Tuesday, 29 November 2016

4 Ways to Help make your Child's Party Fun! Plus Giveaway.

As you may have read in yesterdays post I had some great help in making Lily's second Birthday party the best party it could be. If not you can head here and read all about it. 

So today I have a great giveaway for you from 4 different companies to help make your child's next birthday a brilliant one! 

This prize is worth just under £100 and below is all about the 4 great companies that provide ways to make your child's party fun. 

1. Party Bags and Supplies - £30 to spend on their store. 

Party Bags and Supplies does exactly what it states in the title. It provides you with exactly what you need for a party. Wether it be decorations, cups and plates, tablecloths, balloons, or party bags they have a huge range of things to make up the perfect party. On the Party Bags and Supplies website everything is all about making your party just what you want it to be. You can easily make your party a themed party with all the different selections of characters and themes they have available. We were sent the Peppa Pig bundle which had a table cloth, cups, napkins and plates inside. Then we had 8 fun filled party bags also in the theme of Peppa. With this prize you are sure to pick up what you need for your child's next party. 

2. Caketoppers - Box of 6 Peppa Pig Cupcakes - Worth £8.99

I love the Cake Toppers website and think its perfect for all your cake needs. I straight away found the perfect cakes for Lily's party. Cake Toppers makes cakes with themes, personalisation and also you can place a photograph on the top if you would like. One great thing about Cake Toppers is that they are also available for last moment orders. Who knows when your own baking disaster may happen a few days before a party and your really needing cakes. Can't have a party with out some cake In my opinion. These cakes are particularly tasty to, as you will read in the main review linked at the top. Im sure your child is sure to love the Peppa cupcakes that Cake Toppers have on offer in this prize. 

3. Heavenly Organics - Hamper of Food Worth £30

With all the children at the party loading themselves up on sugar and going crazy, its really nice that Heavenly Organics do these sugar free tasty snacks for children. Not only are they sugar free but they also have no artificial colourings for flavours and no preservatives. Your children are really getting the good stuff here. The perfect thing about Heavenly organics being used as party food is that the children really won't know the difference between the food with the not so good stuff in, compared to the healthy food that Heavenly Organics offers. Their food is really inviting, especially the veggie waffles which are really colourful and so look great placed out on a party table. These snacks are a new must for your next party and I can assure you from my party that they will definetly go down well. Heavenly will be sending the winner a hamper with a selection of their yummy healthy snacks. 

4. Eat Sleep Doodle -  Large Doodle Tablecloth Worth £40 

There is always so much to do at parties. Eat Sleep Doodle have just provided one more thing that I think is the perfect activity for any child's party. No matter what the age. All children love to draw and so this Doodle table cloth is such a great way to have fun at a party. For Lily's party I placed the tablecloth away from where they would be eating, but I think for older children it would be a great way for them all to be sat around this party table and as they eat their party food they can doodle away and maybe even design their own placemats. The doodle cloth when bought can be used over and over as its washable. Its something that can be brought out for every party year after year. No body gets bored of drawing. I think that this is a great new activity for parties and one lucky winner will get a large tablecloth sent to them perfect for the next party they hold. 

For a chance to win all of this. Enter on the Rafflecopter below. 

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Terms and Conditions 
1 Winner will receive 4 prizes
Prize amounts to around £100
Uk Only
Companies will supply the prize


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  11. sounds lovely, bet she loved it :-D

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