Tuesday, 24 May 2016

To stick to the routine, or go out for the day!

As I sit here supping my cup of tea while Lily finishes breakfast I'm looking outside and the sun is shinning and the sky is blue and I think to myself we should go out today. 

We love going out for the day, even if its just to the park, but it just throws out the routine that I try to stick to.

As you may know a routine can really help a child when it comes to their mood and also going to bed and sleeping. Children don't always like not knowing what's happening next and eating somewhere different and sleeping somewhere different and that's why you can often find you child doesn't eat as well or plays up or gets super moody. 

A routine should be made up of food, naps, and fresh air and I was given a really good routine from a health visitor but sticking to it is really tricky if you actually want to do anything else. 

One reason I'm writing this is because of the disruption that going to the park and out for lunch did yesterday. 

Firstly I don't drive, so going anywhere is never a jump in the car and go moment. Not that is ever is when you have kids as you have everything you need for the day (which is a lot) that you have to pack up to. But going places for us I have to prepare for a good 20 min walk just to head to the park. 

There is one park that is near me, its 5 min away. We go there a lot simply because its the easiest to get to. But its always super busy as its the nearest to town, and we also get bored of going to that one. Or at least I do.

So yesterday I decided to take Lily to a park I know that is about a 20 min walk away. We hadn't planned anything and so it really was just a last min decision to go. I really don't mind the walk and the park we had to ourself. But heading there just totally changed the routine. 

By the time we got there it was 11.50pm, normally Lily would be about to start lunch, but I hadn't had time to pack a picnic that morning, only snacks and so I gave Lily some snacks to keep her going and thought to myself I will get her lunch from Asda on the way back at 1pm. So we had a brilliant time at the park.

Then I got her lunch from Asda as planned and we sat on a bench outside to eat it. Then I remembered that I needed to get some food for dinner from the shops. I hoped Lily would sleep in the pram but she wasn't having any of it and was wide awake. 

Finally I got her home at 2pm and by the time I had chased her around and settled her down it was 2.30pm and I finally got her down for a nap. A hour and a half later than her usual nap.
She naps for 2 hours usually and so it was 4.30pm she woke up. 

I didn't realise how much this took out the routine until later that night when she wouldn't sleep. She was fighting it so much that eventually, just so I could sit down and have some dinner and a little relax time, I gave in and let her get up and play. (bad parenting move maybe but we all have these days)

She finally went to sleep at 11.30pm and I headed to bed to. I must say she slept really well after that. But napping until 4.30pm is a big no no!

So today I want to go out. I'm thinking maybe that a trip to Cheam park might be nice. Its a good 30 min walk away though. I think what the best thing to do to stick to a outdoor routine is plan so t
his is what I'm going to do to avoid a repeat performance. 

1. Pack a Packed Lunch for Lily
2. Make sure by 1.30pm she has eaten that
3. Put Lily in the pram and walk walk walk walk until she gives in and has that nap. 
4. Be home by 4.30pm latest ready to do dinner
5. Aim to be heading to bed by 7.30pm

Wish me Luck. 


  1. Think you do well sticking to your routine
    Packed lunch daily is a great idea
    Imagine how fit you'll be with all the walking
    I'm lucky our local park is 5 minutes away and next to a Spar too

  2. Think you do well sticking to your routine
    Packed lunch daily is a great idea
    Imagine how fit you'll be with all the walking
    I'm lucky our local park is 5 minutes away and next to a Spar too

  3. sticking to routine is good we try to with our 22 month old twin boys