Friday 23 December 2016

4 Books Great for Your Kids This Christmas

As some of my readers may know, I do a monthly book review of what Lily and I have been reading over the month. This month because it was Christmas I got Lily some extra books that were winter and Christmas themed as well as introducing 4 new stories for bedtime. 

So at the end of this month there will still be our usual monthly roundup, but here are 4 more books that I think are great for your children this Christmas. 

1. Thats not my Snowman  - A Usbourne Touchy - Feely Book 
Lily has really loved these touchy feely books since she was a baby, and she still enjoys them now. If you are not familiar with the way these books are written then on each page it has a different image and saying. For example "thats not my snowman, his hat is too soft". The Snowman's hat will be soft to touch. Its a great way for children to learn with their senses and also as they get older learn different words for different feelings so example, soft, hard, fluffy. These books can be picked up from most high street stores and at the moment you should be able to find Christmas themed ones.

2. Stick Man - By Julia Donaldson
I first heard the story Stick Man on Tv last year when it was played over Christmas, Lily was only 1 year old so didn't take much notice in it, but I loved it so much that I had to go out and buy it. We haven't read it much since I bought it last Christmas as its quite a long story and its only now that Lily will happily sit and listen to longer stories. Its such a nice story of a stick family that live in a tree, and one day the daddy stick goes for a walk, he ends up in loads of trouble and far away from his family tree, but it does have a nice ending when santa finds him and takes him home. If you haven't read this or seen it on Tv I would recommend giving it a try. You can pick this up at most book stores. 

3. The Snowman - Raymond Briggs
I know that everyone knows about the snowman, So I don't really need to tell you the story but its only this year I decided to pick up the book. Just like the Tv show, there is no words, but as I know the story inside out from growing up with it, I just tell Lily the story that goes along with the pictures. She really enjoys this story though is a little sad at the sad ending when he melts. But I feel its one story all children should have. You can pick this up at WH Smiths along with other Christmas stories. 

4. Busy Santa - A Campbell Book
Lily has only just started to learn about Father Christmas and so I wanted to get her a book which Is all about Father Christmas. I found this busy Santa book which is all about what Father Christmas does delivering the gifts. Its a really fun pull, push and slide book where you can make father christmas do things like go down the chimney. Its lovely and colourful and brilliant illustrated and is a really nice book for your children to be able to enjoy themselves while they learn pull and push the slides. This book I got directly from Campbell, but you should easily be able to pick it up in stores and on amazon. 

Which of these Christmassy books do you like the sound of?

Head back in January to see what else we have been reading in December. 


  1. I like The Snowman - it's a classic!

  2. The snownan is the best. Love stick man too

  3. I love the snowman one. Like that range for children

  4. The Smowman :- Lovely picture story book.

    Rachel Craig

  5. That's Not My Snowman, sounds like a great book. Good way for little ones to learn:- Sensory. Touch, Tactile.
    Experiential :- Learning by / through Experience.

    Rachel Craig

  6. These are perfect for the little ones, have had the Stick Man thats a fab book