Wednesday 14 September 2016

Music and Lily

Music has always been an important part of growing up for Lily. I started playing music to Lily when she was in the womb. I had a little teddy that played a lullaby and she would always kick more and move more if I played it. I was actually doing a little experiment to see if maybe that when she came out and was upset would the music that she has heard every night comfort her. I would really love to say it did, but after she was born I didn't notice any difference to how she acted to that lullaby to any other tune.

It was when she was only a few weeks old did I find the right music for her that kept her happy, and that was Abba! If I needed to get something done I would lay her on the bed and get a Abba album up on you tube and play it. She would lay so contently just listening to the music and sometimes she would drift of to sleep. It was a instant baby soother and even stopped her crying. 

Lily has always enjoyed listening to music and also making music. She has drums and xylophones and lots of other instruments that she loves to use and has been using them for the last 18 months. When Lily was a baby I made her a sensory basket and so in there was plenty of things she could make noise with.

 As soon as Lily knew how to clap she would always applaud music. I remember one time we was at a family social club and there was a band playing, and after each song she was the only one clapping and applauding the band. 

Ive always found ways to introduce music into Lily's life and although i'm a terrible singer i've always sung to her. My favourite being "you are my sunshine" Singing to her has always calmed her and it was always a special thing to hold her in my arms and have her look up at me while I sang. It was a nice feeling that it was my voice that was calming her. 

I would also often sing nursery rhymes to her that were a little more upbeat and Twinkle Twinkle has now become her favourite. She now knows the actions and you will hear her singing the tune to herself. Its great to know that its again singing to her that has taught her to sing and enjoy music. 

You now really can't stop Lily moving to music. There are tunes on Cbeebies that always get her moving and I've even found her having a bop to the tune of countdown one day. Quite understandable, it is quite a catchy tune. Lily now has a Disney CD and I will often put it on so we can have a dance together. I recently introduced her to MY music. Which is Rock music. I don't listen to it very often anymore as my partner doesn't like it and we generally have the Tv on or Lily's music. But one day I thought I would give it a go and see what she thought. She loved it! I was super proud to watch her move about to it. She has obviously got some taste. But then again, I think anything loud and with a funky beat that she can move to and she would be happy. 

I do plan to carry on the music journey for Lily and I'm really looking forward to her 2nd birthday party as Ive hired a DJ who is going to Disco up some Disney songs and some Cbeebies songs and some of her favourites. Its going to be so good to watch her enjoy the music and have a good dance. 

I think its really important to have music in your child's life and so I was very happy to fill in this 10 min survey all about music in the home. Its research for how much in family life is music actually used in the home and introduced to the children living there.
They are still looking for parents with children under 5 to fill it in so if you could please spare 10 min to do so then that would be great.

There are even links to some free music to download at the end.

Click here to get involved.

I would love to know how you introduce music into the home?

Whats was the first thing your child listened to? 


  1. I look at this survey later
    Was talking to my neice about the joys of music as her baby is due any day now

  2. I look at this survey later
    Was talking to my neice about the joys of music as her baby is due any day now

  3. I love the effect music has on kids. My twin nephews who are almost 2 absolutely love ACDC, whenever they are having a strop, my sister sticks them on and they almost instantly go quiet and start dancing x

  4. I love the fact that she loves Abba and Rock music! Your girl has good taste!

  5. And all I am thinking how awesome her second birthday party will be? X she is such a sweetheart

  6. My husband liked to play country music when our little one was in the womb - and still does.
    I do love some Abba!

  7. Yes, music is so important, I used to sing to my boy when he was young, and played him songs all the time.

  8. I don't have kids myself but I remember I would always hear music through disney movies or things like Grease when I was younger. But there was always music going on at my nan's house x

  9. I think that music is so important to a childs development. I don't have any children but I remember my house always being filled with music as I grew up. One of my most fave memories!

    Lottie xx

  10. How brilliant that she likes rock music, she definitely does have good taste! I remember hearing music in the house all the time when I was very young and it really is something that stays with you. xx