Saturday 14 May 2016

Baking Made Easy for Mums

I love baking but since moving to my home with my small kitchen I have really struggled. I have almost everything you could possible need to bake, which is great apart from there is now no cupboard space to store it. I have had to store it in a big box in the garage so my baking is now very limited. 

Not only that but I find that I really don't have the time to bake like I used to. Lily really keeps me busy and my biggest problem is my kitchen is to small for her to come and join me in it. 

But this week I discovered something that makes baking really easy to do. 

Pre made baking mixtures! 

I have no idea why I didn't think of them before. You can get all sorts of types from cake mixtures to jars with cookie mixtures in them. 

I had just won some cake mixtures from Delicious Alchemy and so this week gave the chocolate brownie mix a try. The mixture is gluten free, and although I don't need to eat gluten free food Im very happy to try them.  

All you need to add to the mixture is 2 eggs and butter. 

So here is how easy they were to make. 

Get your mixture and add it to a bowl. 

First you need to measure 100g of butter. 

Mix all the butter into the mixture until its fully mixed in. Then crack your two eggs and whisk them up. 

Add that to the mixture. 

Now for the fun part, and something I could let Lily join in with. Stir the egg into the brownie mixture. Lily has only ever baked once or twice and so she really enjoyed doing this. 

When its all mixed in get yourself a baking tray with greece proof paper in. Pour in the mixture making it level and smooth it out. It's now ready to bake. 

Pre heat your oven to 180C and then bake for around 18-22 min. 

And there you have it. A nice slab of chocolate brownie. 

It was just how I liked it. Soft in the middle and hard on the outside. 

Now slice, Eat and Enjoy! 

How easy was that? Was great to be able to do some baking again even if it wasn't from scratch. It didn't take up much space on my kitchen counter to make, and it was really quick so Lily didn't get fed up while I was doing it. 

I think I shall be using some pre made mixtures again in the future. 

Have you ever used pre made mixtures? 


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  2. I was always quite sceptical of these mix kits, but after trying a few different ones, they've all been fantastic!


  3. I've tried these lots
    Great to store and great boredom busters glad you discovered them too
    Little looks like she's having fun

  4. I've tried these lots
    Great to store and great boredom busters glad you discovered them too
    Little looks like she's having fun

  5. Certainly looks very yummy

  6. Love how easy you made the baking process look. The pictures are also nice.

  7. love baking for my boys gonna do this