Activities and Learning

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Household Object Painting

1. The Toilet roll 
2. Cotton Wool 
3. Empty Biscuit/ Cake trays

Knowledge and understanding of the world

Bathing a Baby Doll
Halloween Activities 
Water Painting

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)

Maths  - Counting, Size and Volume Tubs

Book Related Activities (Our Activities based on books we have read)

Monthly Book Roundup (click Here to read them)


  1. these look like so much fun and will definitely try them with my grandson when he gets a little older

  2. Fab, these look great, such fab ideas x

  3. creative play is so important and I think it maaaakes a child grow into a much more creative and artistic adult !

  4. Some fantastic ideas for being creative! Lovely. Thank you x

  5. Some fantastic ideas here! Love the vase of roses!

  6. some great ideas here, will have to try some of them one day