Wednesday 27 January 2016

Lily as a Newborn

I would love to be able to write in detail about each week of Lily, but firstly that would take forever and secondly I'm not sure I can remember it all week by week. So I'm going to write about some of her firsts and best bits as a newborn. This and the post about her as a baby is going to be quite long posts full of photographs so I'm sorry but you better clear you schedule.

0-1 month old 
Lily's first outing was to go and get her registered. She looked so tiny in the pram and so cute in her little pink hat.

We had a rocking crib for lily to sleep in but she didn't seen to like it so we ended up putting her in her carry cot from the pram as it was a make that could be slept in. We put her carry cot into the crib and that was her bed for the next two months.

One thing I must write about is poop haha, One poop in particular, which story always gets me giggling. Me and Chris had a disagreement about where you change the baby from, I said its better to do it from the side, and he said its better to do it from the bottom of the baby, I won the disagreement and we had the changing unit set up so you attended the baby from the side. A few weeks later Lily showed one very good reason why its better to do it from the side and when Chris was changing a wet nappy she decided to do one huge projectile poo that squirted quite far and just missed his Xbox. From that day Chris is very glad I won the disagreement. Haha

One thing I always have to remember is how if she was ever upset or I needed to get her to sleep, I would put Abba on my ipad and a few songs in and that would be it, she would be asleep!

Christmas and New Years
Lily was only 5 weeks old when she had her first Christmas. We got her up, put her in her bouncer and surrounded her with presents. Of course at this age she was to young to open her presents so we did it for her, We bought her a singing nursery rhyme book and Vtech singing teddy, which my brother also got her the boy one so she had the girl and boy.

We then dressed her in a cute little Minnie Mouse Christmas outfit that my dads workmates had bought her. She looked Adorable. It was around now when lily would start to have a little smile come through.

We stayed home for new years eve as lily was to young for us to be going anywhere. Lily was awake for a lot of the night as she still didn't have a great sleep pattern, She slept until the countdown to midnight and fell asleep in my arms just before it hit midnight. Was so lovely having her in my arms that moment and made it such a great new year to look forward to.

It was a week later that Lily had to be taken to have her jabs, every mothers worse nightmare. I was quite nervous and scared for her I have to admit. Even adults find injections painful so it must be terrible for a tiny baby. I hated the first injections, we had a male doctor and he did a terrible job in my opinion. Didn't talk to her or acknowledge her much, and was slow when giving her the injections. He did the first in the leg and Lily screamed and cried so much, I comforted her and calmed her down while he got the second ready and then he gave her the second and she cried even more. Never heard her so upset and it made me well up but I held back my tears for Lily.
The second and third times she had to have injections was by a nurse and she was so much better at it. In one leg, turn her round quickly in the other, one lot of crying and done! I have her 1 year injections coming up and I will be making sure its the nurse who does it,

2-3 months
At 2 months old, Lily had her first long distance trip as we travelled up north for my birthday and to introduce her to my family. We had 2 trains and a car journey to do which would take 3 and half hours. Lily slept the whole 3 hours up to the car journey,
It was this weekend Lily met my brother for the first time, she let out a huge grin at him when he held her. (understandable) She also met my Grandad and Rose when we all went out for a meal. I love these photographs of the first meetings and they will always be special to me.

On the Saturday we decided to have a little get together with family and friends at my parents home, this was a great way for everyone to meet lily without us having to travel about or have lots of visitors at different times. Lily wore a cute pink dress and got loads of nice gifts.

It was around now when lily started to like her rattles and a few toys, and would start to gurgle at her toys. She had a lion that dangled from the bouncer chair, she would be delightfully gurgling away to it and then seem to get really annoyed at it. I read that this was her getting annoyed because it wasn't talking back to her. Bless.

Here are a few more images of Lily as a newborn.


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