Thursday 7 April 2016

Lily and Her Learning at 16 months old - Knowledge and Understanding of the World

One of the things I wanted to write about on this blog is all the things Lily Learns. Children learn so much in there first years and I'm wanting to make sure I can read back on what she is doing at what age. 

Also I would love to let you all know all I did to help Lily learn the things she did. 

Lily impresses me each day with something that she has learnt and she is really keen to learn more. One thing a parent should never be, is frightened to try out new things and let them do things by themselves and see if they can do it as you may be pleasantly surprised that they can. 

I'm going to write about all the things Lily can now do at 16 months in all the different learning areas. 

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

This is a area that Lily has recently really progressed in. She has now started understanding the things that go on around her and know more about herself. 

Lily now has started to learn about her body parts. She has mastered where her head is and her hands. So if I ask Lily to put her hands on her head she knows exactly what to do. She knows where her ears are and nose and mouth and teeth and will point to them if I ask her. She keeps forgetting where eyes are and gets them a little bit confused with ear, but she is getting there. She also knows where they are on other peoples faces and will point to my nose if I ask "where is mummy's nose". One way I have helped her learn this is by sitting her on my knee and pointing them out to her and when she pokes my nose, I tell her the word Nose. Lily today surprised me. She had her dolly in her arms while I changed her nappy, as I did this I asked her where the dolly's Nose, Head, Mouth was. She pointed to them. Then I asked where the dolls hands were and she grabbed its hand. I wasn't to sure she would know where the dolls hand was but she did. Then I thought I would see if she knew even more and asked where the dolls toes was. The doll is soft bodied and doesn't have toes but Lily knew exactly where toes would be and grabbed the end of the Dolls foot. I always give Lily plenty of praise when she learns something new. 

Lily also knows where shoes go, she is constantly taking off my trainers and then trying to put them back on my feet, she cant quite do it yet but understands the concept. 
Another thing Lily has learn't is what to do with a teapot, cup and spoon. Lily will pour a cup of tea with the tea pot, stir and then either drink it or offer it to me. I'm always very impressed when Lily does this because its not something we have done loads together and so she has probably picked it up from observing me and others. 
This is only a small amount of things she can do, Lily has obviously watched me do a lot of things like clean as she will also wipe tables with wet wipes and sweep up. She also knows how to rock a baby and feed it with a bottle, wash herself in the bath, carry a bag on her shoulder and will also help put out the washing. 

This week Lily started to do something that made me really happy. She started to brush her teeth. Lily has 12 teeth now and I've brushed her teeth since she got her first front teeth. After brushing them I've always let Lily hold the toothbrush and try herself, but all she normally does is chew on it and suck on it. This week I gave lily her toothbrush and all of a sudden she started to make the brushing movements. It may seem like such a little thing but I was so impressed. 
I think what has helped this is that I've started brushing mine at the same time as hers where as I normally used to do it before. Again its her observing me has taught her what to do with the toothbrush.

Next thing I would like to do with Lily is to teach her Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. She knows where her head is, and will copy me if I say to put her hands on her knees but it needs perfecting and its great fun learning the Song. 
I'm also going to be encouraging her to use a spoon to feed her baby doll and a spoon with the pretend food. Lily knows how to use a spoon but prefers to use her hands yet and so I'm hoping that if she uses a toy one more it may encourage her to use a real one more. 

All children develop different things at different times and so don't worry if Lily does something that your 16 month old can't. I expect there are things your 16 month old can do that Lily can't also.

Tips to help your child learn in this area
 - Always encourage your child to try and do something them self, don't stop them emptying the washing basket just because it makes a mess, this is their way of learning. 
 - Let your child get involved in things you do, cleaning up, bringing in the shopping, putting out the washing. 
 - Let your child observe you doing things (as long as its safe) like brushing your teeth and washing your face, getting dressed, cooking, cleaning. 
 - Always make it fun and enthusiastic and get excited about the things you do so they seem exciting to your child. 
 - Always follow up with praise. Jumping up and down clapping after every item she puts in the washing basket or every body part she points to only encourages them to do it more.  
- Join in with your child, for example if your child starts to pour a cup of tea sit down and drink it and show them other things they could do, like dunk a biscuit. 

All these tips can be used for your child at any young age to help them learn. 

Do you have any more tips? Please do feel free to share below. 


  1. Great how you are encouraging lily to do things herself
    Really great for her age
    Wish all parents would take as much care as you do x

  2. Great how you are encouraging lily to do things herself
    Really great for her age
    Wish all parents would take as much care as you do x