me post would be to write all about my doll collection. 

I have been collecting dolls for 15 years now and my collection isn't as big as it used to be due to having to move and not having the space, but I do still own about 40 dolls that are all displayed nicely in my bedroom. My doll collection is worth well over £1000 and is currently growing due to having Lily and getting new interests in dolls I see. I had stopped collecting for a while but now I think i'm collecting for me and Lily. Honest. 

So the first doll I ever got was called a Living Dead Doll. Yes they are pretty much what they say in the title. They are freaky looking dead dolls that all sleep in coffins. Ive always been a little alternative and so these dolls totally caught my eye. At one point I had about 50 living dead dolls alone, all on shelves around my bedroom but I had to give some of them up so then I could move. They took up to much room. I now have 17 living dead dolls left and they are all sat in my glass cabinet instead of in coffins. One of my most special and exclusive living dead dolls I own is my Edward Scissor Hands doll that has the box signed by the doll makers themselves. I think it cost me £120 when I got it and so no idea what it would be worth now.

After collecting them for a few years my interest started swaying more to a different type of doll. These are called Blythe dolls and were a lot more expensive to start collecting. A Blythe Doll can range from £60 to hundreds of pounds, though the most i've ever spent is £150. Blythe dolls come from Japan and have big eyes and are made with a shiny plastic face and a barbie type plastic for the legs and body. They are really special in the way that there eyes change colour and direction when you pull a string on the back of there head. There are a lot of Blythe dolls to collect and you can get all sorts of different hair colours and clothing styles and themes. If you give them a google i'm sure lots will come up for you to see. I now have 12 Blythe dolls and 4 of them are custom made. 
These dolls I sent to a doll customiser who would change there hair and face and practically make them look any way you want. These are the dolls that have cost me about £150 in total.

Below is my gothic custom girl. She has different coloured eyes and even glow in the dark ones. She has a little skull on her eye lids and also piercings. Her hair has been replaced with mohair which is super soft and big. Her face has been sanded to get rid of that shine and then her lips also painted. I then buy little bits of clothing to finish the look. 

Then a few years ago I could not resist treating myself to another custom girl. But this time I wanted her to look totally different. I wanted green hair that was a bob and a sultry face with freckles. Her face got sanded and eyes made bigger. Her eye chips got changed to different colours. She got 2 strings to her back so her eyes can be pulled open and shut. She got some pretty makeup and eye lashes attached and she was then perfect. I love her so much and she is just what I wanted out of a custom doll. Here she is... 

I would love to get another one customised like this girl is. Hopefully one day I will be able to afford to get one again. But Lily gets more dolls bought for her than I buy myself nowadays.
I would also like to introduce you to another doll that is in my collection. He is my only boy that isn't a dead doll. He is a Taeyang Doll and cost me about £40. He is different to Blythe in the way that his body bends so you can pose him in what ever position you like. His eyes also close with a button at the back and they change direction with a little switch at the back. He is so cool that I just had to get him his own little outfit which cost me about £15. His little jeans, jacket and his top with his name on was all made especially for him. Here is Lei.

I do also have a few more different type dolls that I haven't mentioned that I just own one of and in the past I have collected a few that have now sadly been sold. But now I have had Lily I am finding out that Im still just as obsessed with dolls as I always have been. Lately I have started a few more collections and fallen in love with a few more types of dolls. Some that Im collecting on Lily's behalf and some secretly i'm collecting because I love them. 

Firstly I have fallen in love with Lottie Dolls. I just love how cute they are. They are delicate and pretty and all have there own little characters. I just can't help but want them all. So far I have 6 and 2 of them are the enchanted garden doll pictured below. I have one for me and one for Lily to play with.

Then there is Lalaloopsy. The first time I saw these I just loved them. Its great that Lily loves them to because its a nice guilt free collection I can start because I can buy them for her. Also with them having a hard head, their hair doesn't get messy causing me to have a small heart attack. I think its their button eyes I love. We only have 4 Lalaloopsy yet but I can see Lily having an amazing collection of these soon.

Last but not least I want to talk about 1 doll that I have just had to keep all to myself. Its a Project Mc2 Doll and I just love her hair, eyes and lashes. I have put all the other Mc2 dolls I have got for Lily away for when she is older but this girl just has to be mine.

So there you have it. My not so short post haha. Hope you have enjoyed reading about my dolls and hope I haven't started an expensive hobby for someone. 

So which of these dolls do you love the most? 


  1. eject MC2 is my fab as well. I kept all my barbues dolls don't think I can give them away.

  2. This is a great collection. Project Mc2 Doll is gorgeous and reminds me of an actress. Can't think of her name....
    I have a lot of toy cars, still boxed and untouched. My wife isn't very impressed and they reside in the attic... :(

  3. My daughter has quite a few of the project mc2 dolls, they are lovely! She also has about 60 monster high dolls which I love! The most precious doll we own is a Disney store villain doll, the evil queen, she cost about £60 and came in a display case and she is stunning. Must admit your Edward scissor hands doll creeps me out quite a bit! I absolutely love your green haired custom doll!!

  4. I like the doll with the green bob hairstyle. You mention her being custom made, have you not given her a name? She is nice in the photographs. Nice practice for your photography :- Well Done! Have you ever entered any photography competitions? As some of your photographs seem very good quality.

    Rachel Craig

    1. I have a degree in Photography. Entered a few competitions but never won lol.

  5. These are so cute
    You have a gorgeous collection -bet lily loves them all

  6. Nice variety of dolls in your collection.

    Rachel Craig