Friday 11 November 2016

Lily and her Colours

Lily has all of a sudden started to get really clever with her colours.
It was a few months ago she started to learn the colour blue. I heard her point to it and say blue. From then on, everything was blue to her when I asked. But she did seem to know the different colours as when I got out something with different colours on and asked her to point to red, or yellow. She could point to the correct ones.

So this is where I knew I should start helping her learn them. She is only nearly 2 years old so it wasn't something I was going to push but she seemed to enjoy learning them. So I thought I would do a few things to help.

Firstly I got out a few books that are based around colours.

These few books are all really good ones to aid learning. 


Blocks is all about red and blue, but also introduces green. Its a story all about 2 children playing with blocks, one child has red and one blue. But they both want each others blocks and so fight over them but then discover its more fun to build with both. The book repeats the colours over and over and the pages are filled with pictures of red and blue blocks. Then at the end, a new little boy comes to play and he has green blocks. 

Colour me Happy 

This book is all about colours and emotions. So it has a page of pictures of the tiger from the front all coloured red and says, "When i'm angry, colour me red". Then one thats blue and says "When i'm sad colour me blue". It also has the colours yellow, pink, grey, orange, green, and purple. This is a great one to start to introduce new colours after learning the primary ones. 

Bing - Paint Day 

This one has been a real big help for Lily learning her colours as she is a really big fan of Bing. Bing is painting with lots of different colours. It shows the word of the colour in big letter and then what that colour is great for. Like "Blue makes the sky above". Then it at the back has loads of different tins of paints with the colour under it and Lily loves to point at these and ask what colours they are. But now I ask her what the colours are and get her to point to certain ones. 

Talking about painting. This is also another activity we have been doing to help Lily learn her colours. As she is painting I always ask her what colour she is painting and I encourage her to use different ones. Sometimes we make a whole picture of oranges, or maybe pinks, just so she see's that colour more. 

You can also use every day life to help learn colours. For example Lily eventually learn the colour green, she would then point to the green wheelie bins and say green. But then we came to a brown one and so I had to teach her it wasn't green but brown. She soon picked it up and on the way home she was pointing to them all. "green bin, green bin, brown bin" 

Brown isn't one colour that has stuck since that day but Lily now knows Blue, Green, Pink, and Orange. But for some reason, apart from blue which she knows very well, when I ask her what colour something is, she always says green at first. But then I say "No, not green" and ask her again and she will say the colour. She says orange in the cutest way "osh onge" 

But she really can't seem to get red at all. Even when reading Blocks, she will point to the red block and say green. Im not sure why this colour isn't sinking in being one that is used a lot as a primary colour. But i'm sure she will get it soon. 

Next on the list is Lily learning her numbers. Amazingly with out me even meaning to teach her them she has already started to learn to count. She knows 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 and 10. So next is to find some number activities that I know she will enjoy to help her learn to count. 

Which colour did your child learn first? 


  1. These are perfect for learning
    So bright chrery and fun
    It was red first

  2. My daughter just started learning her colours these look good to tech them she bing 1 might have to get paint day on the Santa list

  3. My daughter just started learning her colours these look good to tech them she bing 1 might have to get paint day on the Santa list

  4. This is quite helpful, my little boy is nearly 21 months and I struggle to get him to say words. He's getting better these days but no where near being able to tell colours but I shall take some tips from your post!