Wednesday 1 June 2016

Our Monthly Book Roundup - What We have Been Reading In May

This month has gone fast, doesn't feel like two minutes since I was writing the last book round up. 

I've now created a link so you can see the past monthly round ups. You can see them here

Each month I'm going to be doing a round up of the new books we have read over the month. I Love reading to Lily and I read to her every night before bed. We have a lot of books and I could easily read new ones to her every night but I find the repetition of them being the same books really help to relax her and doesn't get her to excited. That being said it would drive me even more insane to read the same books for a entire year and so I plan to try to introduce at least four new books into our bedtime reading each month.

Here are this months books. 

1. Keith, The Cat with the Magic Hat - By Sue Hendra
I found this book in a charity shop in perfect condition. Only cost me £1 to buy and Lily loves it. I did find it excited her a little to much before bedtime though so its much better as a daytime story. But it is a really good fun story. Archie the cat is merrily minding his own business and a ice cream lands on his head. He gets teased and decides to tell all the other cats that it is actually a magic hat. The other cats put him to the test and things happen and it seems likes the magic hat is actually working. They get into a sticky situation with a dog and in the end its the fact that its a ice cream and not a hat that saves them.
Lily's favourite thing about this book is that it has bees in it that go Bzzzzzzzzz. Which has lead to Lily loving bees. She buzzes when she see's them in pictures and shouts BEE at the top of her voice. She also saw a tiny fly in the house and was pointing shouting Bee Bee. haha."Not quite a bee Lily, But close" Bless
The book is also super colourful with colourful cats and that really keeps Lily interested. It was definitely her favourite for the month.

2. Bing, Paint Day - By Ted Dewan
Lily's new favourite Tv character is Bing. So its only fair that I read a Bing story to her this month. We did stick to daytime for this book though as Bing definitely gets her excited. As the title states the book is all about Bing having a paint day. If you know the episodes on TV, you would know that the day doesn't always go perfect for Bing and little accidents occur. This book is all about Bing having a great time painting, but then spills the paint. What Lily loves about the book is that it shows lots of different colours and on one page it shows different paint pots with the colours next to them. Lily will point to a pot and want me to tell her the colour. Its great for helping children learn there colours. 

3. Archie Snufflekins Oliver Valentine Cupcake Tiberius Cat - By Katie Harnet and Flying Eye Books
We were sent this book from Flying Eye Books and we have to say its our favourite that we have been sent so far. I love the drawings in the book, they are drawn so well and have a nice classic book illustration feel to them. The story is all about a cat, he doesn't have a home, or a name but everyone on the street treats him like their own and gives him a name. He visits all the homes except one. One that belongs to a old lady and that house is so quiet it doesn't seem to get noticed. One day the cat ends up there and goes inside. The people in the street go looking for the cat but can't find it, in the end they look in the one place he could be which is the ladies home and he is there keeping her company. Its such a lovely story and really reminds me of how cats choose there homes and also how older people sometimes find a best friend in a cat. In the story thanks to the cat she ends up gaining lots of new friends to. Its a really beautiful story. 

4. There's a cow in the cabbage patch - By Claire Beeton
We picked this one up at from a stall at a event. I had a lot of lovely choice to choose from but this one I liked because it was about farm animals and Lily has started to take such a interest in farm animals. The book is a board book which is great as it means Lily can easily turn the pages while we read. The story has a lovely rhyme to it which makes it nice and easy to read. Its all about the animals not being in the right places and the book keeps repeating "What Shall We do??" Its a nice short book which we always like as stories that are to long don't hold Lily's attention for to long. There is a part in the book that confuses Lily though as it talks about a Dove, but the picture looks like a Owl and Lily knows what a Owl looks like and always points to it saying Owl. So I do replace the word dove for owl when reading it to her. 

Which of these books do you like the sound of the most? 


  1. There's a cow in the cabbage patch sounds like a good read, especially since my little sister loves farm animals too!

  2. The story about archie the cat sounds really sweet x

  3. What cute books, the cow in the cabbage patch one looks adorable especially as my little nephew loves animals x

  4. What some great sounding books - I love the sound of Keith the cat with a magic hat - how fun! x

  5. They all sound like pretty great books. I'd like to read There's a cow in the cabbage patch. I'm such a child haha

  6. Great books love the Bong book so much fun

  7. Great books love the Bong book so much fun

  8. These sound like some fabulous books I just took my step son to the library and he has read all the books already I may have to show him these X

    Miss Kitty Kaos - Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl

  9. I love the sound of Keith, The Cat with the Magic Hat x

  10. We love Archie Snufflekins Oliver Valentine Cupcake Tiberius Cat too! Quite the mouthful ha ha!

  11. Awww, lovely books for little ones :) I like the sound of Archie Snufflekins Oliver Valentine Cupcake Tiberius Cat! Me and my daughter love cats, I think we'd both enjoy that one, hehe.

  12. Keith the Cat with the Magic Hat :- Sounds good. Seems like great fun. Lovely to read that Lily loves the book.

    Rachel Craig