Monday 17 October 2016

Yankee Candle - Holiday Party Event

I was really pleased to receive an invite to the Yankee Candle Holiday Party event and planned my trip into london for the day straight away. It was something I definitely wasn't going to miss. 

Having a nice little collection of Yankee Candles at home I couldn't wait to see what candles they had for me to see, smell and love.

I arrived at the Holiday Party venue and was greeted with a lovely glass of Prosecco. Which was a lovely little treat. The first thing I noticed as I walked through the door was the lovely smell of the room. It also looked so warm and inviting and everything was laid around the room so beautifully. They had beautiful candles on a long dining room table showing how Yankee Candles can make wonderful Christmas table decorations and even centre pieces. Perfect for the Christmas meal. 

I also got to have a good look at their advent calendars. Ive always loved the look of them and always wanted one. I love the idea of being able to open a window to candle a day and see what scent I get. Perfect way to start Christmas for any Yankee Candle fan. The calendars also look really pretty, perfect to keep on display. 

Scents are such a important part of Christmas for me. There are so many smells that make you think of Christmas and then smells can also remind you of Christmas's of the past and help keep memories alive. There is nothing nicer than sitting in all cosy in your home at Christmas and lighting a candle with a nice relaxing smell. Its also the perfect way for a mummy to switch off after looking after the kids, by lighting a nice candle, and putting her feet up with a classic christmas film on.

At the event their was 4 lovely looking candles for us to smell at a smelling station they had set up for us. 

These scents were - 
All is Bright
Star Anise and Orange
Festive cocktail
Macaron Treats

All is bright is the scent that filled the room at the event. I must say I can understand why they chose this as its definetly the scent I would burn all Christmas long. The scent is really warm and so relaxing and very inviting. Also not too over powering.

Star Anise and Orange is a fruitier scent, and you can really smell the star anise scent in it.

Festive Cocktail has a really nice berry smell. This one reminded me of Christmas the most.

Macaron Treats is exactly what it says. There is no mistaking this scent for the smell of Macarons. Its such a sweet scent and I must admit, if I had this one burning I may have to sit with a bowl of Macarons to eat along side it. The perfect excuse right?

So when it came to choosing my favourite I was torn between 2 of these scents. I loved the Festive Cocktail. Was such a nice Christmas scent and I love the deep red candle as well. Red always reminds me of Christmas. But the All is Bright had to be the winner in my eyes. Such a calming scent that is perfect to constantly burn each day around the festive times. I could really see this scent making my home feel much more cosy for Christmas.

So after I have told you a little about these candles. Which do you think would be your favourite? 


  1. Star anise and orange sounds Devine
    I love them all

  2. Star anise and orange sounds Devine
    I love them all

  3. I love Yankee Candles. I can't wait to buy my festive ones - they make me feel very Christmassy xxx

  4. Macaron treats sounds like it will smell amazing!

  5. Love the advent calendar
    Would be amazing if someone bought me this beauty

  6. Love the advent calendar
    Would be amazing if someone bought me this beauty

  7. I really like the advent calendar - great idea

  8. I just love the sweet smelling candles. They make atmosphere of place so pleasing. Glad to know about these Yankee candles. Planning a holiday event at one of awesome event venues Chicago. Will definitely have these candles for decoration.