Friday, 1 November 2019

Dinosaurs By Schleich - Review

It's now november and Schleich are celebrating everything dinosaur by having their own Dinovember!

So we have been sent some Dinosaurs to review and for you to read about. 

We were sent a Dinosaur set with Cave and a set with a small Spinosaurs and T-Rex.

First impressions were that the set looked really exciting! Lily loves dinosaurs so she was really excited to be getting a new set of them to play with. The smaller box of dinosaurs is open so you can see the dinosaurs and touch them. But they are tied in tightly to the box.

So we decided to get them out first. They are both really good quality. Schleich always put so much effort into their detail and the colours and shading and patterns on these dinosaurs is amazing. Each tooth is also made so it looks like they have individual teeth, and the dinosaurs arn't smooth and you can feel each bump on their backs. But the best thing about the quality of them is how hard the plastic feels. You can tell these are dinosaurs that will last.

So then we opened up the big set. Inside there is some rocks that make up the cave. Then there are dinosaurs and also a dinosaur skull. These all come in little plastic bags. Lily always loves opening them up, even though they are see through she still finds the seeing what is inside the bag element fun. 

There is hardly any construction to this set which is great. The only thing you have to do is push the roof onto the cave. when the set is put together it looks great. Kids can be really creative and make the cave set up how ever they like. There is a rock that is like a tower, a free standing small rock and also one that you can lean. This one has cool dinosaur fossil on it. The cave is a great element for creative play. Lily loved putting the dinosaurs in and out and making them hide in there. 

The set comes with 3 more dinosaurs. One has wings which Lily loved to make fly around. Just like the other dinosaurs they are all full of detail and I do like how the dinosaurs all look super different and some, like the flying one, are breeds of dinosaurs I haven't seen before. The larger dinosaur in the set even has a moving mouth so you can open his mouth up and down. Lily used this to make him talk. I love the fact that the set encourages Lily to really use imaginary play with the dinosaurs.

The set has a really cute dinosaur skull to. The detail on it is crazy and makes it look like real bones! think this little extra to the set was my favourite bit.

The set is so good for children who are big dinosaur fans and is perfect to encourage them to use their imagination while at the same time learning about Dinosaurs. Plus with Christmas coming up it makes a great gift for any child who loves dinosaurs. 

The set is recommended for 5-12 years olds and can be bought from the Schleich website

Dinosaur Cave Set - RRP £44.99 
2 Dinosaur Small Set - RRP £13.99 

Would your child enjoy these toys? 


  1. Sounds like a perfect gift for any young dinosaur fan. I remember collecting plastic dinosaurs myself when I was small, but I was never lucky enough to have a cave for them!

  2. We have a couple of dinosaur lovers in our home and I know they would absolutely love these dinosaurs from Schleich.

  3. Ah Jack would absolutely love these! He is a big dinosaur fan and is always playing with his toy dinosaurs. These look great quality.

  4. I have always love Schleich toys. I think they are all really well detailed.

  5. These dinosaurs look fantastic. We have a few from these guys and I love the quality and colours.

  6. My stepson is obsessed with dinosaurs, he can name them all! So these would make a great present for him xxx

  7. We love Schleich dinosaurs. They're excellent quality. I miss the days my son was obsessed with dinosaurs!

  8. We love Schleich dinosaurs. They're excellent quality. I miss the days my son was obsessed with dinosaurs!

  9. Oh wow how cool are these. Ideal for outdoor play too and for a child to use their imagination xx

  10. These look great I think my nephew would love to play all day with these!

  11. My nephew looks dinosaurs, he would go crazy if he saw these . Great gift idea.

  12. My son loves dinosaurs, hed adore this, especially the cave set. It would make a really great Christmas present for him, thanks for your review!