Thursday 13 October 2016

The Bratz Instapets Doll Review

Bratz dolls have just launched there new instapets collection. Bratz have always been very fashionable taking their inspiration from many things and this time their fashion sense is all about their instapets. Which is their Spirit animal. They are all dressed from head to toe in a cute outfit that has the theme of their instapet.

I think all the dolls look so cute dressed in their animal themed outfits, and I especially love the headbands. But me and Lily mostly had our eye on Raya who is dressed as a Bee. Lily has always been a big fan of Bee's and even has her own little Bee outfit. So it was the perfect choice.

Raya has a cute little stripy skirt on, some matching yellow and black shoes and a bee headband. Then a little blue top to break up the amount of yellow and black she has on. Its such a nice little outfit.

Raya also come with sunglasses, a phone, and yellow hairbrush. As well as her Instapet Bee. 

Before I gave Lily the doll I just had to dress her up in her little bee outfit so she was also in the style of instapets. Then Lily was happy to let me take a few photographs of her. Although Lily is a little young to be really into Bratz yet she actually fell in love with Raya. She recognised that she was dressed as a Bee and loved her little headband, she brushed her hair and also was showing the doll the Bee toy that it came with. So cute to see her enjoying it and she has actually been playing with her since I gave it her. Lily has always been really gentle with her toys and always enjoyed toys that are for children a little older than her. I think I will let her play with her when i'm watching and find a nice place in her bedroom for Raya to sit.  

Raya and the other dolls are all £21.99 and can be bought from

Which of the dolls do you like and what would be your spirit animal? 


  1. Both cuties
    Lily has a beautiful friend forever with the look on her face

  2. These are lovely. My spirit animal would be an elephant - such a wise animal x

  3. Our little one would probably choose the bee. She's a lover of all the tiniest animals - calls them her 'precious creatures' :) 💗 I'd be one of the big cats.